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Are you searching for high-quality outdoor gear that will last you for many years? If so, then you might have already come across the Flylow brand. But is Flylow a good brand? The answer is a resounding yes! Flylow is a brand that produces premium apparel and gear for outdoor enthusiasts, with an extensive range of products that are built to last and withstand the toughest of conditions. Whether you’re skiing, hiking, or simply exploring the great outdoors, Flylow is a brand that you can depend on.

One of the reasons that Flylow stands out from the pack is because it was created by skiers, for skiers. This means that every product in their range is not only designed with durability in mind but also with a focus on performance. From jackets and pants to gloves and accessories, Flylow goes the extra mile to ensure that their products meet the high standards of the outdoor community. Whether you’re looking for gear that will keep you warm and dry or simply something that looks great and feels comfortable, Flylow is the answer.

While there might be other outdoor gear brands out there, Flylow remains one of the most popular and well-respected options among outdoor enthusiasts of all levels. Its combination of high-quality materials, performance-focused designs, and trendy aesthetics make it a winning choice for anyone who wants to look good, feel great, and stay safe while enjoying their favorite outdoor activities. So why not give Flylow a chance and experience for yourself the quality of their products? Your next adventure awaits!

Overview of Flylow brand history

Flylow is a clothing brand designed for skiers and snowboarders. The company was founded in 2005 by two friends, Greg Steen and Dan Abrams, who were frustrated with the lack of ski clothing that was both stylish and functional. Since then, Flylow has become a popular brand in the outdoor industry, known for their durable and high-quality products.

Flylow prides itself on manufacturing clothing that looks good both on and off the mountain. Their products are designed to withstand tough weather conditions and offer maximum protection for outdoor enthusiasts. The company’s unique designs are inspired by the founders’ love for the outdoors and their dedication to creating high-performing gear.

  • Flylow’s product range includes jackets, pants, shorts, shirts, and other accessories.
  • Their clothing is made with top-tier materials and features innovative designs, such as venting systems and waterproof zippers.
  • The brand’s commitment to sustainability is also evident in their products, with many items made from eco-friendly materials.

Flylow has received multiple accolades for their products, including being named “Best Ski Clothing Brand” by Outside Magazine in 2018. The brand’s popularity has grown quickly since its inception, and Flylow now has a presence in over 300 retailers across North America and Europe.

Overall, Flylow is a brand that combines style, durability, and functionality to create highly functional clothing for outdoor enthusiasts. Their innovative designs and commitment to sustainability make Flylow a top choice for outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

Flylow’s Approach to Sustainability

Flylow is a company that values sustainability and takes this commitment seriously. The brand has implemented a range of practices and initiatives to reduce its environmental impact and promote sustainable practices. Here are some examples of how Flylow approaches sustainability:

  • Using Recycled Materials: Flylow uses recycled materials for many of its products, including jackets, pants, and shorts. This helps to reduce the amount of waste the company produces and lowers its carbon footprint.
  • Reducing Waste: Flylow has also taken steps to reduce its waste production, such as using digital printing for its designs, which reduces the amount of ink and paper used in the printing process. Additionally, the brand works with suppliers to ensure that packaging and shipping materials are made with the environment in mind.
  • Partnering with Green Initiatives: Flylow partners with organizations that promote sustainability and environmental protection, such as Protect Our Winters and the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office. The brand supports these organizations in their efforts to reduce carbon emissions and protect the natural environment.

Flylow is committed to sustainability not only because it’s the responsible thing to do, but because it recognizes that preserving the natural environment is essential to the future of outdoor recreation. By implementing sustainable practices and partnering with organizations that share its values, Flylow is doing its part to protect the planet and ensure that future generations can enjoy the great outdoors.

The Benefits of Choosing a Sustainable Brand like Flylow

When you choose to buy from a sustainable brand like Flylow, you’re not just making a choice that’s good for the planet; you’re also getting a product that’s designed to last. Sustainable materials and production methods tend to result in products that are more durable and long-lasting. This means that you’ll get more use out of your outdoor gear, reducing the need to buy new items and further lowering your environmental impact.


Flylow is a wonderful brand for those who love the great outdoors and are concerned about the impact of their activities on the environment. The company’s commitment to sustainability is commendable, and it’s clear that Flylow takes its responsibility to protect the planet seriously. By choosing Flylow products, you can feel good knowing that you’re supporting a brand that cares about sustainability and is working to make a positive impact on the world.

