Is General Tire a Good Brand? A Comprehensive Review

Is General Tire a good brand you ask? Well, let me tell you, they’re definitely a company worth considering when it comes to purchasing new tires for your vehicle. With over 100 years of experience, General Tire has consistently delivered quality products to its customers. But, I know you want to hear more than just the company history, so let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details of why General Tire truly stands apart from the competition.

One of the most significant advantages of General Tire is their commitment to continuous innovation. They invest heavily in design and technology to ensure their tires perform exceptionally in all driving conditions. For instance, their unique tread pattern grips the road firmly, providing excellent traction, while also reducing rolling resistance for improved fuel economy. The company also conducts extensive testing of their products to ensure optimal performance in all kinds of weather, which is a huge plus for drivers who frequently navigate through extreme climate conditions.

Lastly, General Tire offers an extensive range of tire options that cater to the needs of various vehicle models and driving styles. Whether you’re looking for high-performance tires for your sports car or durable, all-season tires for your daily driver, General Tire has got you covered. Therefore, it’s no surprise that General Tire has earned a reputation as one of the best tire brands in the market today. So, if you’re looking for a high-quality tire that offers superior performance and longevity, General Tire is the brand to go for.

History of General Tire

General Tire is a brand that has been around for over a century, with a history that is rooted in the American tire industry. The origins of General Tire can be traced back to 1915 when the General Tire and Rubber Company was founded in Akron, Ohio. The company’s primary focus was on producing tires for the automobile and trucking industries. Over the years, General Tire has grown and expanded to become a leading brand in the tire industry, with a reputation for quality and innovation.

Major Milestones in General Tire’s History

  • 1915: General Tire and Rubber Company is founded in Akron, Ohio.
  • 1926: General Tire produces the first low-pressure balloon tire, which revolutionizes the tire industry.
  • 1942-1945: General Tire is contracted to produce tires for military vehicles during World War II.
  • 1960s: General Tire expands its product lines to include radial tires and tires for high-performance vehicles.
  • 1984: General Tire is acquired by German tire manufacturer Continental AG, which leads to further expansion and modernization of the brand.
  • 2010: General Tire launches its Grabber line of all-terrain tires, which becomes the brand’s most popular product line.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Throughout its history, General Tire has demonstrated a strong commitment to quality and innovation. The brand has been at the forefront of tire technology, introducing new products and manufacturing processes that have redefined the industry. General Tire has also maintained a focus on safety, ensuring that its tires are designed to provide maximum traction and performance in all conditions.

Awards and Accolades

General Tire’s commitment to quality and innovation has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades over the years. The brand has won multiple awards for its products, including recognition for its Grabber line of tires. Additionally, General Tire has been recognized for its environmental stewardship, with a focus on sustainable manufacturing processes and reducing the environmental impact of its products.

Awards and AccoladesYear
Consumer Reports Best Buy2014
Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award2012
Car and Driver Editor’s Choice Award2010

Overall, General Tire is a brand that has a rich history and a strong reputation for quality and innovation. With a focus on safety and environmental sustainability, General Tire’s products are designed to deliver outstanding performance in all conditions, making it a trusted choice for drivers around the world.

General Tire’s Current Product Lineup

General Tire is a renowned tire manufacturing company that offers a wide range of tire options for different types of vehicles. Let’s take a closer look at their current product lineup:

  • Passenger Tires: General Tire’s passenger tires are designed to offer maximum comfort, safety, and performance. Their lineup includes the Altimax RT43, which is an all-season tire with impressive dry and wet traction, the G-Max AS-05, which is built for high-speed stability and handling, and the Grabber APT, which is a touring tire with excellent durability and traction on light off-road terrains.
  • Light Truck Tires: General Tire offers a range of light truck tires that are engineered to provide toughness, reliability, and maximum performance. The Grabber HTS60 is a highway tire with exceptional wet and snow traction, the Grabber X3 is an off-road tire designed for extreme terrains, the Grabber A/TX is an all-terrain tire that offers durability and all-season performance, and the Grabber APT, as mentioned earlier, is also a suitable option for light trucks.
  • Commercial Tires: General Tire’s commercial tire lineup includes the GSW100, which is built for all-season performance, the HS, which is a highway tire with enhanced fuel efficiency, and the Grabber OA, which is a drive-axle tire with excellent grip and durability. These tires are designed for commercial vehicles like buses and delivery trucks.

