Is Nexen a Good Brand? A Comprehensive Review

As a responsible driver, one of the crucial decisions you need to make while buying tires is choosing the right brand. Among the plethora of tire companies out there, Nexen is one brand that has gained popularity in recent years. But is Nexen a good brand? Let’s dive into the details and analyze whether it’s worth your investment.

Nexen has slowly but surely made an impact in the market with its premium-quality tires. And for a good reason – they offer a fantastic price-to-performance ratio. But many drivers still have doubts about whether Nexen’s tires can hold up compared to more well-established brands. So, what makes Nexen a good brand? Is it the reputation, the product quality, or the price point? As we explore more, we’ll help you make an informed decision.

We understand the importance of having a smooth and safe driving experience. This is why we are taking a closer look at Nexen’s products to help you determine if this is the right brand of tires for your car. Whether you are a novice driver or a seasoned veteran, it’s always good to have a reliable tire brand on your side. So, without further ado, let’s explore if Nexen is a good brand and find out everything you need to know before purchasing their tires.

History of Nexen Tire

Nexen Tire is a South Korean tire manufacturer that was founded in 1942. The company was originally called Heung-A Tire and was solely focused on producing bicycle tires. It wasn’t until the late 1950s that the company started producing bias tires for cars and trucks. The company was renamed Nexen Tire in 2000, with the goal of becoming a global tire company.

Since then, Nexen Tire has made significant strides in expanding its global presence. The company opened its first overseas office in the U.S. in 2005 and has since opened offices and production facilities in China, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Nexen Tire is now sold in over 140 countries and is recognized as a major player in the tire industry.

Key Milestones in Nexen Tire’s History

  • 1942: Heung-A Tire was founded in South Korea to produce bicycle tires.
  • 1956: The company began producing bias tires for cars and trucks.
  • 1976: Heung-A Tire merged with another South Korean tire company to form Hyupjin Tire.
  • 1985: The company was renamed Woosung Tire.
  • 2000: The company was renamed Nexen Tire and began its global expansion.
  • 2005: Nexen Tire opened its first overseas office in the U.S.
  • 2012: Nexen Tire became the first Korean tire manufacturer to establish a production facility in Europe.

Nexen Tire’s Innovations and Technologies

Nexen Tire is committed to developing innovative technologies to improve the performance and safety of its tires. The company’s research and development team works closely with leading universities and research institutions to develop new materials and technologies. Nexen Tire has patented a number of technologies, including its Nano Energy technology, which improves fuel efficiency, and its Winguard ice and snow tire, which provides superior traction in winter conditions.

Nexen Tire also invests heavily in testing its tires to ensure they meet high safety and quality standards. The company has its own testing facility, the Nexen Tire Europe Technical Centre, which is located in Germany. The facility includes an indoor testing center and a test track where Nexen Tire can perform a wide range of tests on its tires.

Nexen Tire’s Awards and Recognitions

Nexen Tire has received numerous awards and recognitions for its products and contributions to the tire industry. In 2018, the company won the German Design Award for its Nexen N’FERA SU1 tire. The company was also named a finalist for the Tire Technology International Awards in 2017 and 2018. In addition, Nexen Tire has received ISO 9001 certification for its quality management system and ISO/TS 16949 certification for its automotive quality management system.

2018German Design Award for Nexen N’FERA SU1 tire
2017Tire Technology International Award 2017 finalist
2016Tire Technology International Award – Environmental Achievement of the year award
2011Grand Prize of the Korea Industrial Technology Award

Overall, Nexen Tire has a rich history of innovation and dedication to quality and safety. The company’s commitment to research and development has led to the creation of many industry-leading technologies. Nexen Tire is a brand to watch for in the tire industry as it continues to expand its global presence and develop new products and technologies.

Nexen’s Presence in the International Market

Nexen Tire is a South Korean tire brand that has made significant strides over the years to become a leading global tire manufacturer and distributor. The company was founded in 1942 and has since expanded to over 130 countries worldwide.

  • Nexen Tire’s headquarters are located in Yangsan, South Korea, but the company has made significant investments by setting up manufacturing plants in other countries. The company’s first overseas plant was established in China in 2007, and today there are several others in the United States, Czech Republic, and Indonesia.
  • Nexen Tire is actively involved in research and development to ensure that its tires meet global standards and regulations. The company invests heavily in research and development facilities, and its research centers are located in Korea, the United States, and Europe. Through these research centers, Nexen Tire is able to design and develop products that are specifically tailored to meet the needs and preferences of customers in different regions.
  • Nexen Tire has formed strategic partnerships with global automotive manufacturers, including Volkswagen, Hyundai, and Kia, among others. These partnerships have played a pivotal role in spreading the brand’s presence across the global market.

