Is GNU a Good Snowboard Brand? Discover the Truth Here

There’s nothing quite like the rush of hitting the slopes on a brand new snowboard, but with so many options out there, it can be tough to know where to start. One brand that’s been making waves in the snowboarding world lately is GNU. You may have heard the name, but is GNU really a good snowboard brand? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

First off, it’s worth noting that GNU has been around for a while now. Back in 1977, the brand’s founder Mike Olson started making handmade snowboards in his garage. Since then, GNU has become known for its innovative designs and commitment to sustainability. So if you’re looking for a company that’s not just chasing trends but has a real history in the sport, GNU might be worth considering.

But enough about the brand’s backstory – what about the boards themselves? Well, according to plenty of riders out there, GNU snowboards are some of the best around. One thing that sets them apart is their use of “banana technology,” which means the boards have a unique curved shape. This makes them easier to ride, especially in powder, and also reduces the risk of catching an edge. Add to that the fact that GNU boards are made with eco-friendly materials and you’ve got a compelling case for giving them a try.

History of GNU as a Snowboard Brand

GNU is a highly respected snowboard brand that has been producing some of the most innovative and high-quality snowboards for over three decades now. It is known for its environmental consciousness, innovative technologies, and progressive designs. The story of GNU began in the early 1980s when snowboarding was still in its infancy.

  • In 1982, Mike Olson, a passionate snowboarder, started making snowboards out of his garage in Seattle. He was working as a woodworker during the day and spent his evenings experimenting with snowboard designs.
  • In 1985, Olson founded the brand “Lib Tech” and started producing snowboards on a larger scale. The brand quickly gained popularity for its innovative designs and use of new materials such as Kevlar and carbon fiber.
  • In 1992, Olson launched the GNU snowboard brand, which was focused on creating boards that were sustainable, high-performing, and playful. The brand was also known for its “Banana Technology,” which radically altered the traditional camber profile of a snowboard.

Since then, GNU has become a staple in the snowboarding industry. The brand has continued to innovate and create snowboards that meet the needs of all types of riders, from beginners to professionals. Today, GNU is known for its environmentally-conscious practices, such as using sustainable materials and minimizing its carbon footprint.

Notable GNU Snowboards

  • The GNU Riders Choice Snowboard is one of the most popular boards in the GNU line. It has won multiple awards and features a unique asymmetrical shape that provides extra edge control and stability.
  • The GNU Carbon Credit Snowboard is a great choice for riders looking for an all-mountain board that is fun and playful. It has a medium flex and features the Banana Technology that makes it easy to ride and forgiving.
  • The GNU Klassy Snowboard is designed for female riders and features an asymmetrical shape that is specifically tailored to women’s bodies. It has a medium flex and is great for all-mountain riding.

GNU’s Environmental Initiatives

GNU has always been committed to environmental sustainability and has taken numerous steps to reduce its carbon footprint. The company uses alternative energy sources, such as wind and solar power, to manufacture its snowboards. It has also implemented a recycling program to reduce waste and has partnered with organizations that support environmental conservation.

Environmental Initiatives by GNUDescription
Alternative Energy SourcesUses wind and solar power to manufacture its snowboards.
Recycling ProgramRecycles materials to reduce waste from the manufacturing process.
Partnering with OrganizationsPartnered with organizations that support environmental conservation, such as Protect Our Winters and Skateistan.

Through these efforts, GNU has established itself as an industry leader in environmental sustainability. The brand’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint is an important social responsibility that sets it apart from other snowboard brands.

Awards Won by GNU Snowboards

GNU is a well-known snowboard brand that has made a name for itself in the industry. Their high-quality snowboards have won numerous awards over the years. Here are some of the awards that GNU snowboards have won:

  • The Good Wood Award: This award is given by Snowboard Magazine to recognize the best snowboards of the year. GNU has won this award multiple times for their different snowboard models, including the Riders Choice and Space Case.
  • The Blackboard Experiment Award: This award is given to snowboards that are innovative and unique. GNU won this award for their ASYM Rider’s Choice snowboard, which features a unique hybrid profile and asymmetrical shape.
  • The TransWorld Snowboarding Good Wood Award: This award is given by TransWorld Snowboarding to recognize the best snowboards in different categories, such as all-mountain and freestyle. GNU has won this award multiple times in different categories, including the Headspace and the Zoid.