General Tire’s Top-Selling Tires

General Tire is known for producing high-quality tires that offer a perfect balance between performance, safety, and longevity. Here are some of their top-selling tires:

  • Altimax RT43: This is General Tire’s flagship tire and one of the best-selling touring tires in today’s market. It offers exceptional dry and wet traction, improved fuel efficiency, and a comfortable ride.
  • Grabber AT2: This all-terrain tire is built for pickup trucks, SUVs, and other off-road vehicles. It offers aggressive off-road traction, superb handling, and is suitable for all seasons.
  • Grabber UHP: This ultra-high-performance tire is designed for sports cars and luxury sedans. It offers exceptional handling, steering response, and grip, especially in dry conditions.

General Tire’s Innovations

General Tire has always been at the forefront of innovation in the tire industry. Here are some of their most notable innovations:

  • Acoustic Modulation Sound Technology: General Tire’s proprietary technology reduces road noise, providing a more comfortable and quiet ride.
  • Visual Alignment Indicators: General Tire’s alignment indicators show drivers when it’s time to have their tires aligned, ensuring the maximum lifespan and performance of the tires.
  • Replacement Tire Monitor: This innovative technology alerts drivers when a tire needs to be replaced, based on tread depth, pressure, and other factors.


General Tire offers a wide range of tire options for different types of vehicles, including passenger cars, light trucks, and commercial vehicles. Their tires are engineered to deliver exceptional performance, safety, and longevity. Their innovative technologies and dedication to excellence make them a top choice for drivers looking for high-quality tires.

Whether you are in the market for a touring tire, a highway tire, or an off-road tire, General Tire has got you covered!

General Tire’s Performance in Independent Tire Reviews

When it comes to choosing the right tire for your vehicle, independent tire reviews can provide valuable insights into the performance of various brands. Here’s what independent tire reviews have to say about General Tire:

  • The General Tire Altimax RT43 has been consistently ranked as one of the top all-season touring tires by independent review sites such as Tire Rack and Consumer Reports. It has received high marks for its wet and dry traction, comfort, and tread life.
  • The General Tire Grabber AT2 is a popular choice for light trucks and SUVs, and has been reviewed favorably by experts. It offers good off-road traction and durability, but some reviewers note that it can be noisy on paved roads.
  • The General Tire G-Max AS-05 is a high-performance all-season tire that has received positive reviews for its handling and grip in both wet and dry conditions. It has also been noted for its good value for the price.

Overall, General Tire has a solid reputation for producing reliable, high-performing tires. Its products have consistently been rated highly by independent review sites and have received praise from drivers in various settings.

For more information on General Tire and other tire brands, be sure to check out reputable tire review sites and consult with your local tire professional to find the best fit for your vehicle and driving needs.

General Tire’s Technology and Innovation

General Tire is an American tire brand that has been in the market for over 100 years. Through the years, the company has been investing heavily in technology and innovation to provide drivers with top-of-the-line tires that meet their unique needs. Here are some of the ways General Tire has been leveraging technology and innovation to create high-quality tires:

  • TracGen technology: This technology is used in General Tire’s All-Terrain and Mud-Terrain tires and is designed to deliver excellent off-road performance. TracGen technology includes a robust tread-pattern that ensures better grip and traction on loose surfaces, as well as a stone ejector system that prevents stones from getting trapped in the tread and causing damage to the tire.
  • Replacement tire monitor: General Tire has also integrated technology into its tires to improve safety and performance. The company’s latest models come with a replaceable tire monitor that alerts drivers when the tire needs replacing. This ensures that drivers can always keep an eye on their tire’s condition, and replace them before they become too worn out.
  • Duragen technology: Another technology used by General Tire is the Duragen technology. This technology is used to enhance the tire’s durability and lifespan. Duragen technology includes a robust compound that resists cuts and punctures, as well as a deeper tread pattern that ensures better traction and grip.

