Is Helly Hansen a Good Ski Brand? Our Review of Helly Hansen’s Ski Gear

When it comes to skiing, it’s important to have the right equipment that can withstand extreme conditions. And choosing the right brand is key to ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and successful experience on the slopes. So, is Helly Hansen a good ski brand you can trust? Well, if you’re looking for a top-quality brand that’s been around since 1877 and specializes in producing top-of-the-line ski wear that can withstand the harshest environments, then Helly Hansen should definitely be on your radar.

But don’t just take my word for it. Helly Hansen has a well-established reputation in the skiing community for producing high-quality skiing gear that’s both functional and stylish. Their products are designed with the help of skiing experts, so you can be sure you’re getting a product that’s been tried and tested in the toughest conditions possible. Whether you’re a professional skier or just starting out, Helly Hansen has something to offer everyone at every level, from helmets and gloves to jackets and pants.

So, if you’re looking for a ski brand you can rely on, Helly Hansen is definitely worth considering. With their long history of producing high-quality products that have been put to the test in the harshest environments, you can be sure you’re getting a product that will last and perform well. Whether you’re skiing on the slopes or going off-piste, Helly Hansen has the gear to keep you safe and comfortable while enjoying the great outdoors.

History of Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen is a Norwegian company founded by Helly Juell Hansen in 1877. The company began by producing oilskin jackets, pants, and sou’westers made from linen soaked in linseed oil. These products were especially useful for fishermen who needed protection from the harsh Norwegian weather. By the 20th century, the company had expanded to create new materials such as waterproof rubberized fabrics.

  • In 1949, Helly Hansen developed the first supple waterproof fabric made from PVC plastic.
  • In 1961, Helly Hansen invented the first fleece fabrics which revolutionized the outdoor clothing industry.
  • In the 1970s, the company produced its first skiwear line, introducing a new generation of waterproof and breathable apparel to winter sports enthusiasts.

Today, Helly Hansen is a global brand and recognized as one of the world’s premier outdoor sporting goods companies. It is particularly famous for its skiwear, and many professional skiers and winter sports enthusiasts prefer the brand for its style, functionality, and performance. Throughout its history, Helly Hansen has maintained its commitment to innovation and quality, and its products are trusted by millions of people worldwide.

Some of the most popular and significant products created by Helly Hansen over the years include:

Helly TechA waterproof and breathable fabric designed for outdoor activities in harsh weather conditions.
LifaA moisture-wicking fabric used in base layers that has been found to be up to 40% warmer than other materials.
VectorDesigned specifically for women, the Vector line is a collection of ski jackets, pants and mid layers featuring bright colors and feminine designs.

Reputation of Helly Hansen ski wear

Helly Hansen is a popular name in the skiing industry because of its reputation for producing high-quality ski wear that can withstand the toughest conditions on the slopes. The brand has been trusted by skiers for decades, and its products have been used in some of the world’s most challenging climates.

  • Helly Hansen is known for using advanced materials in its ski wear, including Gore-Tex and PrimaLoft.
  • The brand’s ski jackets, pants, and base layers are designed to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable during your time on the slopes.
  • The company’s commitment to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact has also endeared it to many skiers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Overall, Helly Hansen has built a solid reputation as a leading ski wear brand by consistently producing high-quality products that can stand up to the challenging conditions of mountain sports. Skiers and outdoor enthusiasts can trust Helly Hansen to provide them with the protection and comfort they need to enjoy their time on the slopes.

The Evolution of Helly Hansen Ski Wear

Helly Hansen has a rich history that dates back to 1877, when Norwegian sailor Helly Juell Hansen and his wife Maren Margarethe started producing waterproof clothing for fishermen. Over the years, the brand has evolved to include a wide range of outdoor clothing and accessories, including ski wear.

The evolution of Helly Hansen ski wear has been marked by a commitment to innovation and the use of cutting-edge technology. The brand was one of the first to introduce the three-layer system for skiing, which includes a base layer, mid-layer, and outer layer. This system has since become the industry standard for ski wear.