Notable Accomplishments of GNU Snowboards

In addition to winning awards, GNU snowboards have been ridden by some of the top snowboarders in the world. Here are some notable accomplishments by athletes riding GNU snowboards:

  • Jamie Anderson won gold medals in women’s slopestyle at the 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympics while riding a GNU Ladies Choice snowboard.
  • Travis Rice, one of the most influential and successful snowboarders of all time, rode a GNU Rider’s Choice snowboard while filming “The Fourth Phase,” one of the most groundbreaking snowboarding movies of all time.
  • Nicolas Müller, a legendary snowboarder known for his stylish riding and creative approach to the sport, has been riding GNU snowboards for over a decade.

Overview of GNU Snowboards

GNU is a brand that is known for its innovative snowboards that push the boundaries of what is possible on the mountain. Whether you are a beginner or an expert snowboarder, there is a GNU snowboard that is perfect for you. Their snowboards are designed to provide the perfect balance of performance and playfulness, making them ideal for riders who want to progress their skills and have fun at the same time.

All-mountainRiders Choice, Head SpaceThese snowboards are designed to perform well in all types of terrain, from groomers to powder.
Park and freestyleTwins, Space CaseThese snowboards are designed for riders who want to hit rails, jumps, and other park features.
PowderBeauty, ZoidThese snowboards are designed to keep you afloat in deep snow and provide a surfy feel.

If you are looking for a high-quality snowboard that has won awards and is trusted by some of the best snowboarders in the world, then look no further than GNU snowboards.

Opinions and Reviews of Professional Snowboarders on GNU

When it comes to choosing the perfect snowboard brand, one of the most significant factors to consider is whether it meets the standards of professional snowboarders. Simply put, they are the experts on snowboarding and would know best what snowboard brands are worth investing in.

GNU is a brand that has been gaining popularity among both professional and amateur snowboarders. The high-quality materials, impressive designs, and affordability have made it one of the go-to brands for many. But what do professional snowboarders have to say about GNU? Let’s take a look:

  • Jamie Anderson: A professional snowboarder who has competed in numerous X Games, Anderson has described her GNU Ladies Choice board as her “favorite snowboard ever.” She commends the brand for its response and the ability to hold turns while also being playful in the park.
  • Forest Bailey: The former Transworld Snowboarding Rider of the Year has been riding for GNU for many years. In an interview with Snowboarder Magazine, he praised the brand for “pushing the boundaries of what is possible in snowboard design.” Bailey has been closely involved in the design and testing of many GNU boards, and his support speaks volumes about their quality.
  • Nicolas Muller: A Swiss professional snowboarder, Muller has been working with GNU’s parent company, Mervin Manufacturing, since 2003. He is known for his impressive backcountry riding skills, and he lauds GNU for creating durable and responsive boards that can handle tough terrain. He trusts his GNU board when he’s shredding the slopes, and that’s a testament to the brand’s excellence.

Customer Reviews on GNU Snowboards

Aside from the opinions of professional snowboarders, it’s also crucial to take into account what everyday customers have to say about GNU’s products. The following are some of the most common feedback from those who have used GNU snowboards:

  • Durability: Many customers have commended GNU for the sturdiness and durability of their boards. They have reported that the boards can last for multiple seasons, even with heavy use and rough terrain.
  • Performance: The vast majority of reviewers have commented on how responsive and well-balanced GNU boards are. The boards can handle tight turns, steep slopes, and fast speeds, making them an excellent choice for experienced riders.
  • Design and Style: The unique and eye-catching design of GNU boards is another significant selling point for many customers. Many have praised the artistic designs and the attention to detail that goes into each board’s construction.

