Is Pelagic a Good Brand? A Closer Look at Their Products and Reputation

Pelagic is a brand that has been making waves in the fishing industry for years. With their quality products and commitment to sustainability, it’s no wonder that they have become a go-to for anglers of all skill levels. But what sets Pelagic apart from other fishing brands? And is Pelagic really a good brand? In this article, we’re going to dive in and answer these questions.

Pelagic prides themselves on their high-quality fishing gear that is built to last. From fishing shirts, hoodies, hats, and shorts- all their products are designed to withstand the harsh elements of the ocean. Pelagic is also committed to sustainability through their partnership with ocean conservation groups and their use of recycled materials in their products. But it’s not just their products that make Pelagic stand out from other fishing brands.

One thing that truly sets Pelagic apart is their dedication to the fishing community. They offer fishing tips and resources for anglers of all skill levels on their website, making it clear that their goal is to not only sell products, but to also support a love for the sport. So, is Pelagic really a good brand? It’s safe to say that their quality products, commitment to sustainability, and dedication to the fishing community make them one of the best in the industry.

History of Pelagic Brand

Pelagic is a leading fishing apparel brand that has been providing quality products to anglers around the globe for over two decades. The brand’s primary focus is on designing and manufacturing high-performance fishing gear that is durable, efficient, and stylish. Pelagic has become a trusted name in the industry, well-regarded for its quality products and innovative designs.

The history of Pelagic dates back to 2001 when the founder, Ron Kawaja, started the business from his garage with a small collection of boardshorts and T-shirts. Ron was an avid angler and saw a gap in the market for high-performance fishing apparel. He wanted to create a brand that could meet the specific needs of anglers and offer them superior comfort, protection, and mobility while out on the water.

Over the years, Pelagic has grown exponentially and expanded its product lineup to include a diverse range of items, from technical fishing shirts to fishing gloves, hats, and accessories. The brand’s success is a result of its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, its partnerships with leading anglers, and its focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Products offered by Pelagic

Pelagic is an innovative and stylish fishing apparel brand that offers a wide range of products for anglers of all levels. From fishing shorts to high-performance outerwear, Pelagic’s lineup includes:

  • Fishing Shorts: Pelagic’s fishing shorts are designed with comfort and performance in mind. With features like multiple pockets for storage, reinforced stitching, and quick-drying fabric, these shorts are perfect for a day on the water.
  • Fishing Shirts: Pelagic’s fishing shirts come in a variety of styles and colors, from basic tees to long-sleeve performance shirts. Constructed with moisture-wicking and sun protection fabrics, these shirts are ideal for any fishing environment.
  • Fishing Outerwear: Pelagic offers high-performance jackets, hoodies, and rain gear to keep you comfortable and protected during any weather condition. Made with waterproof and breathable materials, these garments are perfect for offshore anglers and boaters.

In addition to their fishing apparel, Pelagic also offers a line of fishing accessories and lifestyle gear. From sunglasses and hats to stickers and decals, Pelagic has everything you need to showcase your love for fishing both on and off the water.

If you’re looking to up your fishing game with stylish and functional apparel, Pelagic is definitely a brand to consider. Their exceptional quality and attention to detail make their products a great choice for any angler.

Pelagic Fishing Shorts

Pelagic’s fishing shorts are some of the most popular products in their lineup. With features like reinforced seams, UV sun protection, and quick-drying fabric, these shorts are designed to perform in even the most challenging fishing conditions. Here are a few of Pelagic’s top fishing shorts:

Hydro-Lite Boardshorts4-way stretch, quick-dry fabric, laser-cut vents, zippered pockets
Vaportek Fishing ShortsUPF 50+ sun protection, stain-release technology, mesh-lined pockets
Makai Fishing ShortsBio-stretch fabric, 3-tier pocket system, plier pocket, elastic waistband

Whether you’re in the market for boardshorts or traditional fishing shorts, Pelagic has a variety of styles to choose from. And with their exceptional quality and attention to detail, you can be confident that any Pelagic fishing short will perform to your expectations.

Customer Reviews of Pelagic Products

One of the best ways to judge the quality of a brand is through the reviews of its customers. When it comes to Pelagic, the general consensus is that they offer top-notch products that are worth the investment.

  • Many customers rave about the durability of Pelagic’s fishing apparel. One customer writes, “I wear my Pelagic gear on every fishing trip and the quality is amazing. My shorts and shirt still look and feel new after multiple washes.”
  • Customers also appreciate the attention to detail that Pelagic puts into their products. One customer notes, “The pockets on their fishing pants are strategically placed and have the perfect amount of storage for my tackle. It’s clear that they really thought about the needs of fishermen when designing their gear.”
  • Another recurring theme in customer reviews is the comfort of Pelagic’s apparel. One customer writes, “I’ve never worn a more comfortable pair of fishing shorts than my Pelagic ones. They’re so soft and lightweight, it feels like I’m wearing nothing at all!”

