Is Geox a Good Brand? A Comprehensive Review and Analysis

Are you on the lookout for a footwear brand that offers top-notch quality and comfort at an affordable price? Look no further than Geox! This Italian shoe brand is taking the industry by storm with its innovative designs and use of patented technologies that make every step you take feel like you’re walking on clouds.

Geox is not just any other shoe brand out there. Founded in the 1990s, the company’s ultimate mission was to create a shoe that was both stylish and functional. And boy, have they succeeded! Their offering of shoes for both men and women is vast and varied – from casual sneakers to dress shoes – all made with breathable materials and technology that ensures you stay moisture-free throughout the day.

There is something for everyone in Geox’s collection of shoes. Whether you are looking for shoes for work, leisure, or sports, the brand has got you covered. So if you’re wondering whether Geox is a good brand, look no further – it certainly is! With a focus on providing only the best quality and comfort, they are a brand that you can trust.

History of Geox as a Brand

Geox is a renowned Italian fashion footwear brand founded in 1995 by Mario Polegato, a wine producer who became an entrepreneur. Mario was on vacation and realized that his feet were hot, so he decided to cut holes into his shoes, allowing his feet to breathe. This idea sparked the creation of a revolutionary footwear technology that would change the way we think about footwear comfort and breathability.

  • In 1995, Geox introduced a new type of rubber sole with a perforated membrane that allowed feet to breathe while keeping them dry. The brand received significant recognition and became an international sensation, selling over 3 million pairs of shoes in the first year alone.
  • The company has since expanded its product lines to include apparel and accessories for women, men, and children. Today, Geox has over 10,000 employees and is present in more than 100 countries around the world with over 1,200 retail stores and 13,000 multi-brand stores.
  • In 2000, Geox was listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, and in 2003, the company launched its first line of apparel, which was an immediate success.

Geox has a research and development center located in Italy, where their footwear technology is continuously being improved. They also have partnerships with various leading universities with the primary aim of developing eco-friendly and sustainable materials that can be used in their products.

Geox is well-known for its commitment to innovation, quality, and affordable prices. It maintains an excellent reputation in the fashion industry, with numerous awards and recognitions received for its products and business practices. The brand is also committed to social responsibility and has various initiatives aimed at improving the lives of disadvantaged communities worldwide.

Geox’s signature “breathable” technology

Geox is known for its signature breathable technology, which allows the feet to breathe while wearing their shoes. The patented technology was developed in the early 1990s by the founder of Geox, Mario Moretti Polegato. The idea for the technology came about when he was out jogging and noticed his feet were getting too hot. He then cut holes in the soles of his shoes to make them more breathable, and the idea for the technology was born.

The technology consists of a micro-porous membrane that is inserted between the insole and the sole of the shoe. This membrane allows the foot to breathe while also keeping the shoe waterproof. The membrane contains thousands of tiny holes that are small enough to prevent water from getting in but are large enough to allow water vapor (sweat) to pass through.

Benefits of Geox’s breathable technology

  • Breathability: The main benefit of Geox’s breathable technology is that it allows the feet to breathe while wearing the shoes. This can help prevent foot odor and keep the feet dry and comfortable.
  • Waterproof: Another benefit of the technology is that it keeps the shoes waterproof. This is important for those who live in rainy or wet climates.
  • Durability: The technology is also durable and can withstand heavy use. The membrane is designed to last for the lifetime of the shoe.

Testing of Geox’s breathable technology

Geox’s breathable technology has been extensively tested to ensure that it is effective in keeping the feet dry and comfortable. The company has conducted numerous tests on the technology, including:

– Sweat tests: Geox has conducted sweat tests to determine how much sweat is produced while wearing their shoes. The tests have shown that the shoes are effective in preventing sweat buildup.

– Water tests: Geox has also conducted water tests to determine how waterproof the shoes are. The tests have shown that the shoes are effective in keeping the feet dry in wet conditions.

