Is Krooked a Good Skateboard Brand? An In-Depth Review

If you’re a skateboard enthusiast, you know that the quality of your board can make all the difference when it comes to your performance and enjoyment on the ramps. When it comes to choosing a brand that will help you reach your fullest potential, it’s essential to do your research and read reviews from other skaters. One of the brands that has been gaining popularity in recent years is Krooked – but is Krooked a good skateboard brand? Let’s take a closer look.

Krooked Skateboards was founded by professional skateboarder Mark Gonzales in 2002. The brand prides itself on designing and producing high-quality skateboards that are both functional and visually appealing. Their products are popular among skaters of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. But the question remains: does Krooked live up to its reputation as a top-notch skateboard brand, or is it all just hype?

When considering the quality of a skateboard brand, there are several factors to consider: durability, performance, and style. Based on these criteria, we can confidently say that Krooked is indeed a good skateboard brand. Their boards are made from high-quality materials and engineered to provide excellent control, speed, and stability. Additionally, Krooked’s designs are unique and eye-catching, making them a popular choice among fashion-conscious skaters. But don’t just take our word for it – try out a Krooked skateboard for yourself and see why they’re a top-rated brand in the skateboarding community.

History of Krooked Skateboards

Founded in 2002 by legendary skateboarder Mark Gonzales, Krooked Skateboards has become one of the leading brands in the skateboarding industry. Known for its quirky designs and artistic graphics, Krooked has established a loyal following among skateboarders worldwide.

One of the defining features of Krooked is its focus on creativity and individuality. Gonzales has described the brand’s ethos as “embracing weirdness”, and the company’s products reflect this philosophy. From unconventional board shapes to bold graphics featuring everything from aliens to bizarre food, Krooked sets itself apart from other skateboard brands with its unique style.

  • Krooked’s team of professional skateboarders includes some of the biggest names in the sport, such as Bobby Worrest, Brad Cromer, and Dan Drehobl. Each rider brings their own style and influences to the brand, contributing to the diverse range of products that Krooked offers.
  • Over the years, Krooked has collaborated with other brands and artists to create limited-edition products. Notable collaborations include a series of boards featuring artwork by iconic cartoonist Robert Crumb and a line of shoes designed with Adidas.
  • In addition to its skateboards, Krooked also offers a range of accessories and apparel, including hats, socks, and t-shirts. Each product is designed with the same attention to detail and creativity that defines Krooked’s skateboards.

Despite its success, Krooked has remained committed to its roots in skateboarding culture. The brand sponsors local skate shops and events, and Gonzales frequently hosts skateboarding clinics and demos to inspire the next generation of skateboarders.

2006Krooked releases the “Gonz II” board, a follow-up to Gonzales’ popular “Gonz” board from the 80s.
2010Krooked collaborates with Mark Gonzales and Adidas on a line of shoes inspired by Gonzales’ artwork.
2015Krooked launches a series of boards featuring artwork by underground comics legend Robert Crumb.
2020Krooked celebrates its 18th anniversary with a limited-edition series of boards featuring artwork inspired by the brand’s history.

Overall, Krooked Skateboards has established itself as a brand that values creativity, individuality, and fun. Whether you’re an experienced skateboarder or just starting out, Krooked’s products offer a unique and exciting way to express yourself on a board.

Krooked Team Riders

When it comes to evaluating a skateboard brand, a key consideration is the caliber of its team riders. The Krooked brand boasts of an impressive team of talented and renowned skateboarders who have made a mark in the industry. Krooked team riders are known for their unique style, creativity, and powerful tricks that inspire and influence skateboarders worldwide.

  • Mark Gonzales: As the founder of Krooked, Mark Gonzales is a legendary skateboarder who has been in the industry since the early 80s. He is known for his innovative style and pioneering of modern street skating.
  • Dan Drehobl: Dan is a veteran skateboarder who is known for his powerful skateboarding style. He has been a pro-rider for Krooked since 2002 and is considered one of the best pool skaters in the industry.
  • Bobby Worrest: Bobby is a highly respected skateboarder who has been with the Krooked team since 2005. He is known for his creativity, technical ability, and consistency in producing progressive skateboarding videos.

