Is Oceanic a Good Scuba Brand? A Comprehensive Review

When it comes to scuba diving, having the right gear makes all the difference. One of the most important pieces of equipment is your scuba mask, and you want to make sure you’re investing in a high-quality brand that won’t fog up or leak during your dives. This is where Oceanic comes in. Is Oceanic a good scuba brand? I’m happy to say that from my personal experience, the answer is a resounding yes.

From their stylish and functional designs to their commitment to innovation, Oceanic stands out as a brand that truly cares about the needs of scuba divers. Their masks are particularly impressive, with crystal clear lenses and comfortable silicone skirts that create a tight seal around your face. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned diver, you’ll appreciate the attention to detail that Oceanic puts into all their products.

In short, if you’re looking for a reliable and high-quality scuba brand, Oceanic should definitely be on your radar. As someone who has used their gear for years, I can vouch for their excellence in both design and performance. So go ahead and give Oceanic a try – you won’t be disappointed.

History of Oceanic brand

Oceanic is a well-known brand in the scuba diving industry that has been providing high-quality diving equipment since 1972. The company was founded by Bob Hollis, a passionate scuba diver who saw a need for better equipment in the market. Hollis’ commitment to producing innovative, functional, and reliable diving gear has earned the Oceanic brand a reputation for excellence among diving enthusiasts worldwide.

Over the years, the Oceanic brand has introduced several groundbreaking products, including the first dive computer for recreational divers. Their range of products includes regulators, dive computers, BCDs, and accessories that are designed to cater to the needs of divers of all levels.

Key milestones in Oceanic’s history

  • In 1972, Oceanic was founded by Bob Hollis.
  • In 1985, Oceanic introduced the first dive computer for recreational divers.
  • In 1997, the Oceanic DataMask was introduced, revolutionizing the diving mask by integrating a dive computer.

Commitment to innovation and quality

Oceanic’s commitment to innovation and quality is reflected in the products they produce. The company invests heavily in research and development, ensuring that their equipment is at the forefront of diving technology. Oceanic also has a rigorous quality control process to ensure that every piece of equipment meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

For over 40 years, Oceanic has remained a trusted name in the diving industry, providing divers with innovative and reliable equipment that enhances their experience underwater.

Oceanic products and services

Today, Oceanic offers a wide range of products and services to cater to the needs of divers of all levels. Their products include regulators, dive computers, BCDs, masks, fins, and accessories. The company also provides training and certification services through their extensive network of dive centers worldwide.

Product categoryExamples
RegulatorsAlpha 9, Delta 5, Zeo FDXi
Dive computersOCi, ProPlus X, Geo 4.0
BCDsExcursion 2, Biolite, OceanPro
MasksShadow, Cyanea, Ion 3
FinsVortex V-16, Accel, Viper

With a broad range of products and services, Oceanic has something to offer to both experienced divers and beginners looking to explore the underwater world.

Oceanic’s Mission and Values

Since 1972, Oceanic has been dedicated to providing high-quality scuba diving equipment for divers of all levels. Their mission is to create innovative gear that enhances the safety, comfort, and enjoyment of the diving experience, while promoting the conservation and preservation of the ocean and its inhabitants. Oceanic’s commitment to excellence and sustainability is driven by their core values:

  • Customer-Centered: Oceanic puts the needs of their customers first by actively seeking feedback and incorporating it into their product development and customer service approach.
  • Innovation: Oceanic is constantly researching and developing new technologies to improve the diving experience and make it more accessible to all.
  • Quality: Oceanic uses only the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes to ensure their equipment is safe, reliable, and durable.

These values are reflected in Oceanic’s products, which are designed to meet the diverse needs of the diving community. From beginner-level gear to advanced technical diving equipment, Oceanic has something for every diver. Their commitment to sustainability is also evident in their eco-friendly packaging and their support of ocean conservation organizations through their “Blue Ocean” program.