In recent years, Helly Hansen has also focused on sustainability and reducing its environmental impact. The brand has introduced new materials made from recycled content and has made significant strides in reducing its carbon footprint.

Helly Hansen Ski Wear Products

Helly Hansen produces a wide range of ski wear products, including jackets, pants, base layers, and accessories. Some of its most popular products include:

Ski JacketsDesigned to provide superior warmth and protection against the elements, Helly Hansen ski jackets are available in a variety of styles and colors suitable for both men and women.
Ski PantsHelly Hansen ski pants feature advanced materials that provide warmth, comfort, and protection against wind and moisture. The brand offers a variety of styles and fits suitable for different body types.
Base LayersHelly Hansen base layers are designed to provide warmth and comfort while also wicking away moisture to keep you dry during your time on the slopes.
AccessoriesThe brand’s accessories include gloves, hats, and other items designed to provide additional protection and comfort while skiing.

No matter what type of skiing you plan to do, Helly Hansen has a product that can help you stay warm, dry, and comfortable on the slopes.

Quality of Helly Hansen materials

When it comes to ski gear, the quality of materials used is crucial. Helly Hansen is known for using high-quality materials that are both durable and functional. Here are some of the materials that Helly Hansen uses:

  • Helly Tech – This is a waterproof and breathable material that keeps you dry and comfortable on the slopes. It is used in Helly Hansen’s top-of-the-line ski jackets and pants.
  • PrimaLoft – Helly Hansen uses PrimaLoft insulation in many of their ski jackets and pants. This material is lightweight, warm, and water-resistant, making it ideal for skiing and snowboarding.
  • Merino wool – Helly Hansen’s base layers are made from merino wool, which is soft, breathable, and naturally moisture-wicking. Merino wool is also naturally antibacterial, which means you can wear it for multiple days without it getting smelly.

In addition to these materials, Helly Hansen also uses high-quality zippers, snaps, and other hardware. These small details may not seem important, but they can make a big difference in the performance and durability of your ski gear.

What sets Helly Hansen materials apart from other ski brands?

One thing that sets Helly Hansen apart from other ski brands is their attention to detail. Every material they use has been carefully selected for its performance and durability. They also use a lot of technical fabrics and materials that are specifically designed for skiing and snowboarding.

For example, Helly Hansen’s Helly Tech material is not just waterproof – it is also highly breathable, which means it allows moisture to escape from the inside of the jacket or pants. This is important because it helps regulate your body temperature and prevent you from getting too sweaty or overheated.

Helly Hansen materials table

MaterialPropertiesUsed in
Helly TechWaterproof, breathableSki jackets and pants
PrimaLoftLightweight, warm, water-resistantSki jackets and pants
Merino woolSoft, breathable, naturally moisture-wicking, antibacterialBase layers

In conclusion, Helly Hansen is a great ski brand because they use high-quality materials that are both durable and functional. From their waterproof and breathable Helly Tech material to their warm and lightweight PrimaLoft insulation, Helly Hansen’s materials are designed to keep you comfortable, dry, and warm on the slopes.

Performance of Helly Hansen ski gear

Helly Hansen is a reputable ski brand that has been around for over 140 years. The company’s dedication to quality and innovation has made them a go-to brand for skiers worldwide. When it comes to performance, Helly Hansen’s ski gear is top-of-the-line. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Materials: Helly Hansen uses high-quality materials in their ski gear, including Gore-Tex and Helly Tech fabric. These materials are waterproof, windproof, and breathable, making them perfect for harsh skiing conditions.
  • Design: Helly Hansen’s ski gear is designed with skiers in mind. The company designs their gear to be both functional and stylish, with features like helmet-compatible hoods, adjustable cuffs, and a range of colors to choose from.
  • Technology: Helly Hansen incorporates the latest technology into their ski gear, such as their H2Flow system that allows skiers to regulate their body temperature and the LIFA technology that wicks moisture away from the skin.