In addition to the three key team riders mentioned above, Krooked also has a diverse and talented roster of riders that includes Brad Cromer, Mike Anderson, Gabe Morford, and Ronnie Sandoval. Each of these skateboarders brings their unique style and talent to the Krooked team, cementing the brand’s position as one of the best in the industry.

To further showcase the skills that its team riders possess, Krooked regularly produces skateboarding videos that feature its riders in action. These videos capture the essence of skateboarding culture, from the music to the personalities, and showcase the team riders’ creativity and the brand’s commitment to excellence. Moreover, the videos are shot and edited with high production value, making them a true joy to watch for skateboarders and enthusiasts alike.

Krooked Team Rider Roster

NameSponsorship Start YearSpecialty
Mark Gonzales2002Street
Dan Drehobl2002Pool
Bobby Worrest2005Street/Tech
Brad Cromer2007Street/Tech
Mike Anderson2008Cruise/Transition
Gabe Morford2013Filmer/Photographer
Ronnie Sandoval2020Bowl/Vert

The Krooked team rider roster consists of seven talented skateboarders who represent the brand worldwide. Whether it’s their skills, personality, or approach to skateboarding, each team rider brings a unique and essential element to the Krooked brand, cementing its position as a leader in the skateboarding industry.

Quality of Krooked Skateboard Decks

Krooked is a skateboarding brand that has been crafting decks since 2002. They are owned by Deluxe Distribution, which also owns other popular brands such as Spitfire and Real Skateboards. With a team of dedicated skateboarders, Krooked has become well-known for producing high-quality decks that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

What Makes Krooked Skateboard Decks High-Quality?

  • Their Decks are Made from High-Quality Wood:
  • Krooked consistently uses 100% Canadian maple wood to create their decks, which is renowned for its durability and flexibility. The wood is thick enough to provide a sturdy base for skateboarders to perform tricks, yet light enough to make it easy to maneuver.

  • Diverse Range of Graphics:
  • One of the most attractive features of Krooked skateboard decks is the wide variety of graphics they offer. From simple designs to artwork by renowned illustrators, they have a deck for every style and taste. The graphics are screen printed and bonded to the deck, ensuring that they will not fade or peel over time.

  • Construction Process:
  • Krooked decks are constructed through a rigorous process that includes pressing, sanding, and finishing. The decks are pressed and molded to ensure a consistent shape, then sanded to create a smooth texture. Finally, they are finished with a sealant that provides protection against water and impact damage.

Testing and Quality Control

Before being released to the market, all Krooked decks are subjected to rigorous testing and quality control measures. This includes impact testing to ensure that the deck is strong enough to handle the most extreme tricks, and flex testing to ensure that it has the right amount of flexibility. This commitment to quality control has earned Krooked a reputation for producing decks that are both durable and reliable.

Krooked Skateboard Deck Sizes and Shapes

Krooked offers a range of deck sizes and shapes to meet the needs of different skateboarders. Whether you prefer a wider board for stability or a narrower one for greater maneuverability, Krooked has a deck that will suit your style. They offer a variety of shapes, including classic popsicle, cruiser, and pool shapes, giving skateboarders the freedom to choose the best deck for their needs.

Deck ShapeSize (inches)
Popsicle7.75 – 8.5
Cruiser8.5 – 9.0
Pool9.0 – up

In conclusion, Krooked Skateboard Decks are a great choice for skateboarders who want a high-quality, durable, and reliable deck that can withstand the demands of daily use. With their commitment to quality control and diverse range of graphics, Krooked has established itself as a trusted brand among skateboarders worldwide.

Krooked Skateboard Graphics

One of the distinguishing features of Krooked skateboards is their unique and eye-catching graphics. The brand is known for collaborating with a variety of artists and designers to create compelling and original designs for their decks. Here are a few examples of standout Krooked skateboard graphics:

  • The Gonz Board – This iconic Krooked deck features artwork by legendary skateboarder and artist Mark Gonzales. The design incorporates Gonzales’ signature style, with bold colors and cartoonish figures that are at once playful and surreal.
  • Brad Cromer’s “Small Eyes” Series – These decks feature minimalist designs by pro skater Brad Cromer, featuring simple line drawings of small, beady eyes. The stark graphics make for a visually striking and memorable board.
  • Bobby Worrest’s “Worms” Series – These Krooked decks showcase the offbeat and irreverent humor of pro skater Bobby Worrest, with illustrations of worms smoking cigarettes and wearing sunglasses. The playful and subversive designs are a perfect match for Krooked’s overall aesthetic.