Advantages of Flylow’s Sustainable PracticesDisadvantages of Non-Sustainable Practices
Reduced carbon footprint and environmental impactGreater carbon footprint and environmental impact
Long-lasting, durable productsProducts that wear out quickly and need to be replaced frequently
Support for organizations and initiatives that promote sustainabilityNo support for sustainability initiatives

The advantages of Flylow’s sustainable practices are clear, and the disadvantages of choosing non-sustainable practices are equally apparent. By making the choice to support a sustainable brand like Flylow, you can help to make a difference and promote a more sustainable future for us all.

Quality of Flylow’s materials and construction

Flylow is a brand well-known for its high-quality materials and construction of their products. The company takes pride in producing outerwear that is designed to last, boasting a lifetime warranty on much of their gear. Let’s explore the different aspects that make Flylow a top choice in terms of materials and construction.

Durable Fabrics

  • Flylow’s outerwear is made of high-quality fabrics that are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including wind, rain, and snow.
  • Their gear features fabrics that offer a high level of breathability, allowing for excellent moisture management. This is crucial for outdoor enthusiasts who are active and expect their gear to keep them dry and comfortable.
  • Most Flylow jackets also incorporate rugged water-repellent coating, ensuring the wearer stays dry even in the wettest conditions.

Thoughtful Design

The brand’s commitment to function and durability is evident in the design of their products. Flylow’s jackets, pants, and accessories are made with the user in mind, incorporating features that are both practical and innovative. For example, their jackets often include:

  • Strategically placed pockets, including inner pockets, to store essentials while on the go.
  • Reinforced areas most vulnerable to wear and tear, such as the cuffs, shoulders, and zippers
  • Ventilation zippers to allow for increased airflow and temperature regulation.

Repairable Gear

One of the most significant benefits of choosing Flylow is their commitment to sustainability. The brand offers a lifetime warranty on many of their products, promising to repair or replace their gear free of charge. This approach is unique in the outdoor gear industry, where products are often viewed as disposable and replaced frequently. Flylow holds themselves to a different standard, encouraging users to repair and maintain their products over the long-term with their sole focus on building high-quality products.


Overall, the materials and construction of Flylow’s products are of world-class quality that represent the brand’s commitment to function, durability, and sustainability. Investors in their outerwear appreciate the strength of the fabrics, well thought out design, and commitment to repairing their gear over replacing it. Whether you’re an avid skier, snowboarder, climber, or just here for the fashion, choosing Flylow guarantees that you get the best value for your money.

High-quality materials that are designed to withstand harsh weather conditionsSlightly higher price range compared to other outdoor gear brands
Innovative and practical features incorporated into designsOver the years, only a limited variety of colors have been offered
Lifetime warranty encourages gear repair instead of replacementNo women’s specific backpacks or bags.

Flylow stands as a testament to the importance of having a long-term mindset when it comes to standard and sustainability in the outdoor gear industry. Choosing Flylow means getting gear that is both functional and durable, made with high-quality materials and a commitment to sustainability.

Variety and Availability of Flylow’s Products

One of the things that makes Flylow a highly respected brand in the outdoor industry is its wide selection of products. The company offers a range of apparel, including ski jackets, pants, gloves, and accessories, all of which are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions while providing ultimate performance and comfort.

Moreover, Flylow has a strong commitment to sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and processes to create their products. For example, some of their jackets feature PFC-free DWR coatings and recycled fabrics. This ensures that customers not only get a high-quality product, but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

  • Flylow’s line of jackets offers something suitable for every type of outdoor activity, from mountaineering to backcountry skiing. Some of their popular products include:
  • The Quantum Pro Jacket, designed for intense alpine ascents and descents.
  • The Billie Coat, a versatile three-season jacket suitable for various outdoor activities.
  • The Cage Pants, a durable, waterproof pair of pants appropriate for mountaineering, ice climbing, or skiing.

In terms of availability, Flylow’s products can be found in many online stores and specialty retailers, making it easy for customers to find what they need, regardless of where they are.

Overall, Flylow’s extensive selection of products and its commitment to sustainability make it a great option for anyone seeking high-performance outdoor apparel.

Wide selection of products suitable for different outdoor activitiesSlightly higher price point compared to other brands
Commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practicesSome customers reported issues with sizing and fit in certain products
High-quality and durable materialsAvailability may be limited in some areas

When it comes to variety and availability, Flylow exceeds expectations with its wide assortment of products, eco-friendly practices, and online and in-store accessibility.

