how much is a brand new freightliner cascadia

If you are in the market for a brand new Freightliner Cascadia, you might be wondering about the price tag that comes along with it. The cost of a new Cascadia can vary depending on various factors such as specifications, optional features, and customization. Let’s delve into the details and explore the factors that influence the price of a brand new Freightliner Cascadia.

1. Model Selection

The first factor that determines the price of a Freightliner Cascadia is the specific model you choose. Freightliner offers multiple configurations of the Cascadia, including the Cascadia EV, Cascadia Day Cab, Cascadia Sleeper, and Cascadia Raised Roof Sleeper. Each model has its own set of features, options, and price range. The model selection can significantly impact the final cost of your Freightliner Cascadia.

2. Engine Options

Another aspect that affects the price of a brand new Freightliner Cascadia is the choice of engine. Freightliner offers various engine options to cater to different needs and preferences. These options include engines from Detroit Diesel, Cummins, and other reputable manufacturers. The selection of a more powerful engine or additional performance features can lead to an increase in the overall price of the vehicle.

3. Additional Features and Customization

Freightliner offers a plethora of optional features and customization options for the Cascadia. These include advanced safety systems, upgraded interior options, telematics solutions, aerodynamic enhancements, and more. Adding these optional features to your Cascadia will incur extra costs, as they can enhance the overall comfort, safety, and performance of the vehicle.

4. Warranty and Service Packages

Freightliner provides various warranty and service packages that can influence the price of a new Cascadia. These packages may cover different aspects, such as extended warranty, preventive maintenance, roadside assistance, and more. Opting for a comprehensive warranty and service package can provide peace of mind but may also add to the overall cost of the vehicle.

5. Geographic Location and Market Factors

Lastly, the final price of a brand new Freightliner Cascadia can also be influenced by geographic location and market factors. Prices can vary from one region to another due to factors such as local taxes, transportation costs, and market demand. It is essential to consider these regional variations when determining the cost of a new Cascadia.

Below is a table summarizing the starting prices (without optional features) of some popular models of the Freightliner Cascadia:

ModelStarting Price (USD)
Cascadia EV$150,000
Cascadia Day Cab$115,000
Cascadia Sleeper$125,000
Cascadia Raised Roof Sleeper$135,000

In conclusion, the price of a brand new Freightliner Cascadia can vary depending on factors such as model selection, engine options, additional features, customization, warranty packages, and geographic location. It is advisable to contact a local Freightliner dealership or speak with a sales representative to get an accurate quote based on your specific requirements and preferences.