Product LineFeatures
Excursion 2 BCDDurable, adjustable, and comfortable with integrated weight system
Delta 5 RegulatorEfficient breathing performance, lightweight, and environmentally sealed
Versa MaskComfortable silicone skirt, panoramic view, and easy-adjust buckles

In conclusion, Oceanic is a trusted brand in the scuba diving community, known for their innovative, high-quality, and sustainable products. Their mission and values are reflected in their commitment to customer satisfaction, innovation, quality, and environmental preservation. By choosing Oceanic, divers can trust that they are getting reliable equipment that will enhance their diving experience while also supporting the health of the ocean.

Oceanic’s Product Lines

Oceanic is a reliable and well-known name in the scuba diving industry that has been providing high-quality diving equipment since 1972. Over the years, the company has introduced several product lines that cater to the individual needs of divers based on their preferences, level of expertise, and budget. Let’s take a deeper look into some of the company’s most popular product lines:

1. Oceanic Geo

  • The Oceanic Geo line is perfect for entry-level divers looking for reliable scuba gear without breaking the bank.
  • The line includes BCDs, Regulators, and Dive Computers.
  • The Oceanic Geo line is designed to be easy to use and features comfortable and ergonomic designs ensuring a comfortable fit for first-time divers.

2. Oceanic Pro Plus 4

If you are an experienced scuba diver looking for a high-end diving computer that offers advanced features, then the Oceanic Pro Plus 4 line is an excellent option for you.

  • The Pro Plus 4 is a watch-style dive computer that offers a full-color screen and one of the largest displays on the market.
  • This dive computer offers advanced features such as air integration, digital compass, and an optional air time remaining feature.
  • Additionally, the Oceanic Pro Plus 4 line offers various customization options that allow users to personalize their dive computer to fit their specific needs.

3. Oceanic Excursion 2 BCD

The Oceanic Excursion 2 is a high-quality BCD that offers premium features and is designed for serious divers who need reliable and durable equipment for challenging dives.

The Excursion 2 features various pockets and attachment points for diving accessories, allowing divers to customize their gear based on their needs.

Key FeaturesBenefits
QLR4 Weight SystemAllows for easy weight integration
Adjustable CummerbundOffers a comfortable and secure fit for the diver
Integrated Quick-Release Safety SystemEnsures quick and easy escape in an emergency situation

If you are an experienced diver looking for a top-of-the-line BCD, the Oceanic Excursion 2 is worth considering for your next dive.

Oceanic Scuba Gear Reviews

If you’re looking for scuba gear that makes you feel confident and comfortable underwater, Oceanic can be a great choice. Here are some reviews of popular Oceanic scuba gear.

Best Oceanic Scuba Gear Reviews

  • The Oceanic Pro Plus 4 Dive Computer is a top-rated choice. It’s user-friendly, accurate, and has a bright display that’s easy to read underwater.
  • The Oceanic Geo 4.0 Wrist Computer is another highly rated option. It has a sleek design and an intuitive menu system, making it easy to navigate.
  • The Oceanic Alpha 9 Octopus Regulator is a reliable and easy-to-use regulator that delivers smooth breathing at all depths.

Features of Oceanic Scuba Gear

Oceanic scuba gear is designed with the needs of divers in mind. Some common features of Oceanic gear include:

  • Comfortable fit: Wetsuits, masks, and other gear are designed to fit snugly and comfortably for extended use.
  • Durable construction: Oceanic gear is made to withstand the rigors of diving, with high-quality materials used throughout.
  • Advanced features: Dive computers, regulators, and other gear come with features like digital displays, adjustable settings, and intuitive menus.

Oceanic Scuba Gear Price Range

Oceanic gear is priced competitively in comparison to other top brands in the market. The price range of Oceanic scuba gear can vary widely based on model and features. For example, Oceanic dive computers range from around $200 to over $1,000. Wetsuits can cost anywhere from $150 to $800. Regulators typically start at around $250 and go up from there. It is important to invest in quality gear, and Oceanic offers great value for the price.

GearAverage Price Range
Dive computers$200-$1,000+

Overall, Oceanic scuba gear is a reliable and popular choice for divers of all levels. With a variety of high-quality gear available at competitive prices, Oceanic can help make your diving experience safe, comfortable, and enjoyable.

Oceanic Warranty and Customer Service

When it comes to investing in scuba gear, you want to ensure that you are getting both quality products and reliable customer service. Oceanic, as a well-known scuba brand, offers a warranty and customer service program that is worth noting.

