Is Maple Holistics a Good Brand? A Comprehensive Review

When it comes to finding a good hair care brand, consumers are often faced with one too many options on the market. The question is: how do you filter and identify the best brand that suits your hair type and budget? Introducing Maple Holistics, a brand that has been making waves in the hair care industry with their organic and natural ingredients. But the real question is, is Maple Holistics a good brand? Well, I’m here to share my experience with you.

One thing I must say is that Maple Holistics is definitely a brand you can trust. Their products are of high quality, and they’re dedicated to ensuring that their customers’ hair care needs are met. From their shampoos to their conditioners, Maple Holistics makes use of plant-based formulas that are free of harsh chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, and artificial fragrances. This is great news for people with sensitive scalp or allergies.

Furthermore, what I love about Maple Holistics is that they’re a brand that listens to their customers. They’re always looking for ways to improve their products and offer better hair care solutions. If you’re looking for a brand that’s committed to providing a great hair care experience, then Maple Holistics is definitely a good brand to consider. With their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, you can’t go wrong with this brand.

History of Maple Holistics

Maple Holistics is a brand that is relatively new to the hair care industry, having been founded only in 2013. However, in a short span of time, the brand has become a customer favorite due to its high-quality products and affordable prices.

The founder of Maple Holistics understood the importance of natural ingredients in personal care products and set out to create a range of hair care solutions that are completely natural and free from harsh chemicals. The brand believes in providing its customers with products that are both effective and safe for regular use.

Maple Holistics has grown rapidly since its inception, and its products are now available in several countries around the world. The brand prides itself on its commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, and all its products are cruelty-free.

Product line of Maple Holistics

Maple Holistics offers a wide range of products that cater to various hair and skin concerns. Their products are made using natural and organic ingredients, such as essential oils, botanical extracts, and vitamins, which are safe and gentle on the skin and hair.

  • Shampoos: Maple Holistics’ shampoos are designed to address a variety of hair issues, including dandruff, oily hair, thinning hair, and hair loss. Their best-selling Tea Tree Special Formula Shampoo contains tea tree oil, which has antifungal and antibacterial properties that help soothe dry scalp and reduce dandruff.
  • Conditioners: The brand’s conditioners are formulated to provide nourishment and hydration to dry and damaged hair. Their Silk18 Conditioner contains amino acids, which help strengthen and protect hair from breakage and damage.
  • Styling Products: Maple Holistics’ styling products are designed to help hair look its best, from volumizing sprays to argan oil-based serums that help reduce frizz and add shine to hair.
  • Body and Skincare: In addition to their hair care products, Maple Holistics also offers a range of skincare products, such as body washes, moisturizers, and exfoliating scrubs, that are made using natural ingredients and are formulated to address various skin concerns.

Below is a table summarizing some of the brand’s best-selling products:

ProductMain IngredientsBenefits
Tea Tree Special Formula ShampooTea Tree Oil, Argan Oil, Lavender OilReduces dandruff and dry scalp
Biotin ShampooBiotin, Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba OilStrengthens hair and reduces hair loss
Silk18 ConditionerAmino Acids, Argan Oil, Shea ButterNourishes and hydrates dry hair
Mint ShampooPeppermint Oil, Tea Tree OilCleanses and refreshes oily hair

Overall, Maple Holistics offers a great line of natural and organic hair and skincare products that address various concerns. Their products are safe, gentle, and effective, and are formulated to provide the best possible results for their customers.

Ingredients used in Maple Holistics products

At Maple Holistics, the ingredients used in their products are carefully chosen to provide maximum benefits for the hair and skin. Below are some of the key ingredients used in their products:

Natural Ingredients

  • Maple Holistics only uses natural ingredients in their products. This means that the products are free of harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances that can cause skin irritations. The natural ingredients used in their products are gentle on the skin and have proven benefits for the hair and skin.
  • Some of the natural ingredients commonly used in their products include tea tree oil, rosemary oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, and biotin. Each of these ingredients has a specific purpose, such as cleansing and nourishing the hair and skin, improving scalp health, and promoting hair growth.
  • Maple Holistics also uses natural preservatives such as vitamin E and ascorbic acid to maintain product freshness without the need for harsh preservatives.

Vegan Ingredients

Maple Holistics products are also vegan-friendly, which means that they do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. The brand is committed to using cruelty-free ingredients and ensuring that their products are not tested on animals.