Aside from the collaborations with artists and skaters, Krooked also has a range of graphic designs that are created in-house. These often incorporate bold and abstract patterns, with bright colors and dynamic shapes that make for visually striking boards.

Overall, Krooked skateboard graphics are distinct and highly collectible. Whether you’re a skater looking for a standout deck or a collector searching for a unique piece of art, Krooked’s graphics are sure to impress.

Comparing Krooked to Other Skateboard Brands

Krooked is a well-known skateboard brand that has taken the skateboarding world by storm. With their unique graphics and high-quality skateboard decks, Krooked has become a popular choice for skateboarders of all levels. In this article, we will compare Krooked to other skateboard brands, and see how they stack up against each other.

  • Element Skateboards: Element Skateboards is a well-known brand that is known for their sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. While both companies offer high-quality skateboard decks, Element tends to focus more on the environmental aspects of skateboarding, while Krooked focuses more on unique graphics.
  • Girl Skateboards: Girl Skateboards, like Krooked, is a part of the Crailtap family of skateboard brands. While both companies offer high-quality skateboard decks with unique graphics, Girl Skateboards tend to have a more traditional look and feel compared to Krooked.
  • Baker Skateboards: Baker Skateboards is known for their edgy, punk rock-inspired graphics. While both companies offer unique graphics, Baker Skateboards tend to have a more aggressive feel compared to Krooked.

When it comes down to it, the choice between skateboard brands is a personal preference. Each brand has its own unique style and approach to skateboarding, and it’s up to the individual skateboarder to decide which one is right for them.

However, when it comes to the quality of the skateboard decks, Krooked stands out from the rest. From the materials used to the manufacturing process, Krooked ensures that their decks are of the highest quality possible. In fact, Krooked’s decks are so highly regarded that they have won numerous awards in the skateboarding industry.

BrandDeck QualityGraphics
KrookedHighPsychedelic and unique
Element SkateboardsHighNature and environmental-focused
Girl SkateboardsHighTraditional and stylish
Baker SkateboardsHighEdgy and punk rock-inspired

In conclusion, Krooked is a fantastic skateboard brand that offers high-quality decks with unique graphics. While they have their own distinct style and approach to skateboarding, they stand out among other skateboard brands when it comes to the quality of their decks. So, if you’re looking for a skateboard brand that offers something different and of high-quality, Krooked is definitely worth checking out.

Krooked’s involvement in skateboarding culture

Krooked Skateboarding is one of the best brands in the industry, known for their high-quality skateboards, unique graphics, and quirky skate video releases. The brand’s creator Mark Gonzales is a skateboarding legend and an artist, who used his mastery in both fields to create a brand that represents the rebellious and creative spirit of skateboarding. Here are some of the ways Krooked is involved in the skateboarding culture:

  • Pro Team: Krooked’s team consists of some of the best professional skateboarders in the world. The team riders like Gonzales, Dan Drehobl, Bobby Worrest, and Brad Cromer are known for their unique styles and innovative skateboarding. They have been featured in numerous skateboarding magazines, videos, and competitions, making them a significant influence in the skateboarding culture.
  • Graphics: Another way Krooked has contributed to the skateboarding culture is through their graphics. The brand’s unique and quirky artwork has become a staple in the skateboard industry, inspiring artists and skateboarders alike. The graphics range from surreal and abstract to pop culture-inspired designs, making Krooked stand out in a sea of skateboard brands.
  • Video Releases: Krooked has released several skateboarding videos, and each one is a masterpiece in its way. The videos often feature the team riders skateboarding in various locations worldwide, showcasing their skills and the brand’s unique personality. The videos are not only entertaining, but they also capture the essence of skateboarding, inspiring many young skateboarders to pursue their dreams.

