Is Rossignol a Good Snowboard Brand? A Comprehensive Review and Analysis

Have you ever wondered if Rossignol is a good snowboard brand to invest your hard-earned money in? Well, let me tell you after years of snowboarding experience, Rossignol is a brand you can trust. From entry-level to advanced riders, Rossignol provides a range of snowboards that cater to all levels of riding.

Rossignol has been in the snowboarding industry for over three decades and has an immeasurable amount of knowledge and expertise when it comes to manufacturing snowboards. The brand prides itself on developing the latest technologies that make snowboarding easier and more enjoyable for riders. Rossignol has collaborated with professionals in the industry to ensure that their snowboards meet the needs of every rider, from affordability to functionality.

Rossignol’s wide variety of snowboards is suitable for all types of terrain, whether it’s for deep powder, park laps, or carving up groomers. The brand uses durable materials that ensure your snowboard will last season after season, making it a long-term investment. Rossignol has a reputation for creating top-quality snowboards that can help you improve your skills and take your riding to the next level.

History of Rossignol as a Snowboard Brand

Rossignol is a well-known brand in the world of snowboarding, but it actually started as a ski manufacturer. The brand was founded in 1907 by Abel Rossignol in Voiron, a small town in southeastern France. At that time, the company only produced wooden skis.

It wasn’t until the 1980s that Rossignol entered the snowboarding market. This was during the early days of snowboarding, when the sport was still in its infancy and only a few companies were making snowboards. Rossignol saw the potential in this new market and began to develop its own line of snowboards.

Today, Rossignol is a major player in the snowboarding industry. The company produces a wide range of snowboards, from beginner-friendly boards to high-performance models for experienced riders. Rossignol also offers snowboard boots, bindings, and other snowboarding accessories.

Comparison of Rossignol with other snowboard brands

When it comes to snowboarding, choosing the right brand is crucial for every rider. Rossignol has been a trusted name in the snowboarding industry for a long time, but how does it compare to other brands in the market? Let’s take a closer look.

  • Burton: One of the biggest competitors of Rossignol is Burton. Both brands offer high-quality snowboards and have a strong foothold in the market. However, Rossignol tends to focus more on freestyle and all-mountain snowboards, while Burton has a wider range of boards to suit all levels and styles of riding.
  • Salomon: Salomon is another well-known brand in the snowboarding world, and like Rossignol, they offer a range of boards to suit different levels and styles of riding. However, Rossignol tends to have a more playful and softer flex with their boards compared to Salomon.
  • K2: K2 is another brand that offers a range of snowboards, from beginner to advanced level riders. However, they are known for their more traditional camber boards, while Rossignol has moved towards rocker and hybrid shapes for their designs.

Overall, Rossignol is a great brand for riders who prefer freestyle and all-mountain snowboarding, with a focus on playful and softer flexes. However, if you’re looking for a wider range of boards or more traditional camber designs, there are other brands in the market that may suit your needs better.

Here is a comparison table of Rossignol with some of its top competitors:

RossignolFreestyle & all-mountain boards, playful designs, softer flexSmaller range of boards, less traditional camber designs
BurtonWide range of boards, suits all levels and riding stylesSomewhat expensive, may lack a specific focus for some riders
SalomonRange of boards, caters to different levels and styles of ridingLess playful and softer flex, may not suit all riders’ preferences
K2Range of boards, traditional camber designsLess focus on freestyle riding, more limited range of boards compared to competitors

When making a decision on which brand to go with, it’s important to consider your personal preferences and riding style, as well as what each brand has to offer in terms of its strengths and weaknesses.

Rossignol’s Reputation Among Professional Snowboarders

Rossignol is a French-based company that has been in the ski and snowboard industry for over 100 years. When it comes to snowboarding, Rossignol is known for its innovative technologies and high-performance gear. This has earned the brand a favorable reputation not only among recreational snowboarders but also among professional athletes.

