do you need to wax a brand new snowboard

Yes, it is highly recommended to wax a brand new snowboard before hitting the slopes. Waxing your snowboard not only enhances its performance but also improves its durability and lifespan. By applying wax to the base, you create a smooth and hydrophobic surface that glides effortlessly over the snow, providing better control, speed, and maneuverability. So, let’s dive into the reasons why waxing a brand new snowboard is a crucial step for every snowboarder.

1. Factory Wax: Not Enough

While it is true that most brand new snowboards come with a factory wax applied to the base, this initial waxing is usually minimal and serves more as a protective layer during shipping and storage. Factory wax tends to be thin and quickly wears off after a few rides down the mountain. Therefore, it is essential to apply a proper wax coating that matches the specific snow conditions you will be riding in.

2. Optimal Performance

Waxing your snowboard significantly improves its overall performance on the snow. Here’s how:

  • Increased Speed: Waxing reduces friction between your snowboard base and the snow, allowing for faster speeds and smoother turns.
  • Better Control: A well-waxed snowboard provides better edge hold, allowing you to maintain control even on icy slopes.
  • Enhanced Maneuverability: The smoother glide obtained through waxing enhances your ability to navigate through various terrains, such as powder, groomed runs, or backcountry.

3. Extended Durability

Regular waxing helps protect your snowboard’s base from drying out and getting damaged. Here’s how it benefits the durability of your snowboard:

  1. Prevents Base Drying: Waxing seals the pores in the base material, preventing it from drying out, cracking, and becoming more prone to damage.
  2. Repels Moisture: Snowboard bases can absorb moisture, which can lead to warping and delamination. Waxing creates a hydrophobic barrier, repelling water and moisture.
  3. Enhances Base Lifespan: By maintaining your snowboard’s base with regular waxing, you can extend its lifespan and reduce the need for repairs or replacements.

4. Customized Waxing

Every snow condition requires a specific type of wax for optimal performance. By waxing your brand new snowboard, you have the opportunity to customize the wax to match the temperature and type of snow you will be riding in. Different waxes are designed to excel in varying conditions, such as cold, warm, or all-temperature waxes. Consulting with experts or doing some research will help you determine the ideal wax for your specific needs.

5. DIY or Professional Waxing?

When it comes to waxing your snowboard, you have two options: do it yourself or seek professional help. Both have their merits:

DIY WaxingProfessional Waxing
More cost-effectiveExpert-level results
Convenient if you enjoy maintaining your gearTime-saving and hassle-free
Allows customization and experimentation with waxesProfessional-grade tools and techniques

Ultimately, the choice between DIY waxing and professional waxing depends on your preferences, budget, and available time. However, regardless of who does the waxing, the crucial point is to ensure your brand new snowboard receives the necessary waxing treatment for optimal performance and durability.


When it comes to your brand new snowboard, waxing is an essential step that should not be overlooked. By waxing your snowboard, you improve its overall performance, enhance durability, and extend its lifespan. Whether you choose to wax it yourself or seek the assistance of a professional, regular waxing will have a significant impact on your snowboarding experience. So go ahead and invest in the well-being of your snowboard by giving it the waxing it deserves.