General Tire’s Commitment to Quality

At General Tire, quality is always a top priority. The company uses the latest technology and innovation to create high-quality tires that meet the needs of different drivers. In addition, General Tire performs rigorous testing on all of its tires to ensure they meet their high standards. Each tire goes through several tests, including road testing, to ensure their performance and durability. The use of technology and strict testing procedures ensure that General Tire always delivers high-quality tires that drivers can rely on.

General Tire’s Investment in Sustainability

General Tire is also committed to sustainability. The company uses sustainable methods in the manufacturing process, including using recycled materials where possible to reduce waste. General Tire also invests in research and development to create fuel-efficient tires that reduce carbon emissions. The company understands the importance of protecting the environment, and they’re doing their part to ensure a greener future.

General Tire’s Awards and Recognition

General Tire has received several awards and recognition for its use of technology and innovation in creating high-quality tires. In 2020, the company’s Grabber APT tires won the Popular Mechanics’ Editor’s Choice award for the best off-road tire. The same tires were also recognized by Truck Trend as the best overall and best off-road tire of the year. These awards and recognition are testament to General Tire’s commitment to delivering top-quality tires that meet the unique needs of drivers.

AwardYearTire Model
Popular Mechanics’ Editor’s Choice Award2020Grabber APT
Truck Trend’s Best Overall Tire of the Year2020Grabber APT
Truck Trend’s Best Off-Road Tire of the Year2020Grabber APT

Overall, General Tire’s use of technology and innovation in the manufacturing process ensures that they create high-quality tires that meet the needs of different drivers. With their commitment to quality, sustainability, and recognition from industry experts, it’s no surprise that General Tire is a trusted brand in the tire market.

General Tire’s Environmental Impact

General Tire is a well-known brand that specializes in producing high-quality tires for various types of vehicles. With their commitment to providing excellent products and services, they also prioritize reducing their environmental impact. Here are some factors that contribute to General Tire’s environmental impact:

  • Material Sourcing: General Tire procures their raw materials, such as natural rubber, synthetic rubber, carbon black, and steel, from suppliers that follow sustainable practices. Additionally, they require their suppliers to adhere to environmental regulations and provide transparency about their operations.
  • Energy Efficiency: The manufacturing process of tires requires a significant amount of energy. General Tire implements several practices to reduce their energy consumption, such as installing energy-efficient lighting and utilizing renewable energy sources. They are also continually improving their manufacturing processes to reduce energy waste and carbon emissions.
  • Waste Reduction: General Tire implements waste management practices to ensure that they reduce their environmental impact. They recycle scrap materials generated during the production process and use them in the manufacture of other products. Additionally, they manage and dispose of hazardous waste in line with local and federal regulations.

General Tire’s commitment to reducing their environmental impact extends beyond their manufacturing processes. They also actively participate in environmental initiatives. For example, General Tire is a partner of the Global GreenTag Program, which advocates for environmentally sustainable products and practices. Furthermore, the company is an advocate of proper tire maintenance, which helps to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Here is a table presenting General Tire’s environmental impact initiatives:

Sustainable Material SourcingProcure raw materials from suppliers that follow sustainable practices
Energy EfficiencyReduce energy consumption and carbon emissions in manufacturing processes
Waste ReductionRecycle scrap materials and ensure proper disposal of hazardous waste
Environmental AdvocacyPartner with organizations that promote environmentally sustainable products and practices
Tire Maintenance AdvocacyEncourage proper tire maintenance to reduce fuel consumption and emissions

In conclusion, General Tire is a brand that prioritizes reducing their environmental impact. They implement sustainable practices in their manufacturing processes, actively participate in environmental initiatives, and advocate for proper tire maintenance. As a consumer, choosing General Tire means supporting a company that is committed to creating a better world.