Final Thoughts

Overall, GNU has proved to be a top performer in the snowboarding world. The brand’s commitment to innovation, quality materials, and affordability has earned it a spot among the best snowboarding brands out there. With a lineup of impressive designs and a wide range of options for all skill levels and styles, there’s no doubt that GNU is a good snowboard brand to invest in.

– High-quality materials– Some models may be too stiff for beginners
– Innovative designs– Limited options for riders with larger feet
– Affordable prices– Some customers have experienced issues with shipping and customer service

Despite a few minor setbacks, GNU remains a trusted brand for many snowboarders, both novices and seasoned riders alike. With top-notch designs, excellent performance, and affordability, this is a brand worth considering for your next purchase.

Materials used in GNU snowboards

When it comes to snowboard construction, the materials used make a huge difference in the performance and durability of the board. GNU snowboards are known for their high-quality materials and innovative construction methods.

Here are some of the materials commonly used in GNU snowboards:

  • UHMW Sidewalls: These are ultra-high molecular weight sidewalls that are incredibly strong and durable. They also help to absorb vibrations, which can make for a smoother ride on bumpy terrain.
  • Magne-Traction: This is a unique edge technology that features multiple contact points along the edge of the board. This provides better grip and control, particularly on hard-packed or icy snow.
  • ECO-Sublimated Top Sheet: GNU is committed to sustainability, and their top sheets are made using a sublimation process that eliminates the need for toxic solvents. This also allows for vibrant graphics and designs that won’t fade or peel over time.
  • Aspen/Paulownia Wood Core: The core of a snowboard is its backbone, and the Aspen/Paulownia wood core used in GNU boards is both lightweight and strong. It’s also sustainably sourced, ensuring that your board is eco-friendly as well as high-performing.

In addition to these materials, GNU also uses a number of other technologies and construction methods to ensure that their snowboards are of the highest quality. For example, their boards feature triax/biax fiberglass layers for added strength and pop, and their bases are made using a sintered knife-cut process for maximum durability and speed.

If you’re looking for a high-performing, eco-friendly snowboard, GNU is definitely a brand to consider. With their innovative materials and construction methods, you can trust that you’ll be getting a board that will last you for many seasons to come.

Overall, GNU is a brand that takes pride in their construction process, dedicating themselves to sustainability and innovation to produce a high-performing and eco-friendly snowboard. With a range of materials such as UHMW Sidewalls, Magne-Traction, ECO-Sublimated Top Sheet, and an Aspen/Paulownia Wood Core, you can trust that your snowboard will be durable, lightweight, and perform great.

UHMW SidewallsIncredibly strong, vibration absorbing
Magne-TractionUnique edge technology for better grip and control
ECO-Sublimated Top SheetSustainable, eliminates need for toxic solvents, vibrant graphics
Aspen/Paulownia Wood CoreLightweight, strong, eco-friendly

Overall, it’s clear that the materials used in GNU snowboards are carefully chosen to provide the optimal combination of strength, durability, and eco-friendliness. With their commitment to sustainability and innovation, GNU is a great choice for any snowboarder looking for a high-quality board.

How GNU Snowboards Compare to Other Snowboard Brands

When searching for a snowboard, one can easily get overwhelmed with the number of brands and options available in the market. Each brand has its own unique features, models, and designs, and it can be difficult to decide which one to choose.

In this article, we will take a closer look at GNU snowboards and how they compare to other snowboard brands. Here are five points of comparison:

  • Technology: GNU snowboards have been known for their innovative technology and experimental designs. They are one of the pioneers of the Magne-Traction technology, which provides extra edge hold and grip on icy and hard-packed snow. Other brands have also developed their own variations of this technology, but GNU remains one of the most reputable brands when it comes to technological advancements.
  • Flex: The flexibility of a snowboard is crucial when it comes to maneuverability and control. GNU snowboards are known for their lively and playful flex, which makes them suitable for freestyle and park riding. However, this might not be the best option for riders who prefer a stiffer and more stable ride.
  • Price: One of the advantages of GNU snowboards is their affordability. They offer a wide range of options that cater to different budgets and levels. Other brands in the market may offer higher-end options that come with a heftier price tag.
  • Popularity: GNU snowboards may not be as popular as other major brands like Burton and K2. However, they have a strong fan base and loyal customers who swear by their quality and performance.
  • Design: GNU snowboards are known for their eye-catching and unconventional designs, which appeal to riders who prefer a bold and unique look. Other brands usually stick to classic and simple designs that cater to a broader audience.