– Breathability tests: Geox has conducted breathability tests to determine how well the shoes allow air to flow through them. The tests have shown that the shoes are effective in allowing air to flow through them, keeping the feet cool and dry.


Geox’s signature breathable technology is a game-changer in the footwear industry. The technology allows the feet to breathe while also keeping them dry and comfortable. The company has conducted extensive testing on the technology to ensure that it is effective in all conditions. Overall, Geox is a brand that is dedicated to providing high-quality footwear that is comfortable, durable, and innovative.

– Allows feet to breathe– May not be suitable for colder climates
– Keeps feet dry– May be expensive compared to other brands
– Durable

Overall, Geox is a good brand that offers innovative and high-quality footwear that is both comfortable and durable.

Quality of Geox footwear

Geox is a brand that focuses on delivering high-quality footwear to its customers. Below are some reasons why Geox is considered a good brand:

  • Geox uses high-quality materials in their footwear: The brand uses only the best materials such as leather and synthetic materials to create footwear that is durable and can withstand constant wear and tear.
  • Comfortable footwear: Geox footwear is designed with comfort in mind. The brand uses breathable technology in the shoe soles which allows for air circulation, keeping your feet fresh and comfortable.
  • Variety of styles: Geox offers a wide variety of footwear styles that cater to different tastes and preferences. From classic shoes to sportswear, Geox has got something for everyone.

Not only is Geox concerned with quality, but the brand also prides itself in offering stylish, comfortable and high-performing footwear. Check out the table below for some of the benefits of buying Geox footwear:

Benefits of buying Geox footwear
High-quality materials such as leather and synthetic materials
Breathable technology in the shoe sole for maximum comfort
A wide variety of styles to choose from to cater to different tastes and preferences

Overall, Geox is a good brand when it comes to footwear and provides its customers with high-quality and comfortable footwear that is also stylish and modern.

Geox’s expansion into clothing and accessories

Geox, originally known for its breathable footwear, has expanded its brand into clothing and accessories. This move has allowed the Italian brand to offer a complete wardrobe solution to its customers. Here are a few things to know about Geox’s expansion into clothing and accessories:

  • Geox’s clothing line includes outerwear, knitwear, shirts, pants, and accessories such as scarves, belts, and bags. The designs remain true to Geox’s core philosophy of comfort and practicality.
  • Geox uses innovative fabrics in its clothing line, such as 4-way stretch materials and fabrics with water-repellent and windproof properties. The company’s focus on breathability is also evident in its clothing, with the use of perforated or ventilated fabrics.
  • Geox’s clothing line also includes a range of jackets that feature “Respira” technology, which allows moisture to escape while keeping the wearer dry. This feature is particularly useful in rainy or humid weather.

Geox’s accessories line includes a range of products that complement the brand’s footwear and clothing. Here are a few examples:

  • Bags: Geox offers a range of bags for both men and women, featuring sophisticated designs and practical features such as laptop compartments and adjustable straps.
  • Belts: Geox’s belts are made from high-quality leather and feature elegant designs that can be dressed up or down.
  • Scarves: Geox’s scarves are made from soft, lightweight materials and come in a range of colors and patterns to complement the brand’s clothing line.

Here is a sample table that showcases some of Geox’s popular clothing and accessory products:

Men’s Jacket with Respira TechnologyWaterproof and windproof jacket with breathable lining$299
Women’s Knit SweaterSoft and stretchy sweater made from a blend of wool and cashmere$139
Men’s Leather BeltClassic leather belt with a silver buckle$69
Women’s Tote BagSpacious tote made from high-quality leather with adjustable straps$189

Overall, Geox’s expansion into clothing and accessories has allowed the brand to offer a complete solution for customers looking for practical and comfortable clothing and accessories. By incorporating innovative fabrics and features into its products, Geox remains true to its core philosophy while also keeping up with fashion trends.