  • Oceanic provides a limited lifetime warranty on all of their products. This means that if a product is defective or malfunctions due to a manufacturing issue, Oceanic will repair or replace it free of charge. This warranty is non-transferable and does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse, or accidental damage. It’s important to note that the warranty is only valid if the product is purchased from an authorized Oceanic dealer.
  • In addition to their warranty program, Oceanic offers a customer service program that is committed to helping customers with any issues or questions they may have. Their customer service team is available via phone, email, and online chat, and they are dedicated to providing timely and helpful support. If a product needs to be repaired, Oceanic also offers a repair service that is fast and reliable.
  • To ensure that products are taken care of properly, Oceanic also provides care and maintenance guides for each product they sell. These guides offer helpful tips on how to properly care for and maintain your gear, as well as how to troubleshoot common issues. This shows that Oceanic is committed to helping customers get the most out of their products.

Overall, Oceanic’s warranty and customer service programs are reliable and worthwhile for anyone who invests in their scuba gear. By offering a limited lifetime warranty, dedicated customer service, and helpful care and maintenance guides, Oceanic shows that they are committed to providing quality products and support to their customers.

It’s important to note that while Oceanic’s warranty and customer service program is reliable, it’s always a good idea to take extra precautions when using scuba gear. Always follow proper safety protocols and make sure to inspect your gear regularly to ensure that it’s in good condition. By taking these extra steps, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable diving experience.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any agency or organization.

Comparison of Oceanic with other scuba brands

When it comes to scuba diving, one of the most important things every diver should consider is the gear they use. Having the right gear can make the difference between a fun, safe dive and a difficult or potentially dangerous one. One of the most important pieces of scuba gear is the regulator, and one brand that many divers turn to for their regulator needs is Oceanic.

But how does Oceanic compare to other scuba brands on the market? Let’s take a look:

  • Scubapro: Scubapro is one of the most well-known brands in the scuba industry and offers high-quality regulators that are often considered some of the best on the market. However, they can be more expensive than Oceanic regulators, making them less accessible for some divers.
  • Aqualung: Aqualung is another popular scuba brand and offers a wide range of regulators at various price points. While some of their high-end regulators are on par with those from Scubapro in terms of quality and performance, their lower-priced options may not be as reliable as Oceanic regulators.
  • Cressi: Cressi is a brand that is known for producing high-quality, affordable scuba gear. Their regulators offer excellent performance, and they are often priced similarly to Oceanic regulators. However, some divers may prefer Oceanic’s range of options and features.

Overall, Oceanic is a great choice for divers of all levels. Their regulators offer excellent performance, durability, and value for the price. While other scuba brands may offer similarly high-quality regulators, the competitive pricing and range of options make Oceanic a top choice for many divers.

If you’re considering purchasing a new scuba regulator, it’s always a good idea to do your research and compare various brands and models before making a decision. That way, you can be sure to find the right regulator for your needs and ensure a safe and enjoyable diving experience.

So, whether you’re a beginner or experienced diver, you can trust Oceanic to provide you with the gear you need to explore the underwater world with confidence.

Technology and Innovation in Oceanic Gear

When it comes to scuba diving equipment, Oceanic is a brand that many divers turn to for gear that is both reliable and innovative. The company is known for constantly pushing the limits of what scuba gear can do, introducing new technologies and designs that make diving safer and more enjoyable.

Here are some of the ways that Oceanic is leading the way in scuba diving technology:

  • Nitrox compatibility: Oceanic was one of the first companies to offer scuba gear that was compatible with nitrox breathing mixtures, which allow divers to stay underwater longer and reduce their risk of decompression sickness. Today, many of Oceanic’s regulators and dive computers are designed specifically for use with nitrox.
  • Integrated dive computers: Oceanic was also one of the pioneers of the integrated dive computer, which combines multiple instruments (such as a depth gauge and a timer) into a single console that attaches to the regulator. This not only streamlines a diver’s equipment setup, but also provides an at-a-glance view of critical dive information.
  • Wireless air integration: More recently, Oceanic has introduced wireless air integration, which allows a diver’s regulator to transmit real-time tank pressure data to their dive computer. This makes it easier to monitor air consumption and plan dives with greater precision.

