what brand of gloves does canelo use

When it comes to boxing, the choice of gloves is crucial for any professional fighter. In the case of Canelo Alvarez, one of the most renowned boxers of our time, he relies on a specific brand of gloves to enhance his performance and protect his hands during intense bouts. Let’s delve into the brand of gloves that Canelo uses and explore their features.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Gloves

Boxing gloves are not just some accessory but an essential tool for every boxer. They provide protection for the hands and reduce the risk of injuries. Moreover, the choice of gloves can affect the impact of punches, speed, and overall performance in the ring. Canelo Alvarez, being an elite boxer, understands the significance of choosing high-quality gloves that meet his specific needs.

So, what brand of gloves does Canelo use? Well, he is an ambassador and loyal user of Everlast boxing gloves. Everlast is a renowned and trusted brand in the boxing community, providing professional-quality gloves since 1910. Let’s explore why Canelo Alvarez trusts Everlast gloves and why they are widely popular among boxers.

Everlast Boxing Gloves: The Preferred Choice

Everlast boxing gloves have gained a stellar reputation as a go-to brand for professional fighters, including Canelo Alvarez. Here are some key reasons why these gloves stand out:

  1. Quality Materials: Everlast gloves are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. They are designed to withstand intense training sessions and provide maximum protection to the fighter’s hands.
  2. Comfort and Fit: Fit is of utmost importance when it comes to boxing gloves. Everlast gloves are designed with ergonomics in mind, providing a comfortable fit and allowing the boxer to maintain a proper grip, reducing the risk of hand fatigue.
  3. Impact Absorption: The padding in Everlast gloves is engineered to absorb the impact of punches, minimizing the risk of hand injuries. This feature is especially critical during intense fights, enabling the boxer to maintain performance without compromising safety.
  4. Range of Options: Everlast offers a wide range of gloves tailored to different disciplines and specific needs. Whether a boxer is focused on speed, power, or a combination of both, Everlast has gloves that cater to various styles and preferences.

Now, let’s take a closer look at some popular models of Everlast gloves that have caught the attention of professional boxers worldwide. The following table provides an overview of these models and their distinguishing features:

Glove ModelFeatures
Everlast Powerlock Training Gloves– Compact wrist design for improved support and stability
– Powerlock technology for a secure fit
– Layered foam padding for enhanced shock absorption
Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves– ThumbLok feature to protect the thumb and prevent injuries
– Anti-microbial lining to prevent odor
– Full mesh palm for breathability
Everlast MX Gloves– Authentic Mexican style design
– Triple-layered foam for maximum impact protection
– Hook and loop closure for secure fit

The Impact of the Right Gloves

The choice of gloves can significantly impact a boxer’s performance and overall experience in the ring. By using Everlast gloves, Canelo Alvarez ensures that he has high-quality gloves that offer excellent protection, comfort, and impact absorption. This allows him to focus on his technique, unleash powerful punches, and gain an edge over his opponents.


When it comes to boxing gloves, Canelo Alvarez trusts the reliability, quality, and performance of Everlast. These gloves provide him with the necessary support and protection to excel in the ring. Whether you are a professional boxer or an amateur enthusiast, investing in high-quality gloves like Everlast can make a significant difference in your training and overall boxing experience.