General Tire’s Partnerships and Sponsorships

General Tire has been in the tire industry for over 100 years. In that time, they have partnered with several companies and sponsored various events and organizations. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS): General Tire has been the official tire of LOORRS since 2016. LOORRS is a premier off-road racing series that features some of the best off-road racers in the world. The partnership showcases General Tire’s commitment to supporting the off-road community.
  • SCORE International Off-Road Racing: SCORE International Off-Road Racing is a desert racing organization. General Tire has been a sponsor of the organization since 2009. The partnership has been instrumental in General Tire’s development of its off-road tire line.
  • Major League Fishing (MLF): General Tire is a sponsor of MLF, the world’s largest tournament-fishing organization. The partnership began in 2019 and showcases General Tire’s commitment to the outdoors and the fishing community.

General Tire’s Partnership with VMI

General Tire has a long-standing partnership with Vehicle Maintenance International (VMI). VMI is a fleet maintenance software provider that allows companies to manage their fleet more efficiently. General Tire has integrated their tire data into the VMI software, allowing fleet managers to make informed decisions about their tires.

General Tire’s Partnership with International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM)

General Tire has a partnership with IAM, a union that represents workers in the aerospace, transportation, and manufacturing industries. The partnership allows for General Tire to provide IAM members with discounts on tires, as well as other services and products.

General Tire’s Partnership with Monster Energy

General Tire has been a sponsor of Monster Energy since 2013. Monster Energy is a prominent energy drink company that sponsors various events and athletes. Through this partnership, General Tire has been able to reach a broader audience and showcase their products.

Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS)Official tire of LOORRS
SCORE International Off-Road RacingSponsorship of desert racing organization
Major League Fishing (MLF)Sponsorship of world’s largest tournament-fishing organization
Vehicle Maintenance International (VMI)Partnership with fleet maintenance software provider
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM)Partnership providing discounts on tires for union members
Monster EnergySponsorship of energy drink company

Overall, General Tire’s partnerships and sponsorships demonstrate their commitment to supporting the off-road community as well as other industries. Their integration of tire data into a fleet maintenance software provider is particularly impressive, showing their dedication to providing innovative solutions for their customers.

General Tire’s customer service and warranty policies

As a responsible car owner, it’s essential to ensure that you have a reliable brand of tires on your vehicle. General Tire is a brand that has been around since 1915 and is known for producing quality tires that are built to last. Additionally, the company provides excellent customer service and warranty policies that make them stand out.

  • Customer Service: General Tire’s customer service is widely recognized as one of the best in the industry. The company has trained professionals who are always available to answer customer queries and offer assistance. They ensure that customers are satisfied with their products and services through providing timely feedback to their inquiries and addressing concerns. This adds to the confidence that users have in the brand.
  • Warranty policies: General Tire provides a comprehensive warranty policy that covers defects in workmanship and materials for up to six years from the date of purchase. Additionally, the warranty covers damage caused by road hazards, including punctures or impact breaks. General Tire’s warranty policies vary depending on the type of tire purchased. It’s essential to review the specific warranty policy for your tire to ensure you understand the coverage fully.
  • Roadside assistance: General Tire also offers a roadside assistance program that can provide support in the event of a tire failure. The program operates 24/7 and can provide services such as towing, flat tire repair, or jump-starting a dead battery. This adds to the customer’s confidence in the brand and gives them more than just excellent tire recommendations to rely on if they end up with a flat tire or other tire issue while on the road.


General Tire has a reputation for producing quality and reliable tires that can withstand various road conditions. The company’s commitment to providing excellent customer service and warranties makes General Tire stand out from other tire brands. If you’re looking for a trustworthy tire brand that provides excellent services and support, then General Tire is for you.