Beyond these features, Helly Hansen’s ski gear is known for its durability. When investing in ski gear, you want to make sure it will last season after season. Helly Hansen’s gear is built to withstand even the toughest conditions, so you don’t have to worry about it wearing down quickly.

Overall, if you’re looking for high-performance ski gear that can take you from the slopes to the backcountry, Helly Hansen is a great brand to consider. Their attention to detail, use of quality materials, and incorporation of innovative technology make them a top choice for skiers of all levels.

High-quality materialsPricey compared to other ski brands
Durable and built to lastMay not fit everyone perfectly
Functional and stylish design
Incorporates latest technology

As with any ski brand, there are pros and cons to Helly Hansen’s gear. The table above highlights some of the key advantages and potential drawbacks to consider when purchasing their ski gear.

Comparison with Other Ski Brands

Helly Hansen has been a well-respected ski brand since 1877 and is widely regarded for producing high-quality ski gear. However, in today’s market, there are many other ski brands that are also vying for skiers’ attention and loyalty. Here’s how Helly Hansen measures up against some of its competitors:

  • The North Face: This brand is known for its winter sports gear, including ski jackets and pants. While The North Face may be more widely known and have a larger product range, Helly Hansen is known for its superior quality and durability.
  • Columbia: Columbia is another well-known ski brand, but its quality can be hit or miss. Some of their products may be less expensive than Helly Hansen, but often at the cost of lower quality and durability.
  • Patagonia: Patagonia has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially for its eco-friendly approach to manufacturing. While their products are comparable in quality to Helly Hansen, they tend to be more expensive.

While there are many ski clothing brands on the market, Helly Hansen consistently stands out for its top-quality products that stand the test of time. Its brand heritage of outfitting sailors who braved the Norwegian seas for over 140 years has translated well to producing products that keep skiers comfortable and safe in challenging mountain conditions.

If you are looking to invest in ski gear that will last you many seasons, Helly Hansen is a top choice.

Helly Hansen’s Innovation and Technology

Helly Hansen, a Norwegian-based brand, has been around since 1877 and is well-known worldwide for its high-quality outdoor clothing, including ski gear. The company has been a pioneer in developing innovative technology in their products that offer high-performance functionality and protection for skiers. Some of Helly Hansen’s notable innovations and technologies include:

  • Helly Tech®: A waterproof and breathable membrane technology that ensures skiers stay dry and comfortable even under extreme weather conditions.
  • Lifa®: A quick-drying and moisture-wicking fabric technology that helps to regulate body temperature and reduce sweat during physical activities, allowing skiers to stay warm and dry.
  • PrimaLoft®: A synthetic insulation technology that provides superior warmth, even in wet conditions, without adding bulk or weight.

Advanced Ski Jackets and Pants

Helly Hansen’s ski jackets and pants are designed with advanced technology to provide skiers with maximum comfort and protection. For instance, the Helly Hansen Alpha 3.0 Jacket features a Helly Tech® Professional 3L fabric that provides exceptional waterproofness and breathability. The jacket also comes with a helmet-compatible hood, Recco® advanced rescue system, and a Life Pocket™ that keeps a phone warm and functional in cold conditions. Additionally, the Helly Hansen Force Ski Pants are built with Helly Tech® Performance 2L fabric, PrimaLoft® insulation, and adjustable waistband and reinforced seat and knees for maximum durability, comfort, and protection.

Helly Hansen’s Focus on Sustainability

Apart from designing innovative products, Helly Hansen is also committed to sustainability and reducing their environmental impact. The brand makes use of sustainable materials such as recycled polyester and elastane in their products. Additionally, Helly Hansen is a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and has partnered with the Better Cotton Initiative to promote sustainable cotton farming practices worldwide.

The Verdict

High-quality, innovative ski gearMay be pricier compared to some competitors
Advanced technologies such as Helly Tech® and Lifa®Some customers have reported sizing issues
Commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact

Overall, Helly Hansen is a reliable and reputable brand with a strong focus on innovation, technology, and sustainability. Their ski gear is worth considering if you are looking for high-performing products that can withstand extreme weather and provide exceptional comfort and protection on the slopes.

