Is Earth Harbor a Good Brand? A Comprehensive Review

If you’re in the market for natural skincare products, then you might have come across Earth Harbor. But is Earth Harbor a good brand? Well, let’s just say that their products are causing quite a stir in the beauty industry. And for good reason, too. Earth Harbor is a brand that prides itself on using organic, non-toxic, and sustainable ingredients that are gentle on the skin. Plus, their products are vegan and cruelty-free!

But that’s not all. Earth Harbor’s mission is to create skincare products that not only enhance your natural beauty but also promote self-love and environmental awareness. They’re all about empowering individuals to make a difference in the world, one small step at a time. Earth Harbor’s dedication to creating products with a purpose is what sets them apart from other skincare brands.

So, if you’re looking for skincare products that not only make you look and feel good but also support a more sustainable future, then Earth Harbor is the brand for you. From their nourishing face serums to their refreshing body scrubs, Earth Harbor has everything you need to elevate your skincare routine. So, why not give them a try and see for yourself why Earth Harbor is a good brand? Your skin (and the planet) will thank you.

Overview of Earth Harbor as a Brand

Earth Harbor is a skincare brand that produces all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and ocean-friendly skincare products. The brand’s mission is to provide safe and effective skincare products that not only benefit the skin but also help to protect our oceans. Earth Harbor uses eco-friendly packaging, and their products are free from harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances.

  • The brand was founded by Ali Perry-Hatch who wanted to create effective skincare products that were safe for her own sensitive skin.
  • Earth Harbor sources their ingredients from ethical and sustainable suppliers.
  • The brand offers a wide range of skincare products, including cleansers, serums, masks, and moisturizers.

Earth Harbor’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness is evident in their practices and the products they produce. They use minimal packaging and are constantly improving their formulas to ensure that they are not harmful to the environment. Consumers can trust that Earth Harbor products are both effective and environmentally conscious.

If you’re looking for a beauty brand that is not only effective but also prioritizes the environment and sustainability, Earth Harbor is a great choice. Their all-natural, ocean-friendly products are gentle on the skin and the environment, giving consumers the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are choosing a responsible brand.

Earth Harbor’s Commitment to Using Clean Ingredients

At Earth Harbor, the commitment to using clean ingredients is at the core of the brand’s philosophy. The founders believe that nature provides everything that is required for healthy and effective skincare, and all the products are formulated with that in mind.

The brand is committed to using only clean, non-toxic, and sustainably sourced ingredients. All the ingredients are tested for purity, safety, and efficacy and are chosen based on their ability to promote healthy skin without causing harm to the environment.

What Makes Earth Harbor Ingredients Clean?

  • All ingredients are plant-based and cruelty-free
  • All products are free from synthetic fragrances, colors, and other harmful chemicals
  • All preservatives used are natural and non-toxic
  • The packaging used is eco-friendly and recyclable

Earth Harbor’s Ingredient Selection Process

The brand’s commitment to using clean ingredients extends to their selection process. The team carefully researches each ingredient to ensure that it meets their high standards of purity and sustainability. They use the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Skin Deep database, which rates the safety of ingredients based on their potential for toxicity and the level of research available.

The brand also works with suppliers who follow sustainable and ethical practices to minimize their impact on the environment. The team sources ingredients from small farmers and communities, supporting local economies and fostering relationships with growers who share their values.

Earth Harbor’s Ingredient Transparency

Earth Harbor values transparency and believes that customers deserve to know what they are putting on their skin. All products are labelled with a full list of ingredients, and the brand is open about their sourcing and manufacturing processes. They also provide information on the benefits of each ingredient, empowering customers to make informed choices about their skincare.

Gemstone-infused seawaterhydrates and revitalizes skin
Vegan stem cellsstimulates collagen production and improves skin texture
Blue tansy oilcalms inflammation and soothes irritated skin

Earth Harbor’s commitment to using clean ingredients is a testament to their dedication to providing safe, effective, and environmentally sustainable skincare. By consciously choosing natural and non-toxic ingredients, the brand is encouraging a shift towards cleaner beauty and contributing to a healthier planet.