  • Successful Athlete Collaborations: One way in which Rossignol solidifies its reputation among professional snowboarders is through its collaborations with successful athletes. For instance, the brand has sponsored several Olympic medalists and X-Games competitors, including Kelly Clark and Shaun White. These athletes have helped to develop and test Rossignol’s snowboarding gear, ensuring that it meets the high standards required for competitive snowboarding.
  • Quality Products: Rossignol’s reputation among professional athletes is also due to the quality of its snowboarding products. The brand is committed to using the latest technologies and materials to create gear that is both durable and high-performing. This is essential for athlete success, ensuring that they feel confident when taking on challenging obstacles in the snowpark or backcountry.
  • Continued Innovation: Finally, Rossignol’s reputation among professional snowboarders is due in part to its continued innovation in the industry. The brand is constantly developing new products and technologies to make snowboarding more enjoyable and accessible for all skill levels. For example, Rossignol has developed the “Amptek” technology, which combines traditional camber and rocker profiles to create a more versatile snowboard that can handle any terrain.

Overall, Rossignol has established a strong reputation among professional snowboarders due to its successful athlete collaborations, quality products, and continued innovation in the industry.

One example of this innovation is Rossignol’s recent partnership with Pierra Menta, a grueling ski mountaineering race held in France. Working closely with the event’s organizers and athletes, Rossignol developed a new line of splitboard equipment designed specifically for the challenges of ski mountaineering. This type of collaboration and innovation only serves to reinforce Rossignol’s reputation as a top brand in the snowboarding industry.

AthleteAccomplishmentsConnection to Rossignol
Kelly Clark3-time Olympic medalist, 7 X-Games gold medalsRossignol athlete and collaborator on women’s snowboarding products
Shaun White2-time Olympic gold medalist, 15 X-Games gold medalsRossignol athlete and collaborator on snowboarding and skateboarding products
Xavier De Le Rue3-time Freeride World Tour champion, 4-time Snowboarder Magazine Rider of the YearRossignol athlete and collaborator on freeride snowboarding products

As seen in the table above, Rossignol has worked with several high-profile athletes to develop and test its snowboarding products. This collaboration ensures that Rossignol’s equipment meets the high demands of professional athletes and is well-suited for all types of snowboarding terrain.

Rossignol’s Pricing Strategy in the Snowboard Market

When it comes to purchasing a snowboard, price is always a major factor. The cost of a snowboard can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, with various brands positioning themselves at different price points. In this article, we will discuss Rossignol’s pricing strategy in the snowboard market.

  • Rossignol’s snowboards are positioned as a high-end, premium product. This is evident in their pricing strategy, which is set at a higher price point compared to other brands in the market.
  • One of the reasons for Rossignol’s higher price point is the quality of their products. They use high-quality materials and construction methods, resulting in a durable and high-performing snowboard that is worth the investment.
  • Another factor affecting Rossignol’s pricing strategy is their focus on innovation and technology. They invest heavily in research and development, resulting in new and advanced features that are not found in other brands. This drives the price up, but also establishes Rossignol as a leader in the industry.

While Rossignol’s pricing strategy may appear expensive at first glance, it is important to consider the long-term benefits and value of their products. Investing in a high-quality, durable snowboard can ultimately save money in the long run, as it will perform better and last longer than a cheaper alternative.

For a more detailed look at Rossignol’s pricing strategy, refer to the table below:

Product LinePrice Range
One Magtek$499 – $549
Templar Magtek$449 – $499
Meraki$399 – $449

As shown in the table, Rossignol’s pricing strategy is set at a higher price point compared to other brands in the market. However, their focus on quality, innovation, and technology justifies the investment for those looking for a high-performing, durable snowboard.

Rossignol’s technology and innovation in snowboard design

Rossignol has been a leading snowboard brand for decades, and one of the reasons for their enduring success is their innovative approach to snowboard design. Rossignol is continually investing in research and development to create the most advanced snowboards on the market, incorporating cutting-edge technology to enhance performance, durability, and comfort for riders of all levels.

