does russell brand sing in get him to the greek

Many fans of the hilarious British actor and comedian, Russell Brand, have wondered if he showcases his singing talents in the hit comedy film Get Him to the Greek. Let’s find out if Brand puts his vocal skills to use in this uproarious movie.

The Role of Russell Brand in Get Him to the Greek

In Get Him to the Greek, Russell Brand plays the eccentric and wild musician, Aldous Snow. The film revolves around a young record company intern, played by Jonah Hill, who is tasked with escorting Snow from London to Los Angeles so he can perform at the Greek Theatre. The story takes the audience on a hilarious and chaotic journey filled with music, mayhem, and unexpected twists.

Russell Brand’s Musical Background

Before diving into whether Russell Brand sings in the film, it’s essential to know about his musical background. Brand is not just an actor but also an accomplished musician and songwriter. He has released several records and even fronted the British rock band, Infant Sorrow, which gained popularity through its appearances in other comedy films.

One of the most memorable things about Brand’s musical prowess is his unique rock and roll persona. His musical performances often feature a flamboyant stage presence and bold vocal delivery, making his live shows a treat for both the eyes and ears.

Soundtrack of Get Him to the Greek

The soundtrack of Get Him to the Greek is a crucial part of the movie’s storyline. It features a mix of original songs and covers performed by the cast, including Diddy, Jonah Hill, and of course, Russell Brand himself. The music in the film ranges from rock to pop, showcasing the versatile talent of its cast members.

Here is a selection of some of the songs featured on the soundtrack:

  • “African Child”
  • “Bangers, Beans & Mash”
  • “Inside of You”
  • “The Clap”
  • “Yeah Yeah Oi Oi”

The soundtrack album garnered positive reviews, with praise for the performances and catchy tunes. It successfully captures the essence of the film’s comedic and musical themes.

Russell Brand’s Singing Moments in the Film

Yes, the answer to the question is, Russell Brand does sing in Get Him to the Greek. As Aldous Snow, Brand showcases his singing skills in various scenes throughout the movie. His vocal performances add another layer of authenticity to the character and create memorable moments that enhance the overall comedic experience of the film.

Brand’s musical contributions in the film not only demonstrate his ability as a performer but also contribute to the development of the story. His songs highlight the ups and downs of the character he portrays, reflecting both the comedic and emotional aspects of the narrative.


In Get Him to the Greek, Russell Brand does indeed sing, showcasing his talents as both an actor and a musician. His contributions to the film’s soundtrack and his memorable performances as Aldous Snow make this comedy an entertaining and musically delightful experience. So, if you’re a fan of Russell Brand’s unique blend of comedy and music, be sure not to miss his singing moments in Get Him to the Greek.