Flylow’s reputation among skiers and snowboarders

Flylow is a brand that manufactures high-quality ski and snowboard gear for enthusiasts who demand the best performance and durability from their equipment. Over the years, the brand has built a strong reputation among skiers and snowboarders for their innovative designs, quality materials, and commitment to sustainability.

  • Quality gear: Flylow is known for producing high-quality ski and snowboard gear that can withstand the harsh conditions of the mountain. From jackets and pants to gloves and hats, the gear is designed to be both functional and durable, so you can ski or ride all day without worrying about your gear falling apart.
  • Innovative designs: Flylow’s designers are always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in ski and snowboard gear. From unique color combinations to advanced materials, Flylow gear stands out from the crowd and offers skiers and snowboarders something different from other brands.
  • Commitment to sustainability: Flylow is committed to sustainability, and the brand uses recycled materials whenever possible. They also partner with organizations dedicated to preserving the natural environments where skiing and snowboarding take place.

Overall, skiers and snowboarders appreciate Flylow’s commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. The brand has developed a loyal following among enthusiasts who demand gear that performs at the highest level and is built to last.

Here are some of the reasons why Flylow has become so popular among skiers and snowboarders:

Reasons for Flylow’s popularity among skiers and snowboarders
High-quality gear that holds up over time
Innovative designs that stand out from the crowd
Commitment to sustainability and using recycled materials
Long-lasting relationships with customers who appreciate the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skier or snowboarder, Flylow is a brand worth checking out. Their commitment to quality and sustainability sets them apart from other brands in the industry, and their gear is designed to help you get the most out of your time on the mountain.

Flylow’s Innovation and Technology in Outdoor Apparel

Flylow is a brand known for its innovative approach to outdoor apparel. Their focus on creativity and technology has allowed them to create high-quality products that are both functional and stylish.

When it comes to innovation, Flylow is always pushing the boundaries. They constantly seek out new fabrics and materials that can enhance the performance and durability of their products. One of their most exciting innovations is their use of 3-layer Intuitive™ fabrics, which are both waterproof and breathable. This technology allows for maximum comfort and protection in even the harshest outdoor conditions.

  • Flylow’s 3-layer Intuitive™ fabrics
  • Their innovative approach to materials and fabrics
  • Their focus on functionality and style

In addition to their focus on innovative materials, Flylow also prides themselves on their dedication to functionality and style. They understand that outdoor enthusiasts need gear that is both practical and fashionable, which is why they offer a wide range of products that combine both. For example, their Baker Bibs are not only made from durable waterproof fabric but also feature a relaxed fit for maximum comfort and style.

But Flylow doesn’t just stop at designing innovative and stylish gear. They also go the extra mile to ensure that their products are environmentally friendly. Their use of bluesign® certified fabrics and partnerships with organizations like Protect Our Winters are just a few examples of their commitment to sustainability.

Flylow’s Innovation and Technology in Outdoor ApparelExamples
3-layer Intuitive™ fabricsBridger Jacket, Chemical Pant
Technical features and functional designFirebird Bib, Smuggler Jacket
Sustainabilitybluesign® certified fabrics, partnerships with POW

Flylow’s dedication to innovation, style, and sustainability make them a brand that is truly worth investing in. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in outdoor apparel is unmatched, and their products are sure to deliver the performance and protection that outdoor enthusiasts demand.

Flylow’s commitment to customer service

At Flylow, customer service is not just a department, it’s a philosophy. The brand is committed to providing exceptional customer service that goes above and beyond industry standards. Flylow firmly believes that each customer interaction is an opportunity to build a lasting relationship with their customers.

  • Flylow offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their products. If for any reason, the product doesn’t meet the customer’s expectations, Flylow will take it back, no questions asked.
  • The brand also offers a lifetime warranty on all their gears against manufacturing defects.
  • Flylow’s customer service team is highly trained, knowledgeable, and always ready to help. They are available via live chat, email, and phone to assist customers in selecting the right product, answering any questions they may have and addressing any issues or concerns.

Flylow’s mantra is to treat customers the way they want to be treated and build a loyal customer base that’s willing to advocate for the brand. The commitment to customer satisfaction has earned Flylow a reputation as one of the most customer-centric outdoor gear brands in the industry.

Overall, Flylow’s commitment to customer service is exemplary and sets them apart from many other brands in the outdoor industry. The brand’s focus on building customer relationships and providing top-notch service is a testament to their dedication to their customers.

So, whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, you can always count on Flylow to provide you with outstanding service and performance gear that you can rely on.