Overall, it’s clear that Pelagic has a strong fanbase that values their high-quality, well-designed, and comfortable fishing gear. If you’re in the market for new fishing apparel, Pelagic should definitely be a brand to consider.

For those interested in checking out specific products and their reviews, Pelagic’s website offers a review section for each item. Additionally, other popular retail sites such as Amazon and Bass Pro Shops also provide customer reviews for Pelagic products.

High-quality materialsHigher price point compared to some competitors
Attention to detail in designSome sizing inconsistencies reported by customers
Comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of timeSome customers reported issues with color fading

As demonstrated by the above table, while there are a few potential drawbacks to Pelagic products, the overwhelming positivity of customer reviews suggests that overall, they offer a great product that is worth the investment.

Awards and Recognition for Pelagic Brand

Pelagic is a well-renowned brand known for its high-quality fishing apparel, gear, and accessories. Over the years, the company has received numerous awards and recognitions for its outstanding products and services.

  • In 2012, Pelagic won the “Best Apparel” award at the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST). ICAST is the world’s largest sportfishing trade show, and winning this award is a significant achievement for any fishing brand.
  • The company also won the Innovation Award at the 2017 Miami International Boat Show for its Hydro-Lite Boardshorts. These boardshorts are made with a quick-drying material and are designed to provide maximum ventilation and comfort for anglers.
  • Pelagic’s Dorado Fishing Shorts won the Editor’s Choice Award in the Best Shorts category at the 2019 On The Water Magazine’s Anglers’ Choice Awards. The shorts are designed to be lightweight, durable, and comfortable, making them perfect for long days on the water.

Additionally, Pelagic has been featured in various fishing and outdoor magazines, including Sport Fishing, Field & Stream, and Marlin Magazine. The brand’s products have also been used and endorsed by professional anglers worldwide.

Overall, Pelagic’s dedication to providing top-quality fishing apparel and gear has earned the brand numerous recognitions and awards in the fishing industry. With their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Pelagic is a brand that anglers can trust and rely on.

Below is a table of some of Pelagic’s notable awards and recognitions:

Best Apparel at ICAST2012
Innovation Award at Miami International Boat Show2017
Editor’s Choice Award for Best Shorts at On The Water Magazine’s Anglers’ Choice Awards2019

Comparison of Pelagic with other fishing apparel brands

When it comes to fishing apparel, there are numerous brands to choose from. However, not all brands are created equal. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at Pelagic and how it stacks up against other fishing apparel brands.

One thing that sets Pelagic apart from many other brands is its commitment to conservation. Pelagic takes pride in producing environmentally friendly clothing and actively supports marine conservation efforts. This focus on sustainability is not something that is seen in many other fishing apparel brands, making Pelagic a stand-out option for eco-conscious anglers.

  • Columbia: Columbia is a well-known outdoor clothing brand that offers fishing apparel as well. While they have a good selection of fishing-specific clothing, they don’t have the same level of focus on sustainability and marine conservation that Pelagic does.
  • Salt Life: Salt Life is another fishing apparel brand that is similar to Pelagic. Both brands offer stylish and functional clothing that is suitable for anglers of all levels. However, Pelagic is still the stronger choice when it comes to sustainability and ethical practices.
  • Guy Harvey: Guy Harvey is an artist and conservationist who also has his own line of fishing apparel. While Harvey’s brand does promote conservation efforts, Pelagic has a more extensive selection of clothing and accessories, making them a more versatile option for anglers.

Aside from Pelagic’s focus on sustainability, the brand is also known for its high-quality, durable clothing. Pelagic uses top-quality materials that are designed to withstand the harsh marine environment, making their clothing a great investment for serious anglers. Additionally, Pelagic offers a wide range of clothing and accessories, including UV-protective shirts, shorts, hats, and more.

To give you a better idea of how Pelagic compares to other fishing apparel brands, here is a table that breaks down some of the key features:

BrandFocus on SustainabilityQuality of ClothingProduct Range
Salt LifeModerateHighModerate
Guy HarveyStrongModerateModerate

Overall, while there are certainly other fishing apparel brands out there, Pelagic stands out due to its strong focus on sustainability, extensive product range, and high-quality clothing. If you’re looking for a brand that not only produces top-quality clothing but also cares about the environment, Pelagic is definitely worth considering.

Sustainability efforts by Pelagic

Pelagic is a brand that is not just known for their high-quality fishing products, but also for their commitment to sustainability. Here are some of the sustainability efforts that Pelagic is taking:

  • Pelagic has partnered with The Billfish Foundation and other conservation organizations to support research and conservation efforts for billfish and other gamefish species.
  • They use eco-friendly fabrics that are made from recycled materials in their fishing apparel line, such as the Oceanflex Active Leggings that are made with a blend of recycled polyester and spandex.
  • Pelagic also uses eco-friendly printing processes, such as water-based ink, to reduce their environmental impact.

