can you mix brands of gel polish

When it comes to achieving beautiful nails, gel polish has become increasingly popular due to its long-lasting and chip-resistant properties. But what happens if you want to mix different brands of gel polish? Is it safe? Will it affect the quality and durability of your manicure? Let’s delve into the world of gel polish mixing to find out.

Understanding Gel Polish Formulas

Gel polishes are formulated differently by different brands, often using varying combinations of ingredients. The key component is typically a photoinitiator, which reacts with UV or LED light to cure the polish and create a durable, glossy finish. Other ingredients may include resins, pigments, solvents, and plasticizers. Due to these variations, you need to consider a few factors to determine if mixing gel polish brands is a good idea.

Factors to Consider Before Mixing Gel Polish Brands

  • Compatibility: Gel polishes from different brands may not be chemically compatible, meaning they may not blend well with one another. This could lead to uneven curing, decreased durability, or even a complete failure to cure properly.
  • Formulation: The formula of gel polishes varies, and mixing different formulas can impact the overall finish. One brand’s gel may be thicker or thinner than another, affecting the application and the final result.
  • Pigment Intensity: Mixing polishes with different pigment intensities may result in uneven color distribution. This can be particularly noticeable with highly opaque or glittery shades.

Performing a Patch Test

If you’re determined to mix gel polish brands, it’s a good idea to perform a patch test before applying it to your entire manicure. Apply the mixed polish to a small area and cure it properly to evaluate the results. This test will let you see how well the polishes blend, cure, and adhere to the nail surface.

Creating Your Own Custom Shades

One of the main reasons why some people attempt to mix gel polish brands is to create unique and custom shades. While it may require some experimentation, mixing colors from different brands can lead to stunning and personalized results. Keep in mind the following tips:

  • Stick to polishes with similar formulas and consistency for better blending.
  • Choose colors with similar pigment intensities to ensure a more even distribution of color.
  • Consider jotting down the ratios and brands used for future reference, especially if you stumble upon the perfect custom shade.

Professional Versus Home Use

If you’re a professional nail technician, it’s generally recommended to stick to a single brand for a more consistent and reliable outcome. Mixing brands can introduce variables that may compromise the quality of your work. However, if you’re doing your nails at home and are willing to experiment, mixing brands can be an opportunity to explore and get creative with your manicure. Just ensure you follow proper application techniques and maintain nail health.


Mixing different brands of gel polish can be a hit or miss, depending on various factors such as compatibility, formulation, and pigment intensity. While it’s generally recommended to stick to a single brand for professional work, mixing brands can provide an avenue for creating unique and personalized shades when done correctly. Remember to perform a patch test before committing to a full manicure and have fun experimenting within the boundaries of nail health and safety.