Overall, Nexen Tire’s presence in the international market is notable, with the company’s commitment to expansion and innovation, and its partnerships with automotive manufacturers contributing significantly to its success. Today, many customers around the world purchase Nexen Tires due to the brand’s reputation for quality, performance, and affordability.


In summary, Nexen Tire is a reputable brand in the global tire market, primarily due to its commitment to innovation, quality, and affordability. With its numerous manufacturing plants strategically located in different regions of the world, the company is well-poised to meet the needs of customers in different regions. Therefore, it is safe to say that Nexen Tire is a good brand that is worth considering when choosing tires for your vehicle.

Quality of Nexen tires

Nexen Tire is a well-known brand among car enthusiasts. It is a South Korean tire company that has been around for more than 70 years. While Nexen may not be as popular as some of the more established brands like Michelin, Continental, or Goodyear, it has made a name for itself in the industry due to its affordable prices and good quality. In this article, we will be exploring the quality of Nexen tires.

  • Performance: One of the most important factors when it comes to tire quality is its performance. Nexen tires are known for their excellent grip on both dry and wet surfaces. They provide a smooth ride and offer great stability, even at high speeds. Nexen tires have also undergone various tests to ensure that they meet international safety and quality standards.
  • Durability: The durability of a tire is crucial as it contributes to its overall lifespan. Nexen tires are made using cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials that make them robust and long-lasting. They are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, so you can trust them to provide reliability all year round.
  • Affordability: One of the most significant advantages of Nexen tires is that they are more affordable than some of the other well-known brands in the market. This does not mean that they compromise on quality. In fact, Nexen tires offer excellent value for money, making them an ideal choice for budget-conscious consumers.

In summary, Nexen tires are a good choice for those looking for quality and affordability. They offer excellent performance, durability, and value for money. However, it is important to note that the quality of Nexen tires may vary depending on the specific model and intended use. It is always a good idea to consult a tire expert before making a purchase decision.

Tire Tests and Reviews

When evaluating the quality of Nexen tires, it is essential to consider reviews and tire tests. One of the most well-known tire tests is the one conducted by Consumer Reports. In their 2020 tire testing, the Nexen brand ranked ninth out of 28 tested brands. The Nexen CP671 model received a rating of “very good” in the tests conducted, matching that of some of the more expensive tire brands.

Other online reviews and customer feedback also suggest that Nexen tires are of good quality. Many consumers have reported that they have had positive experiences with Nexen tires and have even replaced their existing tires with Nexen ones, citing their affordability and excellent performance.

Tire ModelPerformance RatingDurability Rating
Nexen CP671Very GoodExcellent
Nexen N’Priz AH5GoodVery Good
Nexen N’Fera SU1ExcellentGood

Based on the above results, we can conclude that Nexen tires are indeed of good quality and can be trusted to perform well on the road. With their affordability and excellent performance, Nexen tires are an ideal choice for consumers who want reliable and top-quality tires at an affordable price.

Performance of Nexen Tires

Nexen Tires is a leading tire manufacturer that produces top-performing tires for various types of vehicles. Their tires are designed to provide excellent handling, high traction, and enhanced performance in all weather conditions. Below are four key aspects of Nexen Tires performance:

  • Traction: Nexen Tires provides excellent traction on both dry and wet roads. Their tires use advanced rubber compounds and tread designs that ensure maximum grip and traction in all weather conditions. This makes their tires ideal for drivers who want high-performance tires that can handle any road condition.
  • Handling: Nexen Tires has excellent handling which ensures maximum control and stability while driving. Their tires are designed with unique tread patterns and construction, which enhance handling and cornering stability. This makes their tires ideal for drivers who demand precise handling and control while driving.
  • Comfort: Nexen Tires provides a smooth and quiet ride. Their tires are designed with advanced features that reduce road noise and vibrations. Their tires also provide an improved ride comfort compared to most other tires in the market.
  • Durability: Nexen Tires are durable and reliable. Their tires feature advanced and durable construction, which ensures longevity even in demanding road conditions. This means that their tires can resist wear and tear, punctures, and damages, which ensures long-lasting performance and value for money.

Nexen Tires Performance Test Results

Nexen Tires have been subjected to numerous performance tests by independent organizations and industry experts. These tests usually evaluate tire performance in various conditions such as wet and dry roads, handling, wear, and tear, among others. Below is a summary of some of the tests and their results:

Test TypeResult
Wet TractionExcellent
Dry TractionVery Good
Wear ResistanceGood

The test results demonstrate that Nexen Tires are high-performance tires that can deliver excellent performance in all weather conditions. These results also align with the feedback and reviews from Nexen Tires customers who have praised the brand for its reliability, durability, and performance.