Earth Harbor’s Sustainability Efforts

Earth Harbor is a brand that has made sustainability a top priority in their business practices. They are committed to creating products that are not only good for the skin but also good for the planet. Here are three ways Earth Harbor is working towards sustainability:

  • Ingredient Sourcing: Earth Harbor works with sustainable, organic, and biodynamic farms to source their ingredients. They use sustainable packaging materials like glass bottles and recyclable plastic containers.
  • Plastic Reduction: Earth Harbor has been committed to reducing plastic waste by using glass as their primary packaging material. They also offer a refill program for customers to reuse their bottles and reduce waste.
  • Clean Water Initiative: Earth Harbor is working towards preserving clean water by donating a portion of their profits to ocean conservation and cleanup initiatives. They also use plant-based ingredients that don’t harm the ocean and aquatic life.

In addition to these efforts, Earth Harbor also ensures their products are cruelty-free, vegan, and free of harmful chemicals. They are also transparent about their ingredients and sourcing, so customers can make informed purchases and support a brand that aligns with their values.

If you’re looking for a skincare brand that is committed to sustainability and clean ingredients, Earth Harbor is a great choice. Their dedication to the environment and transparency in their business practices make them a brand to watch in the world of eco-conscious skincare.

Source: Earth Harbor website, “Our Mission.”

Commitment to ingredient sourcing from sustainable, organic and biodynamic farmsCurrently a small brand with a limited product range
Use of glass packaging to reduce plastic wasteProducts may not be suitable for those with certain skin concerns or sensitivities
Donation of a portion of profits towards ocean conservation and cleanup initiativesProducts may be slightly more expensive compared to other non-sustainable brands

Overall, Earth Harbor’s commitment to sustainability and clean ingredients make them a great choice for conscious consumers looking for eco-friendly skincare options.

Positive Customer Reviews of Earth Harbor Products

One of the best ways to determine if a skincare product is truly effective is by looking at customer reviews. Luckily for Earth Harbor, the brand has received glowing customer feedback for its products. Here are some notable reviews:

  • “I’ve been using Earth Harbor for several months and my skin has never felt better! The products are all-natural and leave my skin feeling healthy and rejuvenated. I highly recommend this brand!”
  • “I’ve struggled with acne for years and have tried countless skincare brands. Earth Harbor is the only one that has truly worked for me. My skin is clearer than it’s been in years!”
  • “I love Earth Harbor’s commitment to sustainability and clean ingredients. The packaging is also beautiful and looks great on my bathroom counter. Great products all around!”

These reviews are just a few examples of the positive feedback that Earth Harbor has received from customers. The brand’s focus on all-natural and sustainable ingredients has certainly struck a chord with skincare enthusiasts who want to take care of their skin while also taking care of the planet.

Earth Harbor’s Partnerships with Other Eco-Friendly Brands

Earth Harbor has been partnering with various eco-friendly brands in the industry to further promote sustainability and inspire mindful living. These partnerships have been created to uphold the brand’s pledge to deliver ethical, vegan, and cruelty-free skincare products that are safe for both people and the planet.

  • Partnering with 1% for the Planet – Earth Harbor has joined forces with 1% of the Planet, a non-profit organization that helps businesses and individuals support environmental causes through their fundraising. As a member, Earth Harbor pledges to donate 1% of its sales to environmental organizations that align with its values, mission and vision.
  • Collaboration with The Ocean Foundation – Earth Harbor has cooked up a partnership with The Ocean Foundation, a nonprofit organization working towards protecting marine life and habitats. Together, they launched the limited edition Ocean Collection, which features three of Earth Harbor’s best-selling products packaged in eco-friendly materials, with a portion of sales going to support The Ocean Foundation’s programs and projects.
  • Teaming up with TerraCycle – Earth Harbor has also partnered with TerraCycle, a global recycling company that helps turn waste into sustainable raw materials and products. Through this partnership, Earth Harbor is able to recycle its product containers and packaging through recycling programs offered by TerraCycle, keeping plastic waste out of landfills and oceans.