Pelagic’s commitment to sustainability can also be seen in their fishing practices. They promote sustainable fishing methods to their customers and encourage catch and release practices. Additionally, they have implemented a responsible seafood sourcing policy to ensure that the fish used in their products are sourced from sustainable fisheries and are harvested in an ethical manner.

Furthermore, Pelagic’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond their products and fishing practices. They have also implemented sustainable business practices in their operations, such as using energy-efficient lighting and reducing waste in their packaging.

Overall, Pelagic is taking significant steps to promote sustainability in the fishing industry and beyond. They recognize the importance of protecting our oceans and marine life, and are committed to making a positive impact through their products and business practices.

Availability of Pelagic products in different regions

Pelagic is a renowned brand that offers high-quality and comfortable fishing gear, inspired by the sea, to fishing enthusiasts. With its global recognition, Pelagic products are now available in different regions worldwide. Here’s a breakdown of the brand’s availability across various regions:

  • North America: Pelagic products are readily available on the brand’s official website, as well as various sporting goods stores and fishing tackle shops across the United States and Canada.
  • Europe: Pelagic products are available through exclusive dealers, as well as on the brand’s official website. European countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Spain have authorized dealers selling Pelagic products.
  • Asia: Authorized dealers in Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines distribute Pelagic products. The brand’s official website also delivers to most Asian countries.

Aside from the brand’s website and dealers, Pelagic products can also be found on popular e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and TackleDirect, where they ship worldwide.

For a more specific breakdown of availability within a particular region, see the table below:

North AmericaOnline and in-store
EuropeAuthorized dealers and online
AsiaAuthorized dealers and online

With Pelagic’s wide accessibility and availability across the globe, fishermen can experience the comfort and performance of the brand’s gear, no matter their location.

Expansion and Growth Strategies of Pelagic

Pelagic is a premier lifestyle brand that has turned into one of the largest, fastest-growing companies in the fishing industry. The brand is committed to expanding its reach in the market and increasing its revenue streams through innovative growth strategies. Here are some of Pelagic’s expansion and growth strategies:

  • Diversification: Pelagic has expanded into different markets like surfing, diving, and water sports to diversify its revenue streams.
  • Global Expansion: Pelagic has expanded its business operations outside the United States and entered markets like Asia, Europe, and Australia to access more customers and revenues.
  • E-commerce: Pelagic has invested in building sophisticated technology and digital marketing to grow its online presence and make its products more accessible to customers worldwide.

One of the key growth strategies of Pelagic is to expand its product lines and diversify its offerings. Through strategic planning and investments, Pelagic has been able to expand into new markets like surfing, diving, and water sports with great success.

Pelagic has also focused on global expansion and entered markets outside of the United States. With a global marketplace, Pelagic has been able to expand its reach, reach more customers, and generate more revenue streams.

The company has also invested in building sophisticated technology and digital marketing to boost its online presence. Pelagic’s e-commerce strategy has enabled the brand to be available to customers worldwide, allowing the brand to secure more sales, leads, and increase conversions.

Here’s a table summarizing Pelagic’s Expansion and Growth Strategies:

Expansion and Growth Strategies of PelagicDescription
DiversificationPelagic has expanded into different markets like surfing, diving, and water sports to diversify its revenue streams.
Global ExpansionPelagic has expanded its business operations outside the United States and entered markets like Asia, Europe, and Australia to access more customers and revenues.
E-commercePelagic has invested in building sophisticated technology and digital marketing to grow its online presence and make its products more accessible to customers worldwide.

In conclusion, Pelagic has proven to be one of the fastest-growing and most innovative companies in the fishing industry. The company’s expansion and growth strategies have enabled it to expand its reach, diversify its product lines, explore new markets and generate more revenue streams. Pelagic’s dedication to success places the brand among the top lifestyle, apparel, and accessory brands in the world.

Collaboration and Partnerships of Pelagic Brand

Pelagic is a brand that values collaboration and partnerships with various organizations and individuals who share the same passion and commitment to ocean conservation and sustainability. These collaborations aim to develop high-quality products that serve a purpose and make a difference for the marine ecosystem.

Here are some of Pelagic’s notable collaborations and partnerships:

  • The Billfish Foundation: Pelagic has been a proud partner of The Billfish Foundation (TBF) since 2004. TBF is an organization that promotes the conservation of billfish and other gamefish species worldwide. Pelagic donates a portion of its sales to TBF to support its research, education, and advocacy efforts.
  • National Geographic: Pelagic has partnered with National Geographic to sponsor its “Wild to Inspire” short film contest. The contest aims to encourage filmmaking talent and raise awareness on ocean conservation issues. Pelagic also sponsors the National Geographic “Stop the Plastic Wave” campaign to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans.
  • Surfrider Foundation: Pelagic partners with the Surfrider Foundation to support its mission in protecting the world’s oceans, waves, and beaches. Pelagic donates a portion of its sales to Surfrider and collaborates on events and campaigns that aim to promote ocean conservation.