Comparison of Nexen tires with other brands

Choosing the right brand of tires for your vehicle is crucial not only for its performance but also for your safety on the road. Among the many brands available in the market, Nexen stands out as one of the most reliable and trusted by car owners. Here’s a detailed comparison of Nexen tires with other popular brands:

  • Michelin: Michelin is a top-tier brand that offers excellent quality and performance for their tires. While their tires are more expensive than Nexen, they’re worth the investment. They have a longer lifespan, better grip, and improved fuel efficiency. However, for drivers who are on a budget, Nexen tires offer a reasonable alternative without sacrificing quality and performance.
  • Bridgestone: Bridgestone is known for its high-quality tires, especially when it comes to performance and safety. Their tires are generally more expensive than Nexen, and may not offer as many options in terms of size and tread pattern. However, Bridgestone tires are more durable and perform better in extreme weather conditions, making them a great option for drivers who live in areas with severe weather conditions.
  • Goodyear: Goodyear is another top-tier brand that is generally more expensive than Nexen. They have a good reputation for offering excellent handling and performance, especially in wet and slippery conditions. However, they may not be the best option for a driver who is on a tight budget, as Nexen tires are more affordable and offer a reasonable level of traction and handling.

Overall, Nexen tires are an excellent choice for drivers who want a balance between affordability and quality. They offer a wide range of sizes and tread patterns to fit various types of vehicles and driving styles. With modern technology and design, Nexen tires provide a comfortable and safe driving experience, making them a reliable brand that you can trust.

Here’s a table summarizing the strengths and weaknesses of Nexen tires compared to other popular brands:

NexenAffordable, comfortable, good handling, wide range of sizes and patternsMay not perform as well in extreme weather conditions, shorter lifespan than premium brands
MichelinLong lifespan, excellent grip and handling, improved fuel efficiencyMore expensive than other brands, may not fit all vehicle types and sizes
BridgestoneDurable, performs well in extreme weather conditions, good handling and safety featuresMore expensive than other brands, limited options in terms of size and pattern
GoodyearExcellent handling and safety features, good performance in wet and slippery conditionsMore expensive than other brands, limited options in terms of size and pattern

In conclusion, while Nexen may not be the most premium brand available in the market, they still offer great value for their price. If you’re looking for affordable yet reliable tires that can provide a comfortable and safe driving experience, Nexen is definitely a brand worth considering.

Nexen’s Design and Innovation

When it comes to designing and innovating their products, Nexen has been relentless in their pursuit of excellence. They have put a lot of effort into creating tires that not only look good, but also provide superior performance on the road. Let us take a closer look at Nexen’s design and innovation:

  • Nexen Tire’s proprietary technology, the “Winguard,” is an innovative tread design that provides excellent grip in wet and snowy conditions. The Winguard technology is used in many of Nexen’s winter tires, making them a popular choice among drivers who have to deal with harsh winter weather.
  • Another one of Nexen’s innovative tire designs is the “Noise Cancelling Tire,” which has a unique pattern design that reduces road noise and improves ride comfort. These tires are great for drivers who want a quieter ride and want to reduce the noise pollution caused by their vehicles.
  • Nexen is also known for their focus on eco-friendly technologies. For example, the Nexen N’blue Eco tire is designed to reduce rolling resistance and improve fuel efficiency, making it a great choice for environmentally conscious drivers.

In addition to their tire designs, Nexen has also worked on innovative manufacturing processes that improve their products’ performance and durability. They use a highly advanced “Nano Energy” technology, which allows their tires to better distribute stress and enhance the contact patch, resulting in improved handling and longer tire life.

Overall, Nexen’s design and innovation have helped them establish themselves as a reliable and trustworthy tire brand. Whether it’s their innovative tread designs, eco-friendly technologies, or advanced manufacturing processes, Nexen has proven that they are committed to delivering high-quality products that meet the needs of today’s drivers.

Design and Innovation FeaturesDescription
Winguard technologyProvides excellent grip in wet and snowy conditions, making winter driving safer
Noise Cancelling TireReduces road noise, resulting in a quieter and more comfortable ride
Eco-friendly technologiesDesigned to reduce rolling resistance and improve fuel efficiency, making them better for the environment
Nano Energy technologyImproves handling and extends tire life by better distributing stress and enhancing the contact patch

Nexen’s design and innovation features are not only impressive, but also practical and beneficial for drivers. They have invested heavily in developing and improving their products to meet the needs of drivers in various weather and driving conditions.