Overall, General Tire’s customer service and warranty policies are designed to provide customers with peace of mind, knowing that they have a top-quality brand of tires with a comprehensive warranty policy to back them up. The brand’s goal is to provide customers with quality products that they can rely on for extended periods. This makes General Tire a good brand to consider for your next tire purchase.

General Tire’s Market Share and Competition

General Tire is an American tire brand that has been around for over 100 years. The brand has a reputation for offering reliable tires that deliver excellent performance on all types of terrain. The brand’s popularity has grown over the years, and it currently holds a significant share of the market.

The company’s market share is robust, and it has become a reputable brand in the United States. General Tire’s market share is not only limited to the US market, but it has also spread to a global audience. With its excellent reputation, the brand is slowly gaining a considerable following in different parts of the world.

General Tire’s Competitors

  • Michelin
  • Goodyear
  • Bridgestone
  • Pirelli
  • Continental
  • Firestone
  • Hankook
  • Dunlop

Just like any other product, General Tire has several competitors it must face in the market. Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Continental, Firestone, Hankook, and Dunlop represent some of General Tire’s main competitors. Nonetheless, General Tire has managed to stay relevant by offering excellent products that have remained within reach of it consumers.

General Tire’s Market Penetration and Growth

General Tire’s market penetration and growth have been steady. The company has done an excellent job of establishing itself as a reputable brand that offers reliable tires. The brand’s strategy has also been to continuously invest in technology, which has enabled it to deliver products that meet the ever-changing needs of consumers.

General Tire’s growth has been significant, and it has taken advantage of the power of technology to expand its reach. The company continuously adapts to new market trends and consumer preferences, which have helped it to stay ahead of the curve. These factors have contributed to the growth of the brand, making it a household name for tires.

General Tire’s Product Range and Prices

General Tire offers a vast range of products to cater to different consumer needs. The brand has a specific product line that includes various sizes, patterns, and types of tires to cater to different industries and needs. The prices of General Tire’s products vary depending on the type and size of the tire. The brand has competitive prices making it available and affordable to different types of clients.

Type of TireAverage Price
All-Season$80 – $150 per tire
All-Terrain$100 – $250 per tire
Winter$70 – $200 per tire
Performance$100 – $300 per tire

General Tire has something for everyone and their pocket. The prices of General Tire’s products are within reach to different types of clients, offering an option for lower-income families. However, the brand’s prices have also been competitive, which has enabled it to compete with other industry giants.

General Tire’s availability and pricing

General Tire is a well-known brand in the tire industry, offering a wide selection of tires for various vehicles. The availability of General Tires is not an issue, as they can be found in most tire shops and dealerships across the country. Consumers can also purchase them online from retailers such as Amazon, Tire Rack, and Discount Tire Direct.

When it comes to pricing, General Tires are considered to be in the mid-range category, with an average cost of around $100 to $150 per tire. However, the price can vary depending on the tire model, size, and the retailer’s pricing strategy.

Pros and Cons of General Tires Availability and Pricing

  • Pros:
    • General Tires are widely available, making them easy to purchase.
    • Online shopping is an option for consumers who prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes.
    • General Tires are priced competitively and are a good value for the quality they offer.
  • Cons:
    • Some tire models may have limited availability, especially in less populated or rural areas.
    • Prices may vary depending on the retailer and location, affecting the overall cost to the consumer.

Factors Affecting General Tire’s Availability and Pricing

Various factors can influence the availability and pricing of General Tires. The primary factors include:

  • Market competition: the tire market’s fierce competition can affect pricing and availability.
  • Tire technology and manufacturing costs: General Tires are known for their quality, and advancements in tire technology can impact their pricing.
  • Distribution and logistics: the distance a tire has to travel before it reaches a consumer can impact its price and availability.

