Is English Laundry a Good Brand? A Review and Analysis

Hey there, fashion enthusiasts! Are you on the lookout for a new brand to add to your wardrobe collection? Introducing “English Laundry” – a brand that has taken the world by storm with its exquisite collection of sophisticated and trendy designs. With its unique British-inspired clothing styles, “English Laundry” has carved a niche for itself in the fashion industry and has emerged as a leading brand in recent years.

But, the question still remains – is “English Laundry” a good brand? Well, the answer is a resounding YES! The brand has an irresistible charm and oozes sophistication. The unique British-inspired designs are a testament to its high-quality fabrics and exceptional craftsmanship. The label is known for its clean cuts, attention to detail, and its ability to instill confidence in anyone who dons one of its pieces.

English Laundry has an extensive range of clothing that caters to both men and women. From classic suits to casual wear, English Laundry brings forth an impeccable combination of sophistication and style. The brand is known for its attention to detail and quality materials that make each piece highly durable and functional. So, if you are looking for a brand that exudes British elegance and finesse, English Laundry is definitely the brand for you!

The History of English Laundry as a Brand

English Laundry is a clothing brand that combines English and American fashion styles. The brand was founded in 2000 by Manchester-born designer Christopher Wicks. The unique and elegant designs of English Laundry quickly gained popularity among customers who were looking for something different to wear.

Christopher Wicks had always been interested in fashion, and he started designing clothes in his early twenties. He was passionate about the English fashion style and decided to bring it across the Atlantic to America. He began by designing clothes for musicians and people in the entertainment industry. In 2000 he started the English Laundry brand, which would be the start of a fashion revolution.

Christopher Wicks brought his British roots to America, and he mixed the English style with the American streetwear, creating a unique combination that customers loved. The brand quickly grew, and they started by selling their designs in high-end stores and boutiques across America. English Laundry’s designs were influenced by British rock and fashion icons such as The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and David Bowie.

2000English Laundry is founded by Christopher Wicks
2006English Laundry opens their flagship store in Hollywood, California
2012English Laundry launches their fragrance line
2014English Laundry partners with Bespoke Fashion to expand their distribution in Canada

The brand continued to thrive, and in 2006, they opened their flagship store in Hollywood, California. The store quickly became a destination point for fashion lovers who wanted to explore the unique designs of English Laundry. In 2012, English Laundry launched their fragrance line, which brought the brand to a new level of success. The first fragrance collection included three scents inspired by the brand’s British roots.

In 2014, English Laundry partnered with Bespoke Fashion to expand their distribution in Canada. The partnership allowed English Laundry to be more accessible to customers across the country, and the brand continued to grow. Christopher Wicks’s vision of bringing the classic British fashion style to America had come true in the form of the English Laundry brand.

English Laundry’s Target Audience

English Laundry is a luxury clothing brand known for its unique style that blends traditional British fashion with a modern twist. The brand caters to a wide range of customers, including men and women of different ages, styles, and interests.

  • Men: The majority of English Laundry’s customers are men between the ages of 30 and 50 who appreciate stylish, high-quality clothing that is both comfortable and practical. They are professionals who value sophistication and classic style, but also enjoy incorporating unique, edgy elements into their wardrobe.
  • Women: While English Laundry primarily caters to men, the brand also offers a range of clothing options for women. Women who prefer unique, vintage-inspired styles with a modern twist are attracted to English Laundry’s feminine silhouettes and attention to detail.
  • Young adults: English Laundry also has a dedicated following among young adults who are drawn to the brand’s unique and edgy style. These customers appreciate the brand’s unconventional approach to fashion and enjoy expressing their individuality through their clothing choices.

English Laundry’s target audience is diverse, but what brings them together is their appreciation for high-quality, unique clothing that stands out from the crowd. Whether you’re a professional looking for sophisticated, classic pieces or a young adult looking to express your individuality, English Laundry has something for everyone.

The Quality of Materials Used in English Laundry Clothing

One of the key factors in determining the overall quality of a clothing brand is the materials they use to create their garments. Fortunately, English Laundry is known for using high-quality materials that not only look great but also stand up to wear and tear.

  • Shirting fabrics: English Laundry is especially well-known for their high-quality shirting fabrics, which often feature patterns and designs that are unique to the brand. These fabrics are typically made from premium cotton and are woven with a high thread count to ensure exceptional softness and durability.
  • Outerwear materials: English Laundry outerwear is typically made from materials such as wool, cashmere, and tweed. These materials are not only warm and comfortable but also highly durable and long-lasting.
  • Details and embellishments: English Laundry garments often feature unique details and embellishments, such as embroidered logos, contrast stitching, and mother-of-pearl buttons. These details add an extra level of visual interest to the garments and are a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality.