Science-Backed Ingredients

Maple Holistics uses science-backed ingredients in their products to ensure that customers get the best possible results. The brand uses ingredients that have been proven to work in clinical studies and research. Additionally, the brand uses ingredients in the proper concentrations to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Examples of Ingredients Used in Maple Holistics Products

Tea Tree OilAntibacterial properties, helps to unclog hair follicles, promotes healthy scalp, soothes scalp irritation
Rosemary OilStimulates hair growth, improves scalp health, reduces hair loss
Jojoba OilMoisturizes hair and skin, promotes hair growth, reduces dandruff and scalp flakiness
Argan OilHydrates and softens hair and skin, reduces frizz and breakage, promotes hair growth
BiotinPromotes hair growth, strengthens hair and nails, improves skin health

Overall, Maple Holistics uses a combination of carefully chosen natural, vegan, and science-backed ingredients to provide customers with high-quality, effective products that promote healthy hair and skin.

Effectiveness of Maple Holistics products

Maple Holistics offers a wide range of natural and organic hair care, skin care, and personal care products. The brand prides itself on using premium ingredients to develop effective formulas without harsh chemicals or sulfates. But exactly how effective are Maple Holistics products?

  • Customer reviews: One way to gauge the effectiveness of Maple Holistics products is by looking at the experiences of its customers. The brand has a strong following of satisfied customers who rave about the results they’ve seen from using its products. Many reviewers note improvements in issues such as dry scalp, hair loss, and skin irritation, among others.
  • Clinical studies: While Maple Holistics products may not have undergone the same rigorous testing as prescription medications, the brand has conducted its own in-house studies to test the effectiveness of its products. These studies demonstrate the ability of Maple Holistics products to deliver meaningful results without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • Ingredients: Maple Holistics puts a lot of effort into sourcing ingredients that are effective as well as natural. By incorporating powerful natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, argan oil, and jojoba oil, Maple Holistics is able to provide effective products without sacrificing quality or safety.

Overall, the effectiveness of Maple Holistics products is supported by both customer reviews and in-house testing. By placing an emphasis on quality ingredients and natural formulations, Maple Holistics has developed products that have become popular among consumers seeking natural and effective alternatives to traditional personal care products.


With Maple Holistics, customers can feel good about the ingredients they’re applying to their hair and skin. The brand’s products have gained a reputation for being both effective and safe, making them a top choice for those seeking natural personal care alternatives. With a commitment to quality and effectiveness, Maple Holistics is sure to continue carving out a space in the natural personal care market for years to come.

Uses natural and organic ingredientsMay take time to see results
Ethically sourced ingredientsMay not work for everyone
No harsh chemicals or sulfatesHigher price point than some competitors

While there may be some downsides to using Maple Holistics products, the brand’s commitment to quality ingredients and natural formulations make it a viable choice for those seeking effective personal care alternatives.

Customer Reviews of Maple Holistics Products

When it comes to deciding whether or not to try a new brand, reading customer reviews can be incredibly helpful. Maple Holistics has a strong following of loyal customers, many of whom have provided glowing reviews of their products. Here are some key takeaways from customer reviews of Maple Holistics products:

  • Customers appreciate the natural ingredients used in Maple Holistics products. Many note that they feel better using products that aren’t filled with harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances.
  • Several customers report that Maple Holistics products have helped improve the overall health and appearance of their hair and skin.
  • A number of reviewers comment that Maple Holistics has excellent customer service. Customers have reported receiving prompt responses to their inquiries and fast shipping on their orders.

In addition to feedback provided by individual customers, Maple Holistics also shares customer reviews on their website. These reviews are displayed alongside each product, providing prospective buyers with an additional layer of insight before making a purchase.

Overall, the customer reviews of Maple Holistics products are overwhelmingly positive. If you’re in the market for natural hair and skincare products and want to hear from like-minded individuals about their experiences with Maple Holistics, look no further than customer reviews.

Safety of Maple Holistics products

When it comes to buying personal care products, safety is a top concern for many people. Maple Holistics is a brand that takes safety seriously and makes it a top priority in the development and production of their products. Here are some key safety features of Maple Holistics products:

  • All products are made in an FDA-regulated facility, ensuring strict safety and quality standards are met.
  • Maple Holistics products are free from harmful chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, and synthetic fragrances.
  • All ingredients used in Maple Holistics products are carefully selected and tested for safety by a team of experts.