Comparison of General Tire Pricing to Other Brands

Comparing General Tire’s pricing to other tire brands in the same mid-range category, we can see that they offer a good value for their quality. However, they may be more expensive than some budget tire brands and less expensive than some premium tire brands. Below is a table comparing the average price of General Tires with other popular mid-range tire brands:

Tire BrandAverage Price Per Tire
General Tire$100-$150
Cooper Tires$100-$150
Mickey Thompson$120-$170
Falken Tires$90-$140

Overall, General Tires’ availability and pricing are a few of the factors that make them a competitive brand in the mid-range tire market. Their availability in most tire shops and online platforms offers consumers more options and convenience, while their affordable pricing and quality make them a good value for their purchase.

General Tire’s Future Plans and Developments

As one of the leading tire manufacturers in the world, General Tire has continually strived to remain at the forefront of innovation and technology. They have been working tirelessly to develop new products and technologies that will improve the performance and safety of their tires. Here are some of the recent and upcoming developments from General Tire:

  • General Tire has been focusing on developing new tire designs that will offer improved performance in all weather conditions. They have been working on advanced tread patterns that will help to enhance grip and traction, even in extreme weather conditions.
  • In addition to all-weather tire designs, General Tire has also been developing new models that are specifically designed for electric vehicles. These tires are engineered to provide low rolling resistance, which translates to increased range and efficiency for electric cars.
  • One of General Tire’s most exciting developments is their recent partnership with GE Additive. They have been exploring the use of 3D printing technology to create new tire designs and prototypes. This technology allows for more complex and customized tire designs, which can offer improved performance and safety.

General Tire recognizes the importance of sustainability and the need to reduce their environmental impact. They have been working to develop tires that are more eco-friendly, with reduced carbon emissions and improved efficiency. They have also been exploring new materials and production methods that can help to reduce the environmental footprint of their manufacturing process.

General Tire’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is evident in their recent developments and plans for the future. They are dedicated to providing top-quality products that meet the needs of consumers and exceed their expectations.

New TechnologyDescription
Gen-2 EvolutionNew tire design for high-performance SUVs and light trucks, with improved wet and dry traction, stability, and handling.
Tier 1 OE FitmentsGeneral Tire has been selected as an original equipment (OE) provider for several major car manufacturers, including Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW.
Grabber A/T XNew all-terrain tire with improved performance in mud and snow, as well as on dry and wet roads.

With their ongoing dedication to innovation and sustainability, General Tire is sure to continue to be a highly respected and successful brand in the tire industry.

Is General Tire a Good Brand: FAQs

1. Is General Tire a good brand?

Yes, General Tire is a reliable and trusted brand in the tire industry. It offers a wide range of tires for various types of vehicles, including passenger cars, trucks, and SUVs.

2. Are General Tires durable?

Yes, General Tires are designed to be durable and long-lasting. They are made using advanced technology and high-quality materials that ensure they can withstand different weather and road conditions.

3. How affordable are General Tires compared to other brands?

General Tires are competitively priced and offer great value for money. They are affordable compared to other premium tire brands and offer comparable quality and performance.

4. How good is General Tire’s warranty?

General Tire offers a strong warranty for its tires, which covers defects in workmanship and materials for up to 65,000 miles. The company also offers a free replacement if your tire is damaged within the first year of purchase.

5. Do General Tires perform well in all weather conditions?

Yes, General Tires are engineered to perform well in all weather conditions, including rain, snow, and mud. They have specially designed treads and grooves that provide excellent traction and grip on wet and slippery roads.

6. Are General Tires eco-friendly?

Yes, General Tires are manufactured using eco-friendly materials and processes. The company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and ensuring its tires are sustainable and environmentally responsible.

7. Are General Tires easy to maintain?

Yes, General Tires are easy to maintain and care for. They require regular cleaning, rotation, and balancing to ensure they perform at their best. The company also provides helpful maintenance tips and advice on its website.

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