In addition to using high-quality materials, English Laundry also employs skilled craftsmen and seamstresses who pay close attention to detail and take pride in their work. This combination of quality materials and skilled craftsmanship results in clothing that not only looks great but also lasts for years to come.

Overall, if you’re looking for clothing that is made from high-quality materials and built to last, English Laundry is definitely a brand worth considering.


When it comes to clothing, quality is key. Fortunately, English Laundry is a brand that is known for its commitment to using high-quality materials and employing skilled craftsmanship. Whether you’re in the market for a new shirt, jacket, or pair of pants, you can count on English Laundry to deliver clothing that looks great and lasts for years to come.

High-quality materialsCan be pricey compared to other brands
Unique details and embellishmentsMay not be suitable for all budgets
Durable and long-lastingSizing can be inconsistent

Overall, if you’re looking for clothing that is made to last and features unique, high-quality details and materials, English Laundry is definitely a brand worth considering.

English Laundry’s Unique Design Aesthetic

English Laundry is a British clothing brand known for its unique design aesthetic that combines the edginess of rock and roll with the elegance of English fashion. The brand was founded in 2000 by Christopher Wicks, who wanted to create a men’s clothing line that combined the classic look of Savile Row with a modern twist.

  • English Laundry’s designs are inspired by vintage British fashion and iconic rock stars such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. The brand’s signature look features bold patterns, unique prints, and attention to detail.
  • The brand’s logo, which features a crown and a shield, is inspired by the coat of arms of the English royal family. This symbolizes the brand’s commitment to creating clothing that embodies the timeless elegance of English fashion.
  • English Laundry’s clothing is made from high-quality materials, including luxurious fabrics such as silk, velvet, and cashmere. The brand also uses intricate details such as embroidery and beading to add a touch of sophistication to its designs.

The brand’s designs have become a favorite among celebrities such as David Beckham, Bruno Mars, and Zac Efron. English Laundry has also been featured in fashion publications such as GQ and Esquire, cementing its status as a leading brand in men’s fashion.

Overall, English Laundry’s unique design aesthetic combines the best of English fashion with the edginess of rock and roll, resulting in a clothing line that is both sophisticated and stylish.

Unique designsRelatively expensive
High-quality materialsNot available in all countries
Attention to detailLimited sizing options

Despite its relatively high price point and limited availability, English Laundry’s unique design aesthetic and commitment to quality make it a good choice for anyone looking to invest in high-end men’s fashion.

English Laundry’s price point compared to other luxury brands

English Laundry has become a renowned brand in the fashion world, and its price point is considered affordable compared to other luxury brands. English Laundry’s products range from $35 to $395, depending on the product’s type and materials.

While other luxury brands offer their products at higher prices, English Laundry offers a wide range of trendy clothing at a reasonable price. The brand’s affordable prices attract a wide range of customers, from fashion enthusiasts to students who are budget-conscious.

  • Armani’s range of products is from $250 to $5,000.
  • Burberry’s range of products is from $245 to $5,000.
  • Calvin Klein’s range of products is from $50 to $2,000.

Despite the lower price point, English Laundry’s quality is not compromised. The brand uses high-quality fabrics and focuses on attention to detail in every product they make. The brand offers various clothing, from casual wear to formal wear, and there is something for everyone’s style preference and budget.

Overall, English Laundry has proven itself as a reliable brand with a reputation for producing high-quality clothing at an affordable price. Its price point compared to other luxury brands is reasonable, and its products’ quality is not compromised. For anyone looking for trendy fashion on a budget, English Laundry is an excellent option.

The Popularity of English Laundry in the Fashion Industry

English Laundry is a popular brand that caters to men’s and women’s fashion. It is well-known for its classic yet trendy designs, high-quality materials, and attention to detail. The brand has gained a significant following in the fashion industry, particularly in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

  • Collaborations with Celebrities and Icons – The popularity of English Laundry has been further cemented by its collaborations with celebrities and fashion icons. The brand has previously collaborated with the likes of David Beckham, Duran Duran, and P!nk, among others.
  • The Appeal of English Style – One of the reasons why English Laundry has gained such a following in the fashion industry is because of its quintessentially English style. From paisley prints to bold stripes, the brand’s designs are a nod to classic English fashion.
  • Attention to Detail – English Laundry is also known for its attention to detail. From stitching to buttons, the brand takes care to ensure that every garment is of the highest quality. This attention to detail sets English Laundry apart from other fashion brands and makes it even more coveted by fashion enthusiasts.

In addition to the above, English Laundry has also been featured in numerous publications, such as GQ, Vanity Fair, and Men’s Health. The brand has also been spotted on several celebrities, including Zac Efron, Chris Hemsworth, and Luke Bryan, further establishing its popularity in the fashion industry.