Pelagic also collaborates with renowned artists, designers, and athletes to create unique and innovative products that reflect their style and passion for the ocean. These collaborations allow Pelagic to expand its product line and reach a wider audience who share the same interests.

Lastly, Pelagic works with various fishing tournaments, events, and organizations to support their cause and promote sustainable fishing practices. One of its notable partnerships is with the International Game Fish Association, where Pelagic sponsors its Junior Anglers Program to educate young anglers on responsible fishing.

The Billfish FoundationDonation and partnership to promote billfish conservation
National GeographicSponsorship of “Wild to Inspire” contest and “Stop the Plastic Wave” campaign
Surfrider FoundationDonation and partnership to support ocean conservation
Renowned artists, designers, and athletesCollaboration to create unique and innovative products
Fishing tournaments, events, and organizationsSponsorship and promotion of sustainable fishing practices

Pelagic’s collaborations and partnerships show its commitment to making a positive impact on our ocean ecosystem through responsible and sustainable business practices. These partnerships allow the brand to create purpose-driven products that appeal to consumers who share the same values and passion for ocean conservation.

Social media presence and influencer marketing of Pelagic brand

Pelagic is known for its impressive social media presence and influencer marketing strategies. With over 500k followers on Instagram, they have a dedicated following that engages with their content regularly.

The brand has a strong presence on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They showcase their products through high-quality and engaging visuals and videos, making it easy for their followers to see how their products look and function in real life. Pelagic also uses social media to promote their conservation efforts, highlighting their commitment to sustainability.

  • One of their most significant successes in influencer marketing is their collaboration with professional anglers. They have partnered with some of the biggest names in the sport, including Guy Harvey and Mark Davis, to create signature lines of fishing apparel. These collaborations have helped the brand gain credibility in the fishing community, and their fans trust the quality of their products.
  • Pelagic has also worked with fitness influencers to promote their activewear line. By partnering with athletes like Ricardo De Reu and Ania Pawlist, they have tapped into a broader audience interested in fitness and outdoor activities, expanding their customer base.
  • The brand’s influencer marketing is not limited to social media. Pelagic regularly sponsors fishing tournaments and events, providing their products to participants and gaining exposure for their brand.

In addition to their influencer marketing strategies, Pelagic has a dedicated team that creates high-quality content for their social media channels. They share stunning photos and videos of marine life and fishing excursions, inspiring their fans to explore and protect the ocean.

Overall, Pelagic’s social media presence and influencer marketing has helped them establish a loyal following and achieve significant brand recognition in the outdoor sports industry.

Strong social media presence with engaging contentInfluencer marketing collaborations can be expensive
Dedicated team that creates high-quality contentMay struggle to appeal to a wider audience outside of the fishing and outdoor sports community
Effective influencer marketing strategies that have won the trust of their fans

Overall, Pelagic’s social media presence and influencer marketing strategies have been successful in helping the brand achieve its goals. They have built a loyal following and gained credibility in their industry, positioning themselves as a top contender in the outdoor sports market.

Is Pelagic a Good Brand FAQs

1. Is Pelagic a trustworthy brand?

Yes, Pelagic is a trustworthy brand with a good reputation for providing high-quality products that meet customers’ needs.

2. Are Pelagic products durable?

Absolutely! Pelagic products are made with high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity.

3. Does Pelagic offer a wide range of products?

Yes, Pelagic offers a diverse range of products including fishing gear, apparel, and accessories, which means there’s something for everyone.

4. Are Pelagic products affordable?

Although Pelagic products are not the cheapest on the market, their quality justifies the price. Additionally, Pelagic offers frequent discounts, making their products more accessible to everyone.

5. Is Pelagic an eco-friendly brand?

Yes, Pelagic cares about the environment and works hard to reduce its environmental impact by using sustainable materials, reducing waste, and supporting conservation initiatives.

6. Does Pelagic offer a warranty on its products?

Yes, Pelagic offers a one-year warranty on most of its products, which provides peace of mind to customers and reflects the brand’s commitment to quality.

7. How can I contact Pelagic if I have a question or concern?

You can contact Pelagic through the email address or phone number listed on their website. Their customer support team is friendly and always ready to assist you.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks for taking the time to read our article about Pelagic products! We hope we answered all your questions and provided valuable information. Don’t forget to check out the Pelagic website for their latest products and deals! We know you’ll love them as much as we do. See you again soon!