Flylow’s Collaborations with Athletes and Other Brands

Flylow has established itself as a trusted brand that designs high-quality outdoor clothing for skiers and snowboarders. One of the reasons for their success is their collaboration with athletes and other brands that share their passion for skiing and snowboarding.

Here are some of the collaborations that Flylow has made in the past:

  • Collaboration with Salomon: Flylow partnered with Salomon, a leading sports equipment brand, to design a jacket and pant that are waterproof, breathable, and comfortable to wear.
  • Collaboration with Kimmy Fasani: Flylow worked with Kimmy Fasani, a professional snowboarder, to design a jacket that is both stylish and functional. The jacket has many features that are specifically tailored to the needs of snowboarders, such as a removable hood and a powder skirt.
  • Collaboration with Mike Basich: Flylow teamed up with Mike Basich, a big mountain snowboarder, to create a jacket that provides maximum protection against extreme weather conditions. The jacket is made from durable materials and has many features, such as reinforced elbows and a removable powder skirt, that make it ideal for backcountry snowboarding trips.

These collaborations have allowed Flylow to create products that are not only functional but also stylish. By partnering with athletes and other brands, Flylow has been able to design clothing that meets the specific needs of skiers and snowboarders.

Aside from their collaborations with other companies, Flylow also sponsors a team of professional athletes who wear their gear during competitions. These athletes provide valuable feedback that Flylow uses to improve the design and functionality of their products.

AthleteSportSponsorship Type
Julian CarrSkiingProfessional
Drew TabkeSkiingProfessional
Daily BreadSkiingAmbassador
Amie EngerbretsonSkiingProfessional

Overall, Flylow’s collaborations with athletes and other brands have allowed them to stay at the forefront of the ski and snowboard clothing industry. Their innovative designs and commitment to quality have made them a top choice for skiers and snowboarders around the world.

Future plans and expansion for Flylow

As a brand that is known for making high-quality, functional, and stylish outdoor apparel, Flylow has come a long way since its inception in 2005. From its humble beginnings as a ski clothing brand started by two friends in a basement, Flylow has grown to become one of the most recognized names in the outdoor clothing industry.

The brand has always been focused on creating products that are both stylish and functional, and this has helped them build a loyal following of outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate the quality and attention to detail that goes into each and every garment.

  • Expanding their product line: Flylow has already established itself as a brand that makes quality ski and outdoor clothing. However, the company has plans to expand its product line in the coming years. This includes launching a line of casual and lifestyle clothing that can be worn both on and off the slopes. The new line will be just as durable and functional as their current offerings, but with a more versatile look and feel.
  • Reaching new customers: Flylow has always been a brand that caters to the outdoor adventurer. However, the company wants to reach a wider audience and expand their customer base. They plan to do this by working with influencers, athletes, and other well-known figures who share their love of the outdoors and represent the Flylow brand.
  • International expansion: While Flylow has been primarily focused on the North American market, the company has plans to expand internationally in the coming years. They are already gaining traction in Europe and Australia and plan to further expand into these markets as well as others around the world.

In addition to expanding their product line and customer base, Flylow is also committed to sustainability and reducing their environmental impact. They have already taken steps to use eco-friendly materials in their clothing and are continually looking for ways to improve their manufacturing processes.

Future Plans and Expansion for FlylowGoal
Expand product lineTo provide customers with more versatile options that can be worn both on and off the slopes.
Reach new customersTo establish their brand among a wider audience using well-known influencers and athletes.
International expansionTo expand their market beyond North America and into markets such as Europe and Australia.
Commit to sustainabilityTo reduce their environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials and improving their manufacturing processes.

Overall, Flylow has exciting plans for the future and is committed to providing high-quality, functional, and sustainable clothing to outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

Is Flylow a Good Brand? FAQs

1. What makes Flylow a good brand?
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4. Is Flylow’s clothing comfortable to wear?
5. Does Flylow offer a good variety of products?
6. Are Flylow’s products reasonably priced?
7. Is Flylow environmentally conscious?

Is Flylow a Good Brand? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’re wondering whether Flylow is a good brand, the answer is yes. Flylow’s high-quality products are known for being both durable and comfortable to wear. Plus, they offer a wide variety of clothing for all seasons, so you can easily find something that fits your needs. Additionally, Flylow’s products are priced reasonably, making them accessible to a range of budgets. Moreover, Flylow is committed to sustainable practices, so you can feel good about your purchases. We hope this article helped answer your questions about Flylow. Thanks for reading, and visit us again soon for more insightful content.