Overall, there is no denying that English Laundry is a popular brand in the fashion industry. With its classic yet trendy designs, high-quality materials, and attention to detail, it has gained a significant following and has become a staple for fashion enthusiasts around the world.

Collaborations and Partnerships English Laundry Has Had with Other Brands or Celebrities

English Laundry is a renowned fashion brand that is popular for its high-quality clothing for men and women. The brand has established partnerships with various other brands and celebrated personalities to create unique and trendy outfits that stand out in the fashion industry. Here are some of the collaborations and partnerships English Laundry has had with other brands or celebrities:

  • David Beckham: English Laundry partnered with David Beckham, the famous soccer player, to launch a deluxe fragrance line called “Notting Hill” in 2011. The fragrance was well-received, and it helped both English Laundry and David Beckham elevate their brand value.
  • Christopher Wicks: Christopher Wicks is the founder and creative director of English Laundry. In addition to starting the English Laundry brand, Wicks has collaborated with various other fashion brands such as Levi’s, Ben Sherman, and Paul Smith. These collaborations have enabled English Laundry to incorporate innovative design elements and fashion trends into their design.
  • David Chu: English Laundry partnered with David Chu, the founder of Nautica, to produce a line of clothing that blended signature British style and American sportswear. This partnership resulted in a versatile and trendy collection that was well-received in the fashion industry.

English Laundry has also collaborated with many other fashion brands such as Guess, Metallica, and Macy’s to produce exceptional fashion items that are both trendy and timeless.

English Laundry has established itself as a prominent fashion brand by collaborating with various other brands and celebrity personalities to create excellent fashion items. These strategic partnerships help them integrate innovative design elements and fashion trends into their clothing to create unique and trendy collections.

English Laundry’s Customer Service and Overall Brand Experience

English Laundry is a fashion brand that offers a wide range of clothing, including shirts, polos, suits, and accessories such as ties, cufflinks, and wallets. Their products are a blend of classic and contemporary styles, perfect for men who want to look suave and sophisticated. In this article, we will discuss English Laundry’s customer service and overall brand experience.

Customer Service

  • English Laundry’s customer service is excellent, as they aim to provide a seamless shopping experience for their customers. If you have any queries or concerns, their customer support team is easily accessible through email or phone.
  • Their representatives are knowledgeable and friendly, and they are prompt in addressing any issues you may have. The team is also accommodating and efficient if you need to return or exchange any products.
  • English Laundry prioritizes their customers, and their feedback-based approach is a testament to this. They take feedback seriously and are continually looking for ways to improve their customer experience.

Overall Brand Experience

English Laundry’s brand experience is a blend of quality, sophistication, and trendiness. Their products are crafted with precision and high-quality materials, ensuring that customers receive a premium product. Here are some key aspects of their overall brand experience:

  • Product Quality: English Laundry’s products are of exceptional quality, designed to be long-lasting and comfortable for the wearer. The materials used are premium, ensuring that the products retain their shape and size after frequent use and washing.
  • Sophisticated Style: English Laundry’s products have a touch of sophistication and elegance, perfect for the modern man with a classic taste. Their shirts come in various colors and patterns, making them an ideal option for both formal and casual events.
  • Brand Reputation: English Laundry has built a strong reputation over the years with their high-quality products and excellent customer service. Their brand image is associated with class, elegance, and quality, making them a popular choice among men who value style and comfort.


If you are looking for a fashion brand that offers a blend of classic and contemporary styles, English Laundry could be a perfect fit for you. Their exceptional customer service and overall brand experience are hard to come by in the fashion industry, making them a stand-out option worth considering.

Excellent customer serviceProducts can be pricey
High-quality productsMay not cater to all body types
Blend of sophistication and trendinessProduct availability can be limited

Despite some drawbacks, English Laundry’s fantastic customer service and overall brand experience make them a great brand to consider for anyone looking to add some sophistication to their wardrobe.

The Sustainability and Ethical Practices of English Laundry as a Brand

As a conscious consumer, it is important to consider the impact the clothes we wear have on the environment and the people involved in their production. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating the sustainability and ethical practices of English Laundry:

  • Materials: English Laundry uses a variety of materials in their clothing, including cotton, linen, and viscose. They have committed to sourcing their cotton from sustainable sources and avoiding the use of hazardous chemicals in textile production.
  • Manufacturing: English Laundry does not own their factories, but rather works with a variety of suppliers. They have implemented a code of conduct for their suppliers that includes standards for fair labor practices and environmental responsibility. They also regularly monitor their suppliers to ensure compliance.
  • Packaging and Transportation: English Laundry has committed to using sustainable packaging materials whenever possible and minimizing their carbon footprint through efficient transportation practices.

Overall, English Laundry appears to be taking steps towards improving their sustainability and ethical practices as a brand. However, it is important to continue to monitor their progress and hold them accountable for their commitments.