Overall, GNU snowboards offer a variety of options that cater to different riding styles, budgets, and preferences. While they may not be as mainstream as other major brands, they have established themselves as a reputable and innovative brand in the snowboarding community.

GNUMagne-Traction, experimental designsLively and playfulAffordableLoyal fan baseEye-catching and unconventional
BurtonV-rocker, The ChannelStiff and stableHigher-end optionsPopular and mainstreamClassic and simple
K2Hybritech, BambooyahStable and responsiveMid to high-range pricingWell-known and respectedClassic and clean

It is always important to consider your individual needs and preferences when choosing a snowboard. Remember to do your research and test out different brands and models to find the one that suits you best. Happy shredding!

Key features of GNU snowboards

GNU is a brand that has been around since the late ’70s, and they have been making snowboards since the early ’90s. They are known for their high-quality snowboards that are designed for both beginners and experts. Some of the key features of GNU snowboards include:

  • Magne-Traction: This is a patented technology that gives the snowboard extra grip on hard snow and ice, allowing for better control and stability.
  • Asymmetry: GNU is one of the pioneers of asymmetrical snowboard designs, which means that the board is shaped differently on the heel edge and toe edge. This helps to improve control and balance, especially when turning.
  • EC2: This is a hybrid profile that combines camber and rocker. It provides the power and pop of camber with the float and forgiveness of rocker. This makes the board versatile and suitable for different types of terrain.


GNU uses some of the most advanced construction techniques in the snowboarding industry. Some of the construction features that can be found in GNU’s snowboards include:

  • Mervin Made: This is a process that involves using sustainable materials and eco-friendly manufacturing methods. It helps to reduce the environmental impact of making snowboards.
  • Aspen/Paulownia Wood Core: This is a combination of aspen and paulownia wood that provides durability, lightness, and responsiveness.
  • Triax/Biax Fiberglass: This is a combination of fiberglass that gives the board strength and torsional flexibility. It helps to provide a smooth ride and good edge hold.

Rider Preference

GNU offers different snowboard models that are designed for different types of riders. Some of the factors that influence rider preference include:

  • Flex: This refers to how stiff or soft the board is. A stiffer board is more stable at high speeds and gives more pop, while a softer board is more forgiving and easier to control.
  • Shape: Snowboard shape influences how the board rides. A directional shape is more suited for riding in one direction, while a twin shape is symmetrical and can be ridden in both directions.
  • Size: The size of the board is important and is determined by the rider’s weight, height, and riding style.

Price Range

GNU has snowboards in different price ranges, from beginner-friendly affordable options to high-end models for expert riders. The price range depends on the features, construction, and rider preference.

Price RangeFeatures
$250-$400Basic features, suitable for beginners
$400-$700Advanced features, suitable for intermediate riders
$700-$1000+High-end features, suitable for expert riders

Overall, GNU snowboards are a good option for anyone looking for a high-quality snowboard that is designed for performance and durability. With a range of features, construction methods, rider preferences, and price ranges, there is a snowboard that will suit the needs of any rider.