Geox’s Target Market

Geox, a brand that originated in Italy, is known for its innovative and breathable footwear. The brand has a unique selling proposition that sets it apart from other shoe brands. Geox’s focus on design and functionality has made it a popular choice for consumers of all ages and backgrounds.

  • Men and Women
  • Geox targets both men and women who appreciate high-quality footwear that is fashionable and comfortable. The brand offers a wide range of products for both sexes, including shoes for work, leisure, and casual wear.
  • Children
  • Geox has also managed to make a name for itself in the children’s footwear market. The brand’s shoes are perfect for active kids who require supportive and durable footwear. Geox’s collection of shoes for children includes boots, trainers, and sandals, making it easy for parents to find the perfect shoe for their child’s needs.
  • Health-conscious consumers
  • Geox’s innovative technology offers a breathable and comfortable shoe that can help keep your feet healthy. The brand’s footwear features a unique membrane that allows your feet to breathe while keeping them dry. This makes Geox’s shoes a popular choice for people who suffer from foot conditions such as athlete’s foot, fungus, and plantar fasciitis.
  • Individuals who value style and comfort
  • Geox’s target market includes people who want to look good and feel comfortable at the same time. The brand offers a range of products that are not only comfortable but also stylish, making them perfect for individuals who value both style and comfort. Geox’s shoes come in a variety of styles, including boots, trainers, heels, and sandals.
  • Online and offline shoppers
  • Geox’s target market includes both online and offline shoppers. The brand has a significant online presence, and customers can easily purchase their products through the company’s website or app. Geox also has a strong physical presence, with stores located in more than 100 countries worldwide. This allows customers to try on shoes in-store before purchasing them online.

Geox’s Innovation and Technology

Geox’s innovative technology is a significant selling point for the brand. The company’s footwear is designed to be highly breathable, which means that your feet stay dry and comfortable even during hot and humid weather. Geox’s shoes feature a unique membrane that allows for air to circulate but prevents water and moisture from entering the shoe. This technology has helped Geox stand out in a crowded footwear market, and the brand has been recognized for its innovation and design.

Net Breathing SystemThis technology includes holes in the outsole that allow for air to circulate, keeping feet dry and comfortable.
Respira TechnologyThis technology features a waterproof and breathable membrane that allows for air to circulate while preventing water and moisture from entering the shoe.
3D Performance UnitThis technology offers a high level of shock absorption and foot support, making Geox’s shoes comfortable even during extended periods of wear.

Overall, Geox’s innovation and technology have helped the brand establish a loyal customer base. By targeting men, women, and children who value comfort, style, and innovation, Geox has become a leader in the footwear industry.

The Affordability of Geox Products

Geox is known for offering high-quality products that come at a premium price, but it’s important to note that the brand also provides affordable options for those who want to experience the benefits of their innovative technology without breaking the bank. Here are some examples:

  • The Geox Nebula sneaker is a comfortable and breathable option that can be found for under $100.
  • The Geox New Do 1 sneaker is another affordable choice that offers the brand’s patented technology for breathability.
  • Geox also offers a range of sandals for both men and women that feature their signature technology for comfort and breathability at a reasonable price point.

In addition to their affordable shoe options, Geox frequently offers sales and discounts on their products, which can make their premium items more accessible to budget-conscious consumers. Keep an eye out for promotions on their website and at retail stores that carry their products.

It’s worth noting that while Geox products may cost more than some other brands, the investment is often worth it in terms of durability and long-term use. The breathable technology and high-quality materials used in the construction of their products can lead to increased comfort and performance over time, which can ultimately save you money in the long run.

If you’re unsure about investing in a higher-priced Geox product, consider trying one of their more affordable options to experience the benefits of their technology without putting too much of a dent in your wallet.