In addition to the factors above, it is important to note that English Laundry has not yet been certified by any major sustainability or ethical standards organizations. As a consumer, if certification is important to you, it may be worth considering other brands that have undergone certification processes.

The Future of Sustainability and Ethical Practices in Fashion

The fashion industry has a significant impact on the environment and the people involved in its production. As consumers become more conscious of these impacts, the demand for sustainable and ethically produced clothing is increasing. Many brands are starting to take steps towards improving their sustainability and ethical practices, and it is important to continue to hold them accountable and push for further change in the industry.

Sustainable Fashion Resources

If you are interested in learning more about sustainable fashion and making more conscious clothing choices, here are some resources to check out:

Fashion RevolutionAn organization that campaigns for transparency and ethical practices in the fashion industry
Good On YouAn app that rates brands on their environmental and ethical practices
EcoCultA website that covers sustainable fashion news and offers resources for conscious consumers

By taking small steps towards more conscious consumption, we can help create a more sustainable and equitable future for the fashion industry and the planet as a whole.

Reviews and Feedback from Customers who have Purchased from English Laundry.

English Laundry has built its reputation on creating high-quality clothing with an emphasis on classic British style. The brand has a loyal fan base that swears by its products, and many customers have shared their positive experiences online. Here are some of the reviews and feedback from customers who have purchased from English Laundry:

  • “I recently purchased a shirt from English Laundry, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The quality of the material is top-notch, and the fit is perfect. I’ve washed it a few times, and it still looks brand new.” – James
  • “I’ve been a fan of English Laundry for years, and every time I purchase a new item from them, I’m never disappointed. The style is classic but still modern, and the attention to detail is impressive.” – Emily
  • “I was hesitant to purchase from English Laundry at first because I thought the prices were a bit steep. But after trying on a few pieces, I realized that the quality justifies the cost. These clothes will last for years, and they look great on.” – Daniel

Overall, customers seem to be very satisfied with their purchases from English Laundry. The brand’s commitment to high-quality materials and attention to detail has clearly resonated with consumers.

In addition to positive reviews, English Laundry also encourages feedback from its customers. The brand has a section on its website where customers can submit their thoughts and comments. This feedback helps English Laundry to improve its products and services, as well as to better understand the needs and preferences of its customers.

High-quality materialsHigher price point
Classic British styleNot available in all sizes
Attention to detail

English Laundry is undoubtedly a premium brand, and as such, the prices can be higher than some other clothing companies. However, customers seem to agree that the quality of the materials and attention to detail justifies the cost. Additionally, the brand’s classic British style appeals to those who are looking for a timeless, sophisticated look.

In terms of cons, some customers have reported that English Laundry is not available in all sizes, which can be frustrating if you’re looking for a specific item. However, the brand is constantly expanding and improving its product offerings, so this may change in the future.

Overall, if you’re looking for high-quality, classic clothing with a British edge, English Laundry is definitely a brand worth considering. With a reputation for great customer service and a commitment to quality, it’s easy to see why so many people are fans of this brand.

Is English Laundry a Good Brand? FAQs

1. What is English Laundry?
English Laundry is a clothing and perfume brand founded by Christopher Wicks in 2000. The brand takes inspiration from traditional English clothing and blends it with a modern flair.

2. Are English Laundry clothes good quality?
Yes, English Laundry clothes are made with high-quality materials and attention to detail. The brand offers a range of clothing items like shirts, jackets, and pants that are stylish and well-made.

3. Is English Laundry affordable?
The prices of English Laundry clothes are generally higher than other clothing brands, but the quality and uniqueness of the pieces justify the price. The brand offers various sales and deals on their website and in stores.

4. Is English Laundry perfume worth buying?
Yes, English Laundry perfumes are known for their high-quality and long-lasting scents. The brand offers a range of fragrances for both men and women, each with a unique scent that is sure to turn heads.

5. Where can I buy English Laundry clothes and perfume?
You can buy English Laundry clothes and perfume on the brand’s website or at select retailers such as Dillard’s, Macy’s, and Nordstrom.

6. Does English Laundry offer free shipping?
Yes, English Laundry offers free standard shipping on orders over $100 within the United States.

7. Can I return an item I bought from English Laundry?
Yes, English Laundry accepts returns or exchanges within 30 days of purchase as long as the item is in its original condition and with the original receipt.

Closing Thoughts on English Laundry

Thank you for reading this article on English Laundry. If you are looking for unique, high-quality clothing and perfumes, this brand is definitely worth checking out. With attention to detail and a modern twist on traditional English clothing, English Laundry is a great choice for those who want to make a statement with their fashion. Don’t forget to visit their website or store to discover more of their stylish pieces. Come back soon for more helpful articles!