Sustainability practices of Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen, a leading brand in the ski industry, has always been committed to sustainability practices. They believe in protecting the environment and are constantly looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact. Here are some of their sustainability practices:

  • Bluesign Certified: Helly Hansen ensures that their products and production methods are environmentally friendly by obtaining Bluesign certification. This means that the materials and chemicals used in their products are safe for both the environment and consumers.
  • Recycled materials: They use recycled materials such as polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. This is not only good for the environment but also reduces the amount of waste in landfills.
  • Zero discharge of hazardous chemicals: Helly Hansen is committed to zero discharge of hazardous chemicals (ZDHC). They have set a goal for 2020 to eliminate harmful chemicals from their production process.

In addition to these practices, Helly Hansen has also implemented a number of initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint. They have set targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy efficiency and use renewable energy sources. Their goal is to achieve these targets by 2020.

At Helly Hansen, sustainability is not just a buzzword. It’s their commitment to reducing their impact on the environment while still providing quality products to their customers. By incorporating sustainable practices into their production process, Helly Hansen is setting the standard for how companies should operate in the ski industry.

Benefits of sustainability practices for Helly Hansen:Benefits of sustainability practices for consumers:
– Reducing impact on environment
– Cost savings
– Competitive advantage
– Safe and eco-friendly products
– Trust in the brand
– Opportunity to contribute to sustainability efforts

By being environmentally responsible, Helly Hansen is not only improving their own business but also contributing to the larger effort of creating a sustainable future. As a consumer, you can feel good about supporting a brand that is committed to making a positive impact on the environment.

Helly Hansen’s Presence in the Ski Industry

Helly Hansen is a well-established brand in the ski industry, known for their high-quality and durable ski wear. Their presence in the industry can be seen through their partnerships with various ski teams, resorts, and events.

  • Helly Hansen has been the official clothing partner for the Norwegian Ski Team for over two decades. The partnership has led to the development of innovative ski wear technologies, such as the award-winning H2Flow system, that have helped the Norwegian team achieve success in major ski competitions.
  • The brand is also a sponsor of several ski resorts, including Whistler Blackcomb and Jackson Hole. This partnership allows skiers to experience the brand’s high-performance clothing firsthand and provides an opportunity for feedback and improvement.
  • Helly Hansen is a regular participant in ski industry events such as the Aspen Snowmass Open and the Freeride World Tour. Their involvement in these events showcases the brand’s commitment to skiing and allows them to connect with skiers of all levels.

Overall, Helly Hansen’s presence in the ski industry is evident through their partnerships, sponsorships, and participation in ski events. The brand’s commitment to innovation and high-quality products has made them a trusted choice for skiers around the world.

Customer reviews and satisfaction with Helly Hansen

As an expert blogger, I can confidently say that Helly Hansen is a top-notch ski brand that is highly regarded by snow sports enthusiasts around the world. When it comes to customer reviews and satisfaction, Helly Hansen has a reputation that speaks for itself. Here are some reasons why:

  • Helly Hansen’s ski gear is designed with top-quality materials that are both durable and functional.
  • Many customers report that Helly Hansen’s products are well worth the investment, as they last for years and provide excellent performance on the slopes.
  • Customers appreciate Helly Hansen’s attention to detail, particularly in terms of design and style.
  • Helly Hansen’s customer service team is highly responsive and helpful, making it easy for customers to get the assistance they need.
  • Many customers report feeling confident and secure while wearing Helly Hansen ski gear, which adds to their overall enjoyment of the sport.
  • Overall, customers are consistently impressed with Helly Hansen’s quality and performance, making it a brand that is trusted and enjoyed by skiers of all levels.

While some may argue that Helly Hansen’s products are on the expensive side, most customers report that they are well worth the investment for their long-lasting quality and superior performance.

