is selected homme a luxury brand

Many people wonder if Selected Homme can be considered a luxury brand. In this article, we will explore the characteristics and factors that define a luxury brand and evaluate whether Selected Homme meets these criteria.

Brand History and Reputation

The history and reputation of a brand play a significant role in determining its status as a luxury brand. Selected Homme, a Danish menswear brand, was established in 1997 and has since gained recognition for its contemporary and sophisticated designs.

With its focus on craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and attention to detail, Selected Homme has cultivated a reputation for producing stylish and timeless pieces.

Design and Aesthetic

The design and aesthetic of a brand’s products are crucial in defining it as a luxury brand. Selected Homme offers a range of clothing, accessories, and footwear characterized by minimalistic yet modern designs.

With a focus on clean lines, refined cuts, and an understated elegance, Selected Homme’s designs exude a sense of sophistication and versatility, appealing to a discerning audience.

Quality and Materials

The quality of materials used and the craftsmanship applied are key indicators of a luxury brand. Selected Homme places significant emphasis on using high-quality fabrics and employing meticulous attention to detail.

From premium cotton shirts to Italian leather shoes, Selected Homme ensures that its products are made to last. The brand’s commitment to quality is reflected in the durability and comfort of its garments, contributing to its appeal as a luxury brand.

Pricing and Exclusivity

Pricing is a crucial factor in determining whether a brand can be classified as a luxury brand. While luxury brands often have higher price points due to their superior materials and craftsmanship, the exclusivity they offer also contributes to their perceived value.

Selected Homme positions itself as an attainable luxury brand, with prices that are relatively more accessible compared to some high-end luxury brands. However, this accessibility does not compromise the brand’s commitment to quality or design.

Brand Recognition and Influence

The recognition and influence a brand holds within the industry and among its target audience are important indicators of its status as a luxury brand. Selected Homme has established itself as a respected brand within the fashion industry and has gained a loyal following.

With collaborations with renowned designers and influencers, as well as its presence in prestigious fashion events and publications, Selected Homme has successfully positioned itself as a brand with influence and relevance.


While definitions of luxury brand may vary, Selected Homme exhibits several qualities that align with those typically associated with luxury brands. Its reputation, design aesthetic, commitment to quality, pricing strategy, and brand recognition collectively contribute to its status as a reputable and sought-after brand in the menswear market.

Whether you are seeking a sophisticated wardrobe staple or a statement piece, Selected Homme offers a range of options that combine elegance and contemporary style, making it an appealing choice for individuals looking for affordable luxury.