Krooked Skateboarding’s involvement in the skateboarding culture has been significant, primarily due to their unique approach to skateboarding. The brand’s mixture of art, humor, and creativity has made them a favorite among skateboarders worldwide. Additionally, their commitment to quality has made them a reliable brand, trusted to provide high-quality skateboards and accessories to their customers. Krooked has become more than just a brand; it has become an essential part of the skateboarding culture, inspiring countless skateboarders and artists worldwide.

Consumer reviews of Krooked products

Krooked is a skateboard brand that has been around since 2002. Over the years, it has gained a reputation for producing high-quality products that are popular among skateboarders. Consumer reviews of Krooked products are generally positive, with many praising the brand for its durable decks, smooth wheels, and stylish graphics. Here are some of the things that customers have to say about Krooked skateboards:

  • “I’ve been skating on Krooked decks for years and I have to say, they are some of the best I’ve ever ridden. The wood is super strong and holds up to wear and tear, and the graphics are always on point.” – Michael, 28
  • “I recently bought a Krooked complete skateboard and I am blown away by how smooth and easy it is to ride. The trucks turn effortlessly and the wheels are super fast. I’d definitely recommend Krooked to anyone looking for a quality board.” – Sarah, 19
  • “I’ve been riding Krooked wheels for years and they’re my go-to choice. They have great grip and speed, and they hold up really well over time. Overall, I’m really happy with the quality of Krooked products.” – Jim, 36

In addition to positive reviews of individual products, many customers appreciate the overall aesthetic and vibe of the Krooked brand. The graphics and designs on the decks are often praised for their unique and creative style, and many riders feel a sense of connection and identity with the brand. Overall, it seems that Krooked is a brand that has earned a loyal following among skateboarding enthusiasts.

If you’re thinking about trying out a Krooked skateboard or other product, it’s always a good idea to read reviews and do your research to make sure it’s the right fit for you. But based on the positive feedback from customers, it’s clear that Krooked has a lot to offer for anyone looking for a high-quality and stylish skateboard.

Krooked Skateboard Accessories

When it comes to buying a skateboard, it’s not just about the board itself, but also the accessories that come with it. Krooked, one of the well-known skateboard brands, puts equal effort into designing and creating accessories that complement their decks.

Take a closer look at the skateboard accessories that Krooked offers:

  • Wheels: Krooked offers a wide variety of wheels that differ in size, hardness, and shape. Their range of wheels is suitable for different terrains and riding styles, ensuring that skateboarders can achieve maximum performance.
  • Bearings: Krooked offers bearings that come pre-oiled and pre-lubricated, making them easy to install. Designed with precision and durability in mind, their bearings provide a smooth and fast ride.
  • Griptape: Krooked offers griptape with a unique design that matches their decks. The grip tape comes in different sizes and shapes, ensuring that skateboarders can choose the perfect grip for their boards.
  • Hardware: Krooked offers high-quality hardware that is essential for mounting the trucks on the deck. Their hardware comes in various lengths, ensuring that skateboarders can have the ideal fit.
  • Riser Pads: Krooked offers riser pads that can help skateboarders achieve a higher ride height, allowing them to avoid wheel bite. Their riser pads are durable, lightweight, and come in different thicknesses.
  • Apparel: Krooked offers apparel such as hats, shirts, and socks that feature unique designs and complement their skateboards. Their apparel is made with high-quality materials and is suitable for both skateboarding and everyday wear.
  • Stickers: Krooked offers stickers with their brand logo and unique designs that skateboarders can stick on their decks or accessories. Their stickers are durable and complement their skateboards’ design.

Krooked skateboard accessories are not only stylish and unique, but also durable and of high quality. Whether you’re an experienced skateboarder or just starting, Krooked skateboard accessories can enhance your skateboarding experience and take your riding to the next level.

But remember, before purchasing any skateboard accessory, make sure it fits your style of skateboarding and complements your board’s design.

Krooked’s Impact on the Skateboarding Industry

Krooked Skateboards is a skateboard brand that was founded in 2002 by professional skateboarder Mark Gonzales. Since then, Krooked has made a significant impact on the skateboarding industry with their unique style and approach to skateboarding.