In addition to these specific technologies, Oceanic is also known for its commitment to research and development. The company maintains a dedicated team of engineers and scientists who are constantly exploring new ways to improve scuba gear. This has led to many innovations over the years, including:

  • Multiple modes of operation on dive computers to cater for various dive locations and situations.
  • Specialized breathing regulators for different diving activities, such as technical diving or cold water diving.
  • Innovative buoyancy compensators, which provide greater comfort, mobility, and safety during dives.

To get a sense of the sheer breadth of Oceanic’s product range and technological capabilities, consider the Oceanic Pro Plus 4. This all-in-one dive computer offers a host of features that showcase the brand’s commitment to innovation, including:

Air/nitrox/trimix compatibilityProvides full support for multiple breathing mixtures, including the ability to switch between them underwater.
Wireless air integrationAllows the dive computer to display real-time tank pressure data from up to 4 transmitters simultaneously.
Large, clear displayFeatures an oversized, backlit screen that can display dive information in either large font or detailed graphics.
Multiple operational modesOffers four distinct dive modes (air, nitrox, gauge, or free dive), as well as a watch mode for surface use.
Customizable alarms and warningsAllows divers to set specific thresholds and notifications for dive parameters like depth, time, and ascent rate.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, it’s clear that Oceanic is a scuba gear brand that you can trust. With their focus on technology and innovation, they are continually raising the bar for what scuba gear can do, making diving safer, more enjoyable, and more accessible for everyone.

Oceanic’s commitment to environmental sustainability

Oceanic is a reputable scuba gear brand that is committed to environmental sustainability. They understand that the health of our oceans and marine life is essential to the future of our planet and have implemented measures to reduce their carbon footprint and support conservation efforts.

  • Reducing carbon emissions: Oceanic has taken steps to reduce its carbon footprint by implementing energy-efficient lighting and recycling programs within their facilities. They also use eco-friendly packaging materials when shipping their products to customers.
  • Supporting conservation programs: The company actively supports various conservation programs aimed at preserving marine life and reducing pollution, such as Project AWARE and Reef Check Foundation.
  • Eco-friendly products: Oceanic designs and produces eco-friendly products whenever possible. For example, they have created wetsuits made from recycled materials and have eliminated the use of single-use plastics in their packaging.

Oceanic’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their partnership with the Oceanic Preservation Society, a non-profit organization that strives to raise awareness about environmental issues facing our oceans and marine life. Together, they work towards protecting our planet through education and inspiring people to take action to address these issues.

Overall, Oceanic’s commitment to sustainability sets them apart and underscores their dedication to preserving the beauty and health of our oceans and marine life.

By choosing Oceanic products, not only do you get high-quality scuba gear, but you also support a company that is committed to making a positive impact on the environment.

Ways in which Oceanic promotes environmental sustainability:
Reduces carbon emissions
Supports conservation programs
Designs eco-friendly products
Partners with the Oceanic Preservation Society

By implementing these measures, Oceanic is taking a proactive approach to protect our planet’s oceans, marine life, and natural resources.

Partnerships and collaborations of Oceanic brand

Oceanic is a well-known scuba diving brand that has been around for over 45 years. Over the years, the brand has partnered with various organizations and collaborated with different manufacturers to produce high-quality scuba diving products. These partnerships and collaborations have made it possible for Oceanic to offer a diverse range of diving gear to diving enthusiasts around the world.

  • PADI – One of Oceanic’s most notable partnerships is with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). PADI is the world’s leading scuba diving training organization, and Oceanic proudly serves as one of their official equipment suppliers. This partnership has ensured that Oceanic produces gear that meets the high standards set by PADI for safety and reliability.
  • Zeagle – In 2008, Oceanic acquired the diving gear manufacturer Zeagle, which is known for producing high-quality buoyancy compensators (BCDs) and regulators. This acquisition helped Oceanic expand its product offerings and further solidified its position as a leading scuba diving brand.
  • Atomic Aquatics – Another notable collaboration for Oceanic is with Atomic Aquatics, a manufacturer of premium scuba diving gear. Together, the two brands have produced some very popular products, such as the Atomic Aquatics Venom mask and the Oceanic Alpha 9 regulator. These collaborations have allowed Oceanic to incorporate cutting-edge technology into their products that make them more user-friendly and reliable.