The Technology Behind GNU Snowboards

GNU snowboards have a reputation for being some of the most technologically advanced boards on the market. From the base to the topsheet, every aspect of these boards has been carefully designed to optimize performance on the snow. Here are some of the key technologies that make GNU snowboards stand out:

  • Magne-Traction: This is GNU’s patented edge technology that features multiple contact points along the edge of the board, providing more grip and control on the snow. This technology has been a game-changer for many riders, especially in icy or hardpack conditions.
  • Asymmetrical Design: GNU was one of the first brands to adopt an asymmetrical design for their boards. This means that the heel edge and toe edge are different, providing riders with better control and turning ability.
  • ECO-Construction: GNU has a commitment to sustainability, and many of their boards are made with eco-friendly materials. They use a lot of recycled materials in their bases and topsheets, and their cores are made from sustainably harvested wood.

In addition to these key technologies, there are many other design elements that make GNU snowboards unique. For example, they often feature funky graphics and shapes, as well as innovative flex patterns that allow riders to get the most out of their boards in different types of terrain.

If you’re in the market for a new snowboard and are interested in the latest technology, it’s definitely worth checking out GNU’s lineup. With their commitment to sustainability and innovative design, these boards are sure to turn heads on the mountain.

Here’s a table that summarizes the different technologies found in GNU snowboards:

Magne-TractionMultiple contact points along the edge for better grip in icy conditions.
Asymmetrical DesignHeel edge and toe edge are different for better control and turning ability.
ECO-ConstructionBoards made with eco-friendly materials, including recycled bases and topsheets.

GNU’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness

GNU, the snowboard brand established in 1977, has a strong commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness. The brand aims to minimize its impact on the environment while producing high-quality snowboards.

  • Materials: GNU uses sustainable materials to create their snowboards. They use FSC certified wood cores and recycled plastics to make the base of their boards. Additionally, GNU has implemented a program where they will take back old snowboards and recycle them into new products.
  • Production Process: GNU has invested in processes that reduce their carbon footprint. They use wind energy to power their factory and work with local vendors to minimize their transportation footprint.
  • Green Initiatives: GNU has launched various initiatives to promote sustainability. One such initiative is their “Greener Pastures” campaign, which aims to increase awareness about sustainability in snowboarding. They also donate a portion of their sales to environmental organizations like Protect Our Winters.

GNU’s commitment to sustainability has not only made them a more ethical brand but also a more responsible one. By using sustainable materials and reducing its carbon footprint, the brand is taking concrete steps to make a positive impact on the environment while producing high-quality snowboards.

Below is a table of sustainable materials used in GNU’s snowboards:

FSC Certified WoodWood sourced from responsibly managed forests
Basalt FiberglassFiberglass made from volcanic rock, reducing the need for more environmentally harmful alternatives
Recycled PlasticsPlastics made from recycled materials, reducing the amount of plastic waste in landfills

Overall, GNU’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness makes it a great choice for eco-conscious snowboarders looking to minimize their environmental impact.

Availability of GNU snowboards in different countries

GNU snowboards are known for their unique designs, technical features, and innovative technology. The brand has gained a global reputation for its top-quality snowboards, which are loved by many riders around the world.

If you’re wondering where you can find GNU snowboards, worry no more! The brand is widely available in many countries, both online and in physical stores. Here’s a quick overview of where you can find GNU snowboards:

  • USA – GNU snowboards are available in many snow and outdoor sports stores in the USA. You can also purchase them online from the GNU website and other online retailers like Backcountry and Evo.
  • Canada – You can find GNU snowboards in stores like Sporting Life, MEC, and West Coast Sports. They are also available on the GNU website and other online retailers.
  • Europe – GNU snowboards are available in many countries in Europe, including the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland. You can find them in physical stores and online retailers like Blue Tomato and Absolute-Snow.
  • Australia and New Zealand – You can find GNU snowboards in stores like Snowcentral and online retailers like Snowbiz.
  • Japan – GNU snowboards are distributed by distributors like Prime Sports and available in many snow sports stores.

As you can see, GNU snowboards are widely available around the world. You can easily find them in many stores both online and offline.

Availability in online retailers

If you prefer to shop online, you can find GNU snowboards on different online retailers like EVO, Backcountry, Amazon, and snowboardpros. These online retailers ship internationally, so you can order from anywhere in the world and get your favorite GNU snowboard delivered right to your doorstep.