Nexen’s Environmental Initiatives

Nexen is committed to protecting the environment through sustainable business practices. As part of their efforts, they have implemented several initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint and promote eco-friendliness:

  • Nexen’s tire manufacturing plants have achieved ISO 14001 certification, which means that they meet international standards for environmental management systems.
  • The company has invested in green technologies, such as state-of-the-art waste reduction and recycling programs.
  • Nexen is a partner of the American Forests organization, which means they plant trees to absorb carbon dioxide and offset their carbon emissions.

Additionally, Nexen has created a sustainability report detailing their environmental goals and achievements. This report is published annually and outlines the company’s efforts to mitigate environmental impact while improving business operations. Nexen believes that caring for the environment is not only a moral responsibility but also a smart business decision.

Nexen’s Life Cycle Assessment

As part of their commitment to sustainable business practices, Nexen has conducted a life cycle assessment (LCA) of their products. The LCA involves analyzing the environmental impact of a product from raw material extraction to disposal, including energy consumption, water usage, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Nexen’s LCA found that their tires have a lower environmental impact than industry averages in the areas of greenhouse gas emissions, industrial waste, and ozone depletion. The company is using the results of the LCA to identify areas for improvement and further reduce environmental impact.

LCA ComparisonNexen ResultsIndustry Average
Greenhouse Gas Emissions23% lowerN/A
Industrial Waste30% lower2.3x higher
Ozone Depletion75% lower2.4x higher

Nexen’s LCA is just one example of their commitment to responsible environmental stewardship. The company is always striving to improve and find new ways to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability.

Nexen’s Partnerships with Other Companies

Nexen Tire is a well-known brand that has been in the industry for over 70 years. Over the years, it has established itself as a brand known for its quality and durability. However, like any other brand, Nexen also understands the importance of partnerships with other companies. In this article, we discuss Nexen’s partnerships with various companies and how they have helped enhance the brand’s reputation.

  • Hyundai Motor Company: Nexen Tire has been a OE (Original Equipment) supplier to Hyundai Motor Company for several years. The partnership has helped both the companies grow together by providing quality products to the customers. Nexen Tire has been providing Hyundai vehicles with tires that are specifically designed for their models, which has helped enhance the driving experience for the customers. This partnership has helped Nexen Tire become a trusted brand in the automobile industry.
  • Kia Motors: Nexen Tire has been a strategic partner of Kia Motors for many years. The partnership has allowed Nexen Tire to produce custom-made tires exclusively for Kia models, which has enabled Kia to offer better driving performance to their customers. Kia Motors and Nexen Tire continue to work together to develop tires that deliver superior performance and safety.
  • Volkswagen: Nexen Tire has been supplying OE tires to Volkswagen since 2012. The partnership has helped Nexen Tire gain a foothold in the European market, as Volkswagen is one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in the world. The partnership has also helped Nexen Tire expand its product portfolio to include more premium tires that cater to the European market.

In addition to these partnerships, Nexen Tire has also entered into collaborations with various motorsport teams and events. The brand has been a sponsor of Manchester City Football Club since 2015, which has helped Nexen Tire enhance its brand recognition globally. It has also been an official partner of the Formula Drift Championship, where it has been the exclusive tire supplier for the championship since 2018.

Nexen Tire’s partnerships and collaborations have helped the brand enhance its reputation globally. The partnerships with automobile manufacturers have helped Nexen Tire develop quality tires that cater specifically to their models, which has helped enhance the driving experience for the customers. The brand’s partnerships with various sports teams and events have helped Nexen Tire reach a wider audience and improve brand recognition.

Overall, Nexen Tire’s partnerships with other companies have been key drivers in enhancing the brand’s reputation and establishing it as a trusted and reliable tire brand.

Nexen’s Awards and Recognitions

Nexen Tire has been making a name for itself in the tire industry with its commitment to quality and innovation. With this, the brand has received numerous awards and recognitions over the years, cementing its status as a top-tier brand in the market. Here are some of the awards and recognitions received by Nexen Tire:

  • 2019 Red Dot Design Award: Nexen’s N’Fera AU7 tire received the Red Dot Design Award in 2019 for its exceptional design and innovation.
  • 2019 Good Design Award: The company’s N’Fera Sport tire won the 2019 Good Design Award for its outstanding performance in wet and dry conditions.
  • 2018 IDEA Awards: Nexen’s Winguard Sport 2 tire won the Bronze award in the transportation category for its innovation and design excellence.