Here are some customer reviews that showcase the satisfaction that skiers have with Helly Hansen:

Customer ReviewProductRating
“I’ve been skiing for over 30 years and have tried just about every brand out there. Helly Hansen is by far my favorite. Their gear is both stylish and functional, and I always feel super comfortable and secure while wearing it. Highly recommend!”Helly Hansen Legend Jacket5/5 stars
“I purchased the Helly Hansen ski pants last season and was blown away by their quality. They kept me warm and dry all day long, and I loved the attention to detail in the design. I will definitely be purchasing more of their gear in the future!”Helly Hansen Legendary Ski Pants5/5 stars
“I’ve been using Helly Hansen base layers for years and am always impressed by their quality. They keep me warm and dry even in the coldest conditions, and I love how lightweight and comfortable they are. Highly recommend!”Helly Hansen Lifa Merino Base Layer5/5 stars

These customer reviews demonstrate the high level of satisfaction that skiers have with Helly Hansen’s ski gear. From jackets and pants to base layers and accessories, Helly Hansen offers top-of-the-line products that are both functional and stylish. If you’re in the market for new ski gear, be sure to check out what Helly Hansen has to offer!

Price Point of Helly Hansen compared to other ski brands

When it comes to shopping for ski gear, many people are often deterred by the high prices of top ski brands such as Spyder, Arc’teryx, and Patagonia. However, Helly Hansen has managed to strike a balance between quality and affordability, which makes the brand an attractive option for many skiers.

  • Helly Hansen ski jackets and pants fall in the mid-range price point, with prices ranging from approximately $300 to $500.
  • Compared to other skiwear brands, Helly Hansen offers good value for money as the quality of their products generally meet or exceed the expectations of their customers.
  • While it may not be the cheapest option on the market, Helly Hansen offers good quality skiwear at affordable prices, making it an excellent choice for those who want to stay warm and comfortable on the slopes without breaking the bank.

Here is a small table showing Helly Hansen’s top competitors and how their average price points compare:

BrandAverage Price Point for Ski JacketAverage Price Point for Ski Pants
Helly Hansen$300-$500$200-$400

As you can see, Helly Hansen’s price point is significantly lower than its competitors, making it an excellent choice for skiers looking for quality skiwear at a reasonable price.

Is Helly Hansen a Good Ski Brand? FAQs

1. What materials are used in Helly Hansen’s ski gear?

Helly Hansen uses high-quality materials such as Gore-Tex and PrimaLoft in their ski gear to ensure they are waterproof, windproof, and breathable. This makes their gear comfortable and suitable for all weather conditions.

2. Does Helly Hansen have a good reputation in the ski community?

Yes, Helly Hansen has an excellent reputation among skiers and snowboarders worldwide. The brand has been around for over 140 years and is trusted for its quality, performance, and innovative designs.

3. Are Helly Hansen’s ski jackets warm enough for cold weather?

Yes, Helly Hansen’s ski jackets are designed to keep you warm even in extremely cold weather. They use advanced insulation technology like PrimaLoft and down fill to ensure that you stay warm and cozy on the slopes.

4. Does Helly Hansen make ski gear for men and women?

Yes, Helly Hansen makes ski gear for both men and women. They have a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from, ensuring that everyone can find something perfect for their needs.

5. Can I wear Helly Hansen’s ski gear for other outdoor activities?

Yes, you can wear Helly Hansen’s ski gear for other outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and snowshoeing. The materials used in their gear are durable and designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

6. Is Helly Hansen’s ski gear expensive?

Helly Hansen’s ski gear is priced mid-range to high-end, depending on the product. However, the quality, durability, and performance make it a worth-while investment for skiers and snowboarders.

7. Does Helly Hansen offer a warranty on their ski gear?

Yes, Helly Hansen offers a warranty on their ski gear. The details of the warranty vary depending on the product, but generally, it covers defects in materials and workmanship for a certain period.

Closing Thoughts

We hope this article has helped you answer the question “Is Helly Hansen a Good Ski Brand?” As can be seen, Helly Hansen is a trusted and respected brand in the ski community, offering high-quality ski gear that is both stylish and functional. Whether you are a seasoned skier or a beginner, Helly Hansen is a great brand to consider for your next ski trip. Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you again soon!