what brand of gas does casey’s sell


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Casey’s General Store sells gasoline under their private label called “Casey’s Gasoline.” They have their own branded fuel, which is specifically formulated to meet their high-quality standards. Casey’s Gasoline is designed to provide optimal performance and ensure a smooth driving experience for customers. As a trusted convenience store chain, Casey’s takes pride in offering their exclusive brand of gas to customers across their locations.

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1. Quality Assurance and Performance

Casey’s General Store is committed to providing high-quality fuel to their customers. To maintain the utmost quality, they have formulated their own blend of gasoline under the Casey’s Gasoline brand. Here are some key points about the quality assurance and performance of Casey’s Gasoline:

  • Casey’s Gasoline undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets or exceeds industry standards.
  • The fuel is designed to optimize engine performance and enhance fuel efficiency.
  • Casey’s Gasoline contains detergents and additives that help clean the engine and reduce build-up, promoting smoother running.
  • The gasoline is formulated to handle different weather conditions, providing reliable performance in varying temperatures.

By offering their own branded gas, Casey’s can maintain strict quality control and cater to their customers’ needs for a reliable and efficient fuel source.

2. Availability and Convenience

Another advantage of Casey’s Gasoline is its wide availability across Casey’s General Store locations. When you fuel up at a Casey’s gas station, you can be confident that you’ll have access to their private label fuel. Here’s why Casey’s Gasoline offers convenience:

  • With over 2,200 stores spanning across multiple states, Casey’s ensures a readily available fuel supply for their customers.
  • Customers can easily locate Casey’s Gasoline stations using the Casey’s mobile app or the store locator on their website.
  • Consistent availability of Casey’s Gasoline eliminates the need for customers to search for alternative fueling stations in unfamiliar areas.

By offering their branded gas at every Casey’s location, the company ensures convenience and peace of mind for their customers, wherever they may be.

3. Pricing and Rewards

Casey’s Gasoline also offers competitive pricing and rewards programs that add value to customers’ fuel purchases. Here’s what you need to know about pricing and rewards:

  • Casey’s strives to offer competitive prices for their fuel to provide customers with affordability.
  • They frequently run promotions and discounts on fuel, allowing customers to save money on their gas purchases.
  • The Casey’s Rewards program offers additional benefits, such as earning points on fuel purchases, which can be redeemed for discounts or free items.
  • Customers can sign up for the rewards program through the Casey’s mobile app or in-store, gaining access to exclusive fuel discounts and personalized offers.

With their competitive pricing and rewarding loyalty program, Casey’s Gasoline presents an enticing option for customers seeking both quality and value.

4. Environmental Responsibility

Casey’s General Store recognizes the importance of environmental responsibility in the fuel industry. They continuously strive to minimize their environmental impact through various initiatives. Here’s what Casey’s does to ensure environmental responsibility:

  • Casey’s Gasoline meets regulatory requirements and complies with environmental standards.
  • They actively work to reduce emissions, optimize fuel efficiency, and enhance overall sustainability.
  • Casey’s is committed to proper disposal of waste and actively engages in recycling programs.
  • They explore renewable energy options and develop eco-friendly practices to mitigate their carbon footprint.

By prioritizing environmental responsibility, Casey’s Gasoline aligns with the growing demand for sustainable and ecologically conscious fuel choices.

5. Fueling the Local Communities

Casey’s General Store takes pride in being deeply rooted in local communities. They actively contribute to the growth and well-being of these communities through various initiatives. Here’s how Casey’s fuels the local communities:

  • Casey’s sources a significant portion of their fuel from local suppliers, supporting local economies.
  • Through their Fueling the Future charitable giving program, Casey’s donates a portion of their fuel sales to local schools.
  • They engage in community events and sponsor local organizations, strengthening their connection with the communities they serve.

By choosing Casey’s Gasoline, customers indirectly support the local communities, contributing to their growth and development.

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Choosing the right brand of gas is important for the overall performance and reliability of your vehicle. Casey’s General Store ensures their customers have access to high-quality fuel by offering their own branded gasoline, Casey’s Gasoline. With their commitment to quality, convenient availability, competitive pricing, environmental responsibility, and community support, Casey’s Gasoline stands as a dependable choice for fueling your vehicle. The next time you visit a Casey’s gas station, you can trust that their private label gas will meet your expectations and provide a satisfying experience on the road.