  • Amptek Technology: Rossignol was one of the pioneers of rocker camber technology, which blends both camber and rocker profiles for a versatile ride that can handle any terrain. This technology, called Amptek, is now used in many of their snowboards, and gives riders the ability to ride with more speed, floating on the powder, and have better edge control on groomers.
  • LITE Frame: LITE Frame is an exclusive technology developed by Rossignol, which is integrated into their All-Mountain and Freeride snowboards. This technology creates a unique 3D structure consisting of multiple layers of materials. The purpose of LITE Frame is to increase torsional stiffness, making the snowboard more responsive and enhancing the board’s overall performance.
  • Magne-Traction: Rossignol introduced Magne-Traction, which is used on a wide range of their snowboards. The technology features serrated edges along the snowboard’s edges, increasing the edges power and better grip on snow and ice. You get a better control and edge hold in every turn.

Rossignol is also focused on sustainability, developing eco-friendly snowboards that are environmentally responsible. The company uses bio-based materials in their snowboards to help reduce their carbon footprint and aims to have 100% recyclable packaging by 2025.

With a continued focus on innovation and sustainability, Rossignol remains a top choice for snowboarders looking for the best technology and performance on the mountain, making it a worthy investment for the serious snowboarders that desire an edge on the slopes!

Find out more about Rossignol’s technology and innovation in the table below:

AmptekA rocker camber blend technology that offers a balanced and versatile ride.
LITEFrameAn exclusive technology consisting of multiple layers of materials integrated for increased stiffness and better performance.
Magne-TractionSerrated edges along the snowboard’s edges that provide better grip on snow and ice, increasing control and edge hold in every turn.
Eco-Friendly MaterialsBio-based materials used in the snowboards to reduce their carbon footprint, with a target of 100% recyclable packaging by 2025.

Consumer Reviews of Rossignol Snowboards

Rossignol is a well-known brand in the snowboarding industry, offering a range of products from beginner-friendly to advanced-level snowboards. With such a variety of options, it can be hard to determine if Rossignol is the right brand for you. That’s why it’s important to read consumer reviews before making a purchase.

  • Positive Reviews:
    • Many consumers love the responsiveness and stability of Rossignol snowboards.
    • The boards are also praised for their durability and ability to handle different types of terrain, including powder and groomed runs.
    • Several reviewers appreciate the excellent edge control and carving capabilities of Rossignol snowboards.
  • Negative Reviews:
    • Some consumers have reported issues with the quality of the bindings, which can come loose or break easily.
    • A few reviewers have noted that Rossignol snowboards may not be the best option for beginner snowboarders, as some models are too stiff and require more skill to maneuver.

It’s important to note that not all consumers will have the same experience with Rossignol snowboards, as everyone’s preferences and skills are different. However, reading through a range of reviews can provide a helpful overview of the brand and its products.

If you’re considering purchasing a Rossignol snowboard, it’s recommended to test out the board first, either through a demo program or by renting one from a local shop. This way you can get a better feel for the board and determine if it’s the right fit for you.

– Responsive and stable– Quality of bindings
– Durable– Not ideal for beginner snowboarders
– Can handle different types of terrain
– Excellent edge control and carving capabilities

Overall, Rossignol snowboards have received mostly positive reviews from consumers. It’s important to consider your own abilities and preferences when choosing a snowboard, but if you’re looking for a high-quality and reliable brand, Rossignol is definitely worth considering.

Rossignol’s Target Market and Consumer Demographics

Rossignol is a popular brand in the snowboarding community and is widely recognized for its quality leather goods and outdoor sporting equipment. Being in business for over 100 years, the brand has established a strong foothold in the market and has a robust target audience.

  • Age: Rossignol has a target audience between the ages of 18 and 40. The age group with the highest engagement level with Rossignol is between 25 and 35 years old.
  • Gender: Men and women both use Rossignol’s snowboarding equipment, but men tend to make up a larger part of the company’s market share.
  • Income Level: The Rossignol customer’s income range is middle to high class, making $50,000 to $100,000 annually.

The brand’s primary target audience is people who enjoy snowboarding activities. Rossignol has also established itself as an exclusive and elite brand with a loyal customer base that looks for premium products. They want products that offer the best quality, style, and functionality that can handle extreme weather conditions.