One of the ways that Krooked has impacted the skateboarding industry is through their team of professional skateboarders. Krooked’s team of riders is made up of some of the best skateboarders in the world, including Mark Gonzales, Bobby Worrest, and Brad Cromer. These riders have helped to elevate the Krooked brand to new heights, and have helped to push the boundaries of what is possible on a skateboard.

In addition to their team of riders, Krooked is also known for their unique graphics and art direction. The brand’s graphics are designed by Gonzales himself, and often feature a mix of retro and modern influences. These graphics have helped to set Krooked apart from other skateboard brands, and have helped to establish the brand as a leader in the industry.

  • Krooked’s team of riders is made up of some of the best skateboarders in the world.
  • Krooked is known for their unique graphics and art direction.
  • Krooked’s graphics are designed by Mark Gonzales himself.

Krooked has also been involved in a number of collaborations with other brands and artists. These collaborations have resulted in some of the most sought-after skateboard products and have helped to further elevate Krooked’s status in the industry. Some notable collaborations include a series of decks with Nike and a capsule collection with artist Barry McGee.

Finally, Krooked has also made an impact on the skateboarding industry through their approach to marketing and branding. The brand has always been focused on creating a unique and authentic experience for skateboarders, and this approach has helped to build a loyal following of fans and riders. Krooked’s commitment to skateboarding and their unique vision for the sport has helped to inspire a new generation of skateboarders.

All in all, Krooked Skateboards has made a significant impact on the skateboarding industry over the past two decades. From their team of riders to their unique graphics and collaborations, Krooked has helped to push the sport forward and has established themselves as a leader in the industry.

Future of Krooked skateboards

Krooked is a brand that has been able to appeal to skaters of all skill levels and ages. With their unique designs and high-quality construction, they have made a name for themselves in the skateboarding industry. However, the question remains, what does the future hold for Krooked skateboards?

  • The first thing that we can expect from Krooked is continued innovation in terms of design. They have always been a brand that pushes boundaries when it comes to the graphics on their decks, and we can expect this to continue in the future.
  • Krooked has also shown a commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices, and we can expect this to become even more of a priority for them in the future. As more and more consumers become environmentally conscious, brands like Krooked will need to adapt to stay relevant.
  • Another area where Krooked may expand in the future is in the production of apparel and accessories. While they are primarily known for their skateboards, they have already started to produce items like t-shirts and hats with their branding. This could be an area where they see significant growth in the future.

In addition to these potential developments, Krooked will likely continue to maintain their focus on quality and durability. As skaters demand more from their equipment, brands that can deliver high-quality products will continue to thrive.

Unique designsLimited distribution compared to larger brands
Commitment to sustainabilityHigher price point compared to some competitors
High-quality constructionMay not appeal to skaters looking for more traditional designs

Overall, the future looks bright for Krooked skateboards. As long as they continue to innovate and focus on quality, they should be able to maintain their position as one of the top brands in skateboarding.

Is Krooked a Good Skateboard Brand? FAQs

1. What kind of skateboards does Krooked offer?

Krooked offers a variety of skateboard decks, wheels, bearings, and accessories suitable for street and park skating.

2. Are Krooked skateboards durable?

Yes, Krooked skateboards are renowned for their durability, thanks to their high-quality construction and materials.

3. How does Krooked compare to other skateboard brands?

Krooked is a highly respected brand in the skateboarding community, known for its quality and unique designs.

4. Can beginners use Krooked skateboards?

Yes, Krooked skateboards are suitable for beginners and experts alike. The brand offers various sizes and shapes to cater to different types of skaters.

5. What is Krooked’s design philosophy?

Krooked’s approach is centered on creativity and authenticity, with a focus on exploring and pushing the boundaries of skateboarding culture.

6. Are Krooked skateboards expensive?

Krooked’s prices are similar to other high-quality skateboard brands, with decks ranging from $50-$70 and complete skateboard setups starting at around $100.

7. Where can I buy Krooked skateboards?

Krooked skateboards can be purchased from the official Krooked website, as well as from a variety of skate shops and online retailers.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks for taking the time to read about Krooked skateboards. We hope this article has helped answer any questions you may have had about the brand. If you’re interested in getting a Krooked skateboard, make sure to check out their website or visit your local skate shop. Happy skating!