Additionally, Maple Holistics offers transparency and education about their products to help consumers make informed decisions. Their website includes detailed ingredient lists and explanations of the benefits of each ingredient. The brand also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so customers can feel confident in their purchase.

Overall, the safety of Maple Holistics products is a top priority for the brand, and they take extensive measures to ensure their products are safe, effective, and of the highest quality. With a focus on transparency, education, and customer satisfaction, consumers can trust in the safety of Maple Holistics products.

Availability of Maple Holistics products

Maple Holistics offers a wide range of hair, body, and skincare products that are all-natural, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly. You can find their products on their website, on Amazon, and in select brick-and-mortar stores.

  • Website: Maple Holistics products are easily accessible on their website, which offers an extensive selection of products that cater to different hair and skin types. The website also provides product descriptions, ingredients lists, and customer reviews to help you make an informed decision before making a purchase.
  • Amazon: Maple Holistics also sells their products on Amazon, making it a convenient option for shoppers who prefer fast and reliable shipping. Many of their products on Amazon also have a high rating and have garnered positive reviews from satisfied customers.
  • Retail stores: While their physical retail presence is limited, you can find Maple Holistics products in select stores such as Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Ulta. This makes it easier for customers who prefer to see and feel products before buying them.

If you’re unsure about which products to choose, Maple Holistics offers a free sample program where you can try before you buy. Additionally, their website has a hair and skin quiz that can help you determine which products are best suited for your needs.

Overall, Maple Holistics makes it easy for customers to access their products both online and in-stores, giving shoppers the flexibility to choose the most convenient option for them.

Maple Holistics’ Best-Selling Products

Some of Maple Holistics’ best-selling products include the:

Tea Tree ShampooA clarifying shampoo that helps soothe an itchy scalp and prevent dandruff.
Sage ShampooA shampoo that promotes hair growth and strengthens hair strands.
Argan Oil ShampooA moisturizing shampoo that restores shine and softness to dry, damaged hair.
Cedarwood ShampooA shampoo that tackles dandruff and itchy scalp while also promoting hair growth.
Lemon Oil ShampooA shampoo that helps combat oily scalp and greasy hair while leaving hair feeling fresh and clean.
Coconut ConditionerA conditioner that moisturizes and nourishes dull, dry hair while making it more manageable.

Maple Holistics’ best-selling products have garnered a loyal customer base due to their effectiveness and use of high-quality, natural ingredients.

Pricing of Maple Holistics Products

When it comes to pricing, many consumers might wonder if Maple Holistics products are worth the investment. The good news is that their prices are generally reasonable and competitive with other high-quality, natural beauty brands on the market.

  • Shampoo and Conditioner: Prices range from $9.95 to $19.99 depending on the specific product and size. However, they do offer a discount if you buy a set, bringing the price down to around $29.99 for both.
  • Hair Styling Products: Prices range from $10.95 to $17.95 for items like hair gel, hair spray, and hair wax, among others.
  • Body Care Products: Prices range from $10.95 to $21.99 for body washes, scrubs, and lotions.
  • Facial Care Products: Prices range from $10.95 to $24.99 for facial cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and masks.

While it’s true that you can find cheaper beauty products on the market, Maple Holistics products are made with quality ingredients that are ethically sourced. The brand also offers free shipping on orders over $25, which can help save money in the long run. In addition, they often offer promo codes and discounts on their website and social media platforms, making it easier to try out new products and save some cash.

Product CategoryPrice Range
Shampoo and Conditioner$9.95 – $19.99
Hair Styling Products$10.95 – $17.95
Body Care Products$10.95 – $21.99
Facial Care Products$10.95 – $24.99

Overall, Maple Holistics offers quality natural and cruelty-free beauty and personal care products at reasonable prices. While it may be a slightly higher investment compared to some drugstore brands, the peace of mind knowing you are using ethically sourced, high-quality ingredients is priceless. Plus, with the occasional discount code and free shipping on orders over $25, it’s easier than ever to add these products to your beauty routine at an affordable price.

Comparison of Maple Holistics with Other Brands

When looking for a new brand of personal care products, it can be overwhelming to choose from the endless options available. That’s why it’s important to do your research and compare different brands to see which one is the best fit for your needs. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at Maple Holistics and comparing it to other popular brands in the industry.