In addition to these awards, Nexen Tire has also been recognized by leading automotive companies for its contributions to the industry. The brand has received several certifications and approvals from companies such as Porsche, Volkswagen, Hyundai, and Kia, among others.

These certifications and approvals signify that Nexen Tire’s products meet the high standards and requirements of these companies, further solidifying the brand’s reputation for quality and reliability.

Furthermore, Nexen Tire has also received recognition for its commitment to sustainability. The brand has been recognized for its eco-friendly manufacturing practices, as well as its efforts in reducing carbon emissions and waste production.

Porsche Approval2020
Volkswagen Group Approval2019
Hyundai-Kia Approval2018

Overall, Nexen Tire’s numerous awards and recognitions serve as proof of the brand’s dedication to producing high-quality and innovative tire products for its customers worldwide.

Customer reviews and feedback on Nexen tires

When it comes to evaluating a brand, customer reviews and feedback are some of the most important factors to consider. Nexen tires have gained a reputation for quality and reliability, but what do customers have to say about them?

After researching and reading various reviews, here are the top 10 things customers have to say about Nexen tires:

  • Many customers are impressed by the tire’s durability and longevity, with some reporting being able to use them for multiple seasons without issues.
  • Several customers note that Nexen tires provide excellent traction, even in wet or snowy conditions.
  • Some customers have reported improved fuel efficiency after switching to Nexen tires, resulting in money saved at the pump.
  • Several customers have reported that Nexen tires are quiet and provide a comfortable ride, even on long trips.
  • Many customers appreciate the affordable price point of Nexen tires, especially when compared to other comparable brands on the market.
  • Some customers have reported issues with tread wear on their Nexen tires, although these reports are not as common as positive reviews.
  • One complaint that several customers have had is that Nexen tires can be difficult to balance properly, leading to a bumpy or uneven ride.
  • There have been some reports of Nexen tires developing cracks or bubbles in the sidewalls after extended use.
  • Several customers have reported that Nexen’s customer service is responsive and helpful when issues arise.
  • Overall, most customers are pleased with their purchase of Nexen tires and would recommend them to others.

It’s important to note that, as with any product, individual experiences may vary. However, the overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers about Nexen tires indicates that they are definitely a brand worth considering for your next tire purchase.

If you’re interested in learning more about Nexen tires, be sure to do your own research and read reviews from other customers to determine if they are the right choice for you and your vehicle.

As the old saying goes, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” When it comes to Nexen tires, the positive feedback from customers certainly seems to indicate that this brand is worth considering when you’re in the market for new tires.

Durable and long-lastingOccasional reports of tread wear
Excellent traction in all conditionsReports of balancing issues
Improved fuel efficiency for some driversOccasional reports of bubble/cracks on sidewalls
Quiet and comfortable ride
Affordable price point
Responsive customer service

Overall, the pros of Nexen tires seem to far outweigh the cons, making them a strong contender in the competitive tire market.

Is Nexen a Good Brand FAQ

1. Is Nexen a trusted brand?

Yes, Nexen is a trusted brand. It has been in the industry for over 70 years and has a global presence in over 140 countries. It is also known for its innovative technology and high-quality products.

2. Are Nexen tires safe?

Nexen tires are safe. They are designed to provide superior traction, handling and stability, even in wet or slippery conditions. They are also rigorously tested to ensure they meet and exceed safety standards.

3. Are Nexen tires durable?

Yes, Nexen tires are durable. They are made with high-quality materials and advanced technology to provide long-lasting performance. Nexen also offers a warranty on their tires for added peace of mind.

4. Are Nexen tires affordable?

Yes, Nexen tires are affordable. They offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. This makes them a great option for customers looking for high-performing tires at an affordable price.

5. Are Nexen tires good for all seasons?

Yes, Nexen tires are good for all seasons. They are designed to provide excellent performance in both wet and dry conditions, as well as in light snow. They also offer a range of all-season and winter tire options.

6. Are Nexen tires eco-friendly?

Yes, Nexen tires are eco-friendly. They are constructed with materials and technology that reduce rolling resistance, which in turn reduces carbon emissions and fuel consumption. Nexen is also committed to sustainability and has implemented several environmental initiatives.

7. Does Nexen offer good customer service?

Yes, Nexen offers good customer service. They have a dedicated customer service team that is available to assist customers with any questions or concerns. They also offer a warranty on their tires and have a network of authorized dealers and service centers.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks for reading about Nexen tires. As you can see from the FAQs, Nexen is a trusted and reliable brand that offers high-quality, affordable tires. Whether you’re looking for tires for your car, truck or SUV, Nexen has a range of options to fit your needs. We hope you found this article helpful and invite you to visit us again for more informative content.