Overall, Oceanic’s partnerships and collaborations have allowed the brand to offer a wide selection of high-quality scuba diving gear that meets the standards and needs of divers all over the world. These partnerships have also helped Oceanic stay at the forefront of diving technology and innovation.

Awards and recognitions received by Oceanic brand

Oceanic is a well-known name in the scuba diving industry, and for good reason. This scuba brand has been recognized and awarded for their outstanding products and services throughout its history. Let’s take a closer look at some of the awards and recognitions received by the Oceanic brand.

  • Scuba Diving Magazine’s Readers Choice Awards: Oceanic has consistently been recognized in Scuba Diving Magazine’s annual Readers Choice Awards. In fact, they have won awards in categories such as “Best Regulator”, “Best Buoyancy Compensator”, and “Best Dive Computer” multiple times over the years.
  • Dive Training Magazine’s Annual Scuba Gear Buyers Guide: In Dive Training Magazine’s annual Scuba Gear Buyers Guide, Oceanic has been recognized as a top brand in many categories. They have been awarded for their products such as dive computers, regulators, and dive masks, just to name a few.
  • Sea Hero Award: Oceanic was recognized with the Sea Hero Award, presented by Scuba Diving Magazine, for their work with Project AWARE, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the ocean. This award recognizes Oceanic’s commitment to environmental conservation and their efforts to educate the public about the importance of protecting our oceans.

In addition to these awards and recognitions, Oceanic is also known for their high-quality products and exceptional customer service. With a wide range of scuba diving equipment, including regulators, dive computers, dive masks, and more, Oceanic has something to offer for every type of diver.

If you’re looking for a reliable and reputable scuba brand, Oceanic is definitely worth considering. With their track record of success and dedication to environmental conservation, you can trust that you’re getting a top-quality product when you choose Oceanic.

Overall, the awards and recognitions received by the Oceanic brand speak volumes about their commitment to excellence in the scuba diving industry. With their high standards for quality and innovation, it’s no wonder Oceanic has become such a trusted and respected name in the scuba world.

Scuba Diving Magazine’s Readers Choice Awards2021Best Regulator
Dive Training Magazine’s Annual Scuba Gear Buyers Guide2019Best Dive Computer
Sea Hero Award2017Environmental Conservation

The awards and recognitions received by Oceanic validate their commitment to providing scuba diving equipment of the highest quality. Their products meet the needs of divers of all levels and their emphasis on preservation of the ocean is a testament to their social responsibility to take care of the planet.

Is Oceanic a Good Scuba Brand FAQs

1. What is Oceanic?

Oceanic is a scuba diving equipment manufacturer dedicated to producing quality and reliable equipment for divers.

2. Why is Oceanic a good scuba brand?

Oceanic is a respected brand among scuba divers because of their continuous dedication to product development and innovation, resulting in high-quality and reliable products.

3. What kind of scuba equipment does Oceanic offer?

Oceanic offers an extensive range of scuba equipment, including regulators, BCDs, dive computers, masks, fins, snorkels, and other accessories.

4. Does Oceanic offer any warranties or guarantees on their products?

Yes, Oceanic offers a warranty on their products as well as a customer satisfaction guarantee.

5. Are Oceanic products expensive?

It is worth noting that Oceanic products are generally priced in the mid to high range. However, the cost is justified by their quality, reliability, and innovation.

6. Can beginner divers use Oceanic products?

Yes, Oceanic offers scuba equipment for divers of all skill levels, including beginners.

7. Where can I purchase Oceanic scuba equipment?

Oceanic products are available at authorized dealers worldwide. You can check their website for a list of dealers near you.

Closing Thoughts on “Is Oceanic a Good Scuba Brand”

We hope these FAQs helped answer your questions about Oceanic as a scuba brand. Overall, Oceanic is an excellent choice for divers who value high-quality and reliable equipment. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to check back for more informative articles on scuba diving. Happy diving!