  • Maple Holistics vs. Herbal Essences: Herbal Essences is a well-known hair care brand that has been around for decades. While they offer a wide range of products, some customers may prefer Maple Holistics for its all-natural ingredients and cruelty-free practices.
  • Maple Holistics vs. Burt’s Bees: Burt’s Bees and Maple Holistics share the same focus on using natural ingredients in their products. However, Burt’s Bees may be more widely recognized and available in stores.
  • Maple Holistics vs. Aveda: Aveda is a high-end, luxury hair care brand that utilizes natural ingredients. While Maple Holistics offers similar natural ingredients at a more affordable price point, some customers may prefer the luxurious experience and brand recognition that comes with Aveda.

Ultimately, the decision between different brands comes down to personal preferences and priorities. While Maple Holistics may not have the same recognition as some of the bigger brands, it offers quality products that are free from harmful chemicals and animal testing. Plus, with a focus on customer satisfaction and money-back guarantee, it’s easy to see why many customers have chosen Maple Holistics as their go-to brand for personal care products.

For those interested in comparing specific products, check out the table below:

Maple HolisticsHerbal EssencesBurt’s BeesAveda
ShampooTea Tree Oil ShampooBody Envy Volumizing ShampooVery Volumizing Pomegranate ShampooRosemary Mint Purifying Shampoo
ConditionerSilk18 ConditionerBody Envy Volumizing ConditionerVery Volumizing Pomegranate ConditionerRosemary Mint Purifying Conditioner
Body WashLavender Body WashBody Burst Body WashCitrus & Ginger Body WashShampure Nurturing Body Wash

As you can see from the table, each brand offers different scents and formulas for their various products. It’s important to read ingredient lists and choose products that work best for your specific hair and skin type.

Future plans and goals of Maple Holistics

Maple Holistics is a brand that is constantly growing and evolving. Their commitment to providing customers with natural, high-quality personal care products is unwavering, and they have big plans for the future.

Some of the key future plans and goals of Maple Holistics include:

  • Expansion of product line: Maple Holistics plans to continue to add new, innovative products to their already-extensive line of personal care products. They are constantly researching new ingredients and formulations to create effective, natural products for their customers.
  • Increased sustainability: The company is committed to reducing their environmental impact. They are exploring ways to make their packaging more eco-friendly and to reduce waste in their manufacturing processes.
  • International expansion: Maple Holistics currently ships products worldwide, but they have expressed a desire to expand their presence in global markets. They plan to focus on markets where there is a high demand for natural and organic personal care products.

In addition to these goals, Maple Holistics is always striving to improve their existing products and remain at the forefront of the natural personal care industry.

As the company continues to grow, they are committed to staying true to their mission of providing customers with natural personal care products that are effective and affordable.

Future Plans and Goals of Maple HolisticsDescription
Expansion of product lineContinuously adding new, innovative products to their personal care line by researching natural ingredients and formulations.
Increased sustainabilityExploring ways to make packaging more eco-friendly and to reduce waste in manufacturing processes.
International expansionExpanding presence in global markets with high demand for natural and organic personal care products.

Overall, Maple Holistics is a brand with a clear vision and a commitment to providing customers with high-quality, natural personal care products.

Is Maple Holistics a Good Brand? FAQs

1. What makes Maple Holistics different from other hair care brands?
Maple Holistics is a brand that prides itself on using all-natural ingredients that are free from harsh chemicals, sulfates, and parabens. They also offer a wide range of hair care solutions for different hair types and concerns.

2. Is Maple Holistics cruelty-free?
Yes, Maple Holistics is a cruelty-free brand and does not test its products on animals. They are also vegan-friendly.

3. Are Maple Holistics products safe for color-treated hair?
Yes, their hair care products are safe for color-treated hair as they do not contain any harsh sulfates or parabens that can strip hair color.

4. Does Maple Holistics offer a money-back guarantee?
Yes, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their products. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a refund or exchange.

5. Where can I purchase Maple Holistics products?
You can purchase Maple Holistics products directly from their website or through online retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

6. Are Maple Holistics products affordable?
Yes, compared to other natural hair care brands, Maple Holistics products are reasonably priced and offer good value for money.

7. Are Maple Holistics products effective?
Many customers who have used Maple Holistics products have reported positive results in improving the health and appearance of their hair. However, results may vary depending on individual hair type and condition.

Final Thoughts

Maple Holistics is a good brand that offers natural and effective hair care solutions. Their commitment to using only high-quality natural ingredients and being cruelty-free have earned them a loyal customer base. Whether you are looking for a shampoo, conditioner, or styling product, Maple Holistics has something for everyone. Thank you for reading, and please visit again soon for more on the latest trends in beauty and skincare.