Comparison of Geox with other footwear brands

Geox is a well-known Italian footwear and clothing brand that was founded in 1995 by Mario Moretti Polegato. The brand is known for its breathable and waterproof shoe technology, which separates them from other footwear brands in the market. In this article, we will compare Geox with other popular footwear brands in terms of their quality, price, and technology.

  • Nike: Nike is a popular footwear brand that offers a wide range of shoes for every sport and lifestyle. Although Nike does not specialize in breathable and waterproof shoe technology, they do offer some models with Gore-Tex technology. Nike’s shoes are known for their excellent quality and comfort. However, Nike’s shoes are generally more expensive than Geox shoes.
  • Adidas: Adidas is another popular sneaker brand known for its stylish and comfortable shoes. Like Nike, Adidas offers some models with Gore-Tex technology. Adidas shoes are generally less expensive than Nike shoes but more expensive than Geox shoes. The quality of Adidas shoes is similar to Nike shoes.
  • Crocs: Crocs is a well-known brand that specializes in comfortable and casual shoes. While Crocs does not offer breathable and waterproof shoe technology, they do offer shoes that are comfortable for long hours of standing and walking. Crocs shoes are generally less expensive than Geox shoes, but they are also less stylish and versatile.

Overall, Geox distinguishes itself from other footwear brands with its breathable and waterproof shoe technology. Geox shoes are generally less expensive than Nike and Adidas shoes but more expensive than Crocs shoes. Geox shoes offer a balance of style, comfort, and technology, making them a popular choice for people looking for functional yet stylish shoes.

If we compare the price, quality, and technology between Geox and other footwear brands, Geox stands out as a brand that offers high-quality shoes at a reasonable price. In addition, the technology that Geox uses in its shoes provides users with a unique and functional experience that other brands do not offer.

Below is a comparison table of some popular footwear brands that shows their starting price and special technology:

BrandStarting PriceSpecial Technology
Geox$70Breathable and waterproof technology
Nike$80Gore-Tex technology
Adidas$60Gore-Tex technology

In conclusion, Geox is a good brand that offers functional, stylish, and reasonably priced shoes that use patented breathable and waterproof shoe technology. While other footwear brands may offer similar features, Geox stands out as a unique brand that offers a good combination of technology and style.

Geox’s Sustainability Efforts

As a brand that prides itself on innovation and technology, Geox is also committed to sustainability efforts. The company has implemented various initiatives to reduce their environmental impact and promote sustainable practices throughout their operations.

  • Geox launched a sustainability program in 2013, committing to reducing carbon emissions and water usage in their production process.
  • The brand also uses eco-friendly materials, such as recycled polyester and water-based adhesives, in their products.
  • Geox has committed to using only leather produced with sustainable and responsible methods and has set up a traceability system to ensure this.

In addition to their own initiatives, Geox has also partnered with various environmental organizations to promote sustainability in different areas:

  • The brand has partnered with the European Recycling Platform to promote recycling and responsible disposal of electronic devices and batteries.
  • Geox has also joined the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, a collaborative organization that aims to reduce the environmental and social impacts of apparel and footwear products.
  • The company has supported the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, an event that recognizes sustainability efforts in the fashion industry.

To further promote sustainability, Geox has also developed a Green Mission program, which aims to educate customers and employees on environmental issues and promote sustainable practices in everyday life.

Geox’s environmental achievements
Reduced CO2 emissions by 29% since 2013
Reduced water usage by 30% since 2013
100% of leather used produced with sustainable and responsible methods

Geox’s commitment to sustainability is a positive step in the right direction for the fashion industry. By implementing eco-friendly practices and partnering with environmental organizations, the brand is making strides towards a more sustainable future.