Recently, Rossignol has also been targeting beginners and intermediates who are looking for products with a more affordable price point, expanding its demographic.

Rossignol’s Market Share

Rossignol’s market share has consistently been on the rise in recent years. It acquired other brands such as Armada and Movement, expanding its product lines to reach a broader audience. According to industry reports, Rossignol’s revenue was over €350 million in 2019.


Rossignol is an established player in the snowboarding industry, targeting a specific set of demographics who are willing to spend money on high-quality products. With a longstanding reputation and a commitment to innovation, Rossignol continues to push boundaries in the snowboarding community.

Rossignol’s Global Distribution and Reach in the Snowboard Industry

Rossignol is a well-known and trusted snowboard brand that has been providing high-quality snowboards for over 100 years. The brand is known for its reliable products that cater to snowboarders of all levels. To reach a wider audience and expand its distribution network, Rossignol has made strategic moves to penetrate different markets around the world. Here’s a closer look at Rossignol’s global distribution and reach in the snowboard industry.

  • North America – Rossignol has a strong presence in North America with its headquarters located in Park City, Utah. The brand has established partnerships with major retailers such as REI, Skiis and Biikes, and evo to distribute its products across the region. Rossignol also has a strong online presence, with product offerings available on websites like Backcountry and The House.
  • Europe – Rossignol’s roots are in Europe, where the brand has a significant presence. The company has a headquarters in Voiron, France and has established partnerships with major retailers such as Snowleader, Sport 2000, and Decathlon. Rossignol also operates several flagship stores in France, Italy, and Switzerland.
  • Asia – The snowboarding industry in Asia has been growing rapidly, and Rossignol has been actively expanding its presence in the region. The brand has partnerships with major retailers in Japan such as ABC-MART and Rakuten, and also has a presence in China, Korea, and Taiwan.
  • Australia – Rossignol has a presence in Australia, with product offerings available through select online retailers and specialty snow sports stores.

Rossignol’s global distribution and partnerships have helped the brand reach a wider audience and expand its customer base. The brand’s commitment to quality and innovation has also helped to solidify its position as a trusted snowboard brand in the industry. As Rossignol continues to expand its reach, snowboarders around the world can expect to have access to top-quality products and technology that enhance their snowboarding experience.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices of Rossignol in Snowboard Production

If you are looking for a good snowboard brand that cares about sustainability and ethical practices, Rossignol is definitely one of the top choices. Rossignol is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and minimizing its impact on the environment. Here are some of the sustainability and ethical practices of Rossignol in snowboard production:

  • Use of eco-friendly materials: Rossignol uses eco-friendly materials such as FSC-certified wood cores, recycled base materials, and bio-plastic top sheets in their snowboard production. They also use water-based inks and non-toxic resins in their graphics printing.
  • Reduced waste: Rossignol takes steps to reduce waste in their production process. For example, they use a digital inkjet printing process that eliminates the need for films and plates, which reduces material waste.
  • Recycling program: Rossignol has a recycling program for its products. Customers can return their old Rossignol equipment to the company, which will be recycled or repurposed.

Aside from sustainability practices, Rossignol also prioritizes ethical practices in its snowboard production:

  • Safe working conditions: Rossignol ensures safe working conditions for its employees in all of its facilities. They adhere to stringent safety standards and regulations to ensure a healthy and safe work environment.
  • Fair labor practices: Rossignol is committed to fair labor practices. They have a code of conduct that outlines ethical practices and social responsibility for all employees and suppliers. They also conduct regular audits to ensure compliance with these standards.
  • Traceability: Rossignol has a traceability program that allows them to track and trace the origin of their materials and ensure they come from ethical and sustainable sources.

Overall, Rossignol is a good snowboard brand that is committed to sustainability and ethical practices in its production process. By choosing Rossignol, you can feel good about making a responsible choice for both the environment and society.