GNU Snowboards retailers

You can also check out the official GNU website to find a list of authorized retailers in different countries. This is an excellent resource to locate a store near you that stocks GNU snowboards. Most stores will have experienced and knowledgeable staff who can assist you in selecting the best snowboard for your riding style and skill level.

USABackcountry, Evo, The House, Zumiez, Tactics, etc.
CanadaSporting Life, MEC, West Coast Sports, The Boardroom, etc.
EuropeBlue Tomato, Snowleader, Absolute-Snow, Ellis Brigham, etc.
Australia and New ZealandSnowcentral, Snowbiz, Torpedo7, etc.
JapanPrime Sports, F-One International, Surf and Snow, SnowPeak, etc.

Whether you’re a professional rider or a beginner, GNU snowboards are an excellent choice for your next snowboarding adventure. With their availability in different countries worldwide, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find and ride your dream GNU snowboard.

Price range of GNU snowboards compared to other brands

GNU snowboards are known for their high-quality design and performance, making them a popular choice for many snowboarders. When it comes to their price range, however, it’s important to note how they compare to other top brands in the market.

  • Compared to other top snowboard brands like Burton and Lib Tech, the price range for GNU snowboards tends to be slightly lower.
  • However, this does not mean that the quality of their snowboards is inferior in any way. GNU is known for using high-quality materials and innovative design techniques to create boards that perform exceptionally well on the mountain.
  • In fact, the price range for GNU snowboards can vary quite a bit depending on the specific model and features included. They offer options for both entry-level riders and more advanced snowboarders who are looking for something more specialized.

Overall, while GNU snowboards may be priced slightly lower than some of their top competitors, they still offer exceptional quality and performance that can match or even exceed other top brands.

If you’re on the market for a new snowboard, be sure to compare the price range of different brands and models to find the best option that fits your budget and riding style.

BrandPrice Range
GNU$300 – $600
Burton$400 – $900
Lib Tech$450 – $700

As you can see from the table above, the price range for GNU snowboards falls within the same general range as other top brands in the market. The specific price point for each board will depend on the specific model and features offered, so it’s important to do your research before making a purchase.

Is GNU a Good Snowboard Brand? FAQs Answered

Q: How long has GNU been around?
A: GNU was founded in 1977, so the brand has been around for over four decades and is a trusted name in snowboarding.

Q: Can beginners use GNU snowboards?
A: Yes, GNU offers a variety of snowboards for all skill levels, including beginners. It has user-friendly features that can make learning easy.

Q: Are GNU snowboards durable?
A: Yes, GNU snowboards are known for their durability. The brand uses high-quality materials and innovative construction to ensure that their boards can withstand wear and tear.

Q: Is GNU an eco-friendly brand?
A: Yes, GNU is committed to reducing their carbon footprint and promoting sustainability. They use eco-friendly manufacturing processes and materials, so buying a GNU snowboard is an environmentally conscious choice.

Q: Are GNU snowboards expensive?
A: GNU snowboards are priced competitively with other high-end snowboard brands. You can find entry-level GNU boards for less than $400, while their top-of-the-line models can cost more than $700.

Q: What type of snowboards does GNU make?
A: GNU makes a wide range of snowboards, including all-mountain, freestyle, powder, and freeride boards. Whatever your style of riding may be, there is likely a GNU board that fits your needs.

Q: Does GNU offer any warranties?
A: Yes, GNU offers a one-year warranty on all their snowboards. If you experience any defects or damages within the first year, GNU will repair or replace your board for free.

Closing Thoughts – Thanks for Reading!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about GNU snowboards! As you can see from our FAQs, GNU is a reliable and well-respected brand that provides high-quality snowboards for all skill levels and riding styles. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced snowboarder, there is a GNU board that can fit your needs. So, if you’re in the market for a new snowboard, give GNU a try. And if you enjoyed this article, be sure to check back for more informative and helpful content in the future.