Consumer reviews of Geox products

Geox is a well-known brand that produces high-quality shoes and clothing. The brand is popular for its unique technology that allows air to circulate within the shoe, offering breathability and comfort to the wearer. The following are some of the consumer reviews of Geox products:

  • Many consumers appreciate the unique technology used by Geox in their shoes. The breathable sole has been praised for providing great comfort during the hot summer months, and the waterproofing technology used in some models has also been commended.
  • Some customers have reported that Geox shoes are durable and long-lasting. They have been worn for extended periods of time, and the shoes still look new.
  • Fit is an essential aspect of shoe comfort, and many Geox customers have found that their shoes fit well and are true to size. The brand offers a range of sizes and styles, making it easy for customers to find the perfect fit.

However, some consumers have reported some drawbacks related to Geox products. Some of the common issues raised include:

  • Some customers have reported that the shoes are too expensive compared to other shoe brands offering similar technology.
  • Some people have experienced discomfort in the arch area, and there have been complaints of the shoes not being appropriate for people with flat feet.
  • Some customers have reported that the sole of the shoes wears out too quickly, leading to a need for frequent replacement.


Overall, Geox products receive a good number of positive reviews from customers. The brand’s unique technology is appreciated for offering breathability, comfort, and durability. However, the prices may be a bit high, and some customers may experience discomfort or wear and tear issues. Trying on a pair of Geox shoes before buying and considering the customer reviews is a great way to make an informed decision when purchasing shoes from this brand.

Geox’s presence in the fashion industry

Geox is a well-known brand in the fashion industry, famous for its breathability technology in shoes. The company was founded in Italy in 1995 by Mario Moretti Polegato, who was inspired to create a shoe that could breathe after a hot day of walking in Reno, Nevada. Today, the Geox brand has expanded and evolved into a comprehensive lifestyle brand that offers clothing, accessories, and fragrances in addition to shoes.

  • Geox has a strong international presence, with stores in over 100 countries.
  • The brand has collaborated with several fashion designers and labels, including Zegna and Fay, to create new collections and expand its reach into the high-end fashion market.
  • Geox is committed to sustainability and takes steps to reduce its environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials and implementing sustainable practices in its production processes.

In recent years, Geox has also focused on incorporating technology into its products, such as creating a “smart” shoe that can track activity and monitor foot health. This commitment to innovation has kept the brand relevant in a constantly evolving industry. Overall, Geox’s presence in the fashion industry is strong, and its focus on sustainability and technology make it a promising brand for the future.

Below is a table summarizing Geox’s worldwide presence:

RegionNumber of StoresNumber of Countries

Overall, Geox’s strong presence in the fashion industry, commitment to sustainability, and focus on innovation make it a brand worth considering for consumers who want high-quality and stylish products that have a positive impact on the environment.

Is Geox a Good Brand? FAQs

1. Are Geox shoes durable?

Geox shoes are made with high-quality materials, ensuring their durability. Their patented technology also helps protect the shoes from wear and tear.

2. Are Geox shoes comfortable?

Yes, Geox shoes are designed for optimal comfort. They use breathable materials and soft cushioning to ensure a comfortable fit.

3. Do Geox shoes fit true to size?

Geox shoes are known to have a consistent sizing system that fits true to size. However, it is still recommended to refer to their sizing chart before purchasing.

4. Are Geox shoes suitable for all occasions?

With a wide variety of styles, Geox shoes are suitable for various occasions. From casual to formal events, they have shoes for every occasion.

5. Can Geox shoes be washed?

Geox shoes are made with different materials, so it is best to check the care instructions on the specific shoe type. Some styles can be washed, while others require specialized cleaning.

6. Do Geox shoes have a warranty?

Geox shoes come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers defects in material and workmanship. The length of the warranty may vary depending on the specific shoe.

7. Are Geox shoes worth the price?

With their innovative technology and high-quality materials, Geox shoes are a worthy investment. They offer both comfort and durability, making them a great value for the price.

Closing Thoughts on Geox Shoes

We hope this article helped answer some common questions about the Geox brand. With excellent quality and comfort, these shoes are worth considering for your next footwear purchase. Don’t forget to visit our site again for more helpful articles and reviews. Thank you for reading!