Rossignol’s Contribution to the Development of the Snowboarding Industry

Rossignol is a French company that has been in the winter sports business for over 100 years. While the company initially made skis and ski boots, it eventually embraced snowboarding and became a well-known brand in the snowboarding industry. Throughout the years, Rossignol has made significant contributions to the development of snowboarding, here are some of them:

  • Rossignol is one of the few companies that have been involved in the production of both skis and snowboards. This allowed them to transfer their knowledge of building quality snow sports equipment and apply it to snowboards
  • Rossignol became the first company to introduce metal edges to their snowboards in the late 1980s, which increased traction and improved carving abilities.
  • In the 1990s, Rossignol became one of the first companies to create snowboards designed specifically for women. These boards had smaller dimensions and were lighter in weight to cater to the needs of female riders.

Moreover, Rossignol has been at the forefront of design and technology in the snowboarding industry. Some of their notable innovations include the “MagTek” profile which offers a blend of rocker and camber for more versatile riding, and “Lite Frame” technology which adds a 3D-shaped core to the board for a smoother ride.

In addition to product development, Rossignol has also made strides in promoting snowboarding as a sport. For instance, the company sponsors several influential snowboarders, such as Xavier De Le Rue and Marion Haerty, to showcase the capabilities of their equipment to a wider audience. Rossignol also hosts the annual “Banked Slalom” event, which brings together snowboarders from all over the world to compete in a fun and inclusive environment.

Contributions to SnowboardingImpact
Introduced metal edges in their snowboards.Improved carving abilities and traction on snowboards.
Created snowboards specifically for women.Catered to the needs of female riders and promoted inclusivity in the sport.
Innovative technologies like “MagTek” and “Lite Frame.”Brought new design and performance features to snowboarding.
Sponsorship of influential snowboarders.Helped promote their brand and highlight the capabilities of their equipment.
Hosts annual “Banked Slalom” eventPromotes inclusivity and community in the sport of snowboarding.

Overall, Rossignol has been an important player in the snowboarding industry, contributing to its development through innovative technologies, product design, and promotion of the sport. Snowboarders of all levels can trust Rossignol’s snowboard equipment for a quality and enjoyable ride on the slopes.

FAQs About Rossignol Snowboards

1. Is Rossignol a good snowboard brand?

Yes, Rossignol is a well-established snowboard brand that has been in business for over 100 years. They are known for producing high-quality snowboards that are durable and perform well on the mountain.

2. What makes Rossignol snowboards different from other brands?

Rossignol snowboards are known for their innovative technology and high-quality materials. They are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with their snowboards, making them a popular choice among snowboarders of all skill levels.

3. Are Rossignol snowboards suitable for beginners?

Yes, Rossignol offers a wide range of snowboards that are suitable for beginners. They have boards that are designed specifically for beginners, with a soft flex and forgiving construction that make them easier to control on the mountain.

4. How does Rossignol compare to other snowboard brands?

Rossignol is a top-tier snowboard brand that is often compared to other high-end brands like Burton and Lib Tech. While each brand has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, Rossignol is known for its high-quality materials and innovative technology.

5. Can Rossignol snowboards be used for freestyle riding?

Yes, Rossignol offers a variety of snowboards that are designed specifically for freestyle riding. These boards have a soft flex and a twin shape, making them ideal for tricks and jumps in the terrain park.

6. Are Rossignol snowboards expensive?

Rossignol snowboards range in price depending on the model and the features included. Some of their more high-end models can be expensive, but they also offer more affordable options that are suitable for beginners and intermediate riders.

7. Does Rossignol offer a warranty on their snowboards?

Yes, Rossignol offers a limited warranty on all of their snowboards. The length and scope of the warranty varies depending on the specific model, but it typically covers defects in materials and workmanship.

Final Thoughts: Is Rossignol a Good Snowboard Brand?

If you are looking for a high-quality snowboard brand with plenty of options for riders of all skill levels, Rossignol is definitely worth considering. Their innovative technology and attention to detail make their snowboards stand out from the competition, and their commitment to quality means that you can trust their products to perform well on the mountain. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to check back later for more snowboarding tips and tricks!