is top fin a petsmart brand

Top Fin is indeed a PetSmart brand. PetSmart, the largest specialty pet retailer in North America, carries a range of exclusive brands, and Top Fin is one of them. With a wide selection of products, Top Fin offers pet owners high-quality and affordable supplies for their aquatic pets.

The Top Fin Product Line

The Top Fin product line caters specifically to aquarium and fish owners, providing them with everything they need to create a healthy and thriving aquatic environment. From fish tanks and aquarium accessories to fish food and water treatment products, Top Fin offers a diverse range of items to meet the needs of different pet owners and their fishy companions.

Quality and Affordability

Top Fin products are known for their quality and affordability. PetSmart ensures that Top Fin maintains high standards, making sure pet owners can rely on their products to keep their aquatic pets healthy and happy. Despite their high quality, Top Fin products are competitively priced, allowing pet owners to provide the best care for their pets without breaking the bank.

Below is a table highlighting some popular Top Fin products available at PetSmart:

Top Fin Starter KitA complete aquarium setup including tank, filter, heater, and lighting.$49.99
Top Fin Goldfish FoodNutritious food formulated specifically for goldfish.$4.99
Top Fin Water ConditionerAn additive that removes harmful chemicals from tap water.$7.99

Top Fin and PetSmart’s Commitment to Pet Welfare

PetSmart is dedicated to the welfare of pets and ensures that the brands it carries, including Top Fin, share the same values. Through proper research, development, and quality control, Top Fin products are designed to provide optimal care for aquatic pets while maintaining their well-being.

The Availability of Top Fin Products

Top Fin products are exclusively available at PetSmart stores and on the PetSmart website. Pet owners can conveniently find a wide range of Top Fin products at their nearest PetSmart retail location or order them online for home delivery. Whether it’s a new fish tank or supplies to maintain an existing aquarium, Top Fin offers a one-stop solution for aquatic pet owners.

Customer Satisfaction and Support

PetSmart values its customers and strives to provide the best possible support. If pet owners have any questions or concerns regarding Top Fin products, they can reach out to PetSmart’s customer service team for assistance. PetSmart’s knowledgeable staff is well-equipped to address any queries and ensure customer satisfaction.


Top Fin is an exclusive brand offered by PetSmart, specifically tailored to meet the needs of aquarium and fish owners. Through their commitment to quality, affordability, and pet welfare, Top Fin products have become a popular choice among pet owners looking to provide the best care for their aquatic pets. With a wide range of products and the availability both in-store and online, Top Fin continues to be a trusted brand in the world of aquatic pet care.