These partnerships provide Earth Harbor with an opportunity to give back to the environment and work towards a more sustainable future for everyone. By partnering with other eco-friendly organizations, Earth Harbor is able to amplify its message of conscious and ethical skincare, and inspire a larger movement towards mindful living.

Earth Harbor’s Packaging and Shipping Practices

When it comes to purchasing products, packaging and shipping practices are important factors to consider. Earth Harbor takes pride in its eco-friendly approach to packaging and shipping, aligning with their mission of sustainability and respect for the environment. Here are some important details about Earth Harbor’s packaging and shipping practices:

  • Earth Harbor uses 100% recyclable and compostable shipping materials, including boxes, envelopes, and paper filler.
  • All orders come with a biodegradable shipping label, which is made from plant-based materials.
  • Earth Harbor sources its packaging materials from eco-friendly suppliers, ensuring that they maintain their commitment to reducing their environmental impact.

In addition to their eco-friendly packaging materials, Earth Harbor ensures that their shipping process is also sustainable. They use the most efficient shipping carrier available, ensuring that their carbon footprint is minimized. They also strive to consolidate shipments whenever possible, reducing the number of trips and fuel used.

Overall, Earth Harbor’s packaging and shipping practices are in line with their mission to protect the environment and promote sustainability. Customers can feel good knowing that their purchase from Earth Harbor was packaged and shipped with care for the environment.

100% recyclable and compostable packaging materialsMay take longer to receive products due to more eco-friendly shipping options
Biodegradable shipping label made from plant-based materials
Sourcing eco-friendly packaging materials from sustainable suppliers

Earth Harbor’s commitment to eco-friendly packaging and shipping practices makes them a great choice for consumers who prioritize sustainable practices when making purchasing decisions.

Earth Harbor’s Certification and Labeling

When it comes to skincare, there are a lot of buzzwords and certifications thrown around. Earth Harbor is committed to being completely transparent about their ingredients and their sourcing, so you can feel good about using their products. Here are some of the certifications and labeling you’ll see on Earth Harbor products:

  • Leaping Bunny Certified: This certification means that Earth Harbor is committed to being cruelty-free. This means no testing on animals, at any stage of production.
  • EWG Verified: EWG (Environmental Working Group) is a non-profit organization that rates the safety of products based on their ingredient list. Earth Harbor has been verified by EWG, meaning their products meet their strict safety standards.
  • USDA Certified Organic: Many of Earth Harbor’s ingredients are certified organic by the USDA. This means that the ingredients are free from harmful pesticides and other toxic chemicals.

In addition to these certifications, Earth Harbor takes great care in labeling their products accurately. You’ll find all of the ingredients listed on the packaging, and they use clear and concise language to make sure you understand what’s in your products. They also avoid using any vague or misleading buzzwords that can be confusing, like “all-natural” or “chemical-free.”

Overall, Earth Harbor’s commitment to transparency and dedication to using safe, sustainable ingredients has earned them a solid reputation in the clean beauty world. Whether you’re looking for a new serum or a gentle cleanser, you can feel confident in using Earth Harbor products.


With a wide variety of natural and organic ingredients and a commitment to transparency and safe practices, Earth Harbor is a brand worth trying. Their certifications and labeling ensure that you’re using a product that is cruelty-free, safe, and free from harmful toxins. Give their products a try and see the difference for yourself!

Earth Harbor’s Transparency in Ingredient Sourcing

One of the key factors that makes Earth Harbor a good brand is its transparency in ingredient sourcing. The company takes pride in using only natural, ocean-inspired ingredients that are sustainably sourced and ethically harvested. This ensures that their products are not only safe and effective, but also environmentally conscious.

  • Earth Harbor sources their ingredients from small-batch suppliers that prioritize ethical and sustainable practices.
  • The brand also works closely with farmers and harvesters to ensure that their ingredients are sourced in a responsible manner.
  • All of Earth Harbor’s ingredients are listed on their website, along with detailed information about their sourcing and benefits.

This level of transparency is refreshing in an industry where many brands are not forthcoming about their ingredient sources. By providing this information to customers, Earth Harbor is building trust and credibility with its audience.

To give customers even more transparency, Earth Harbor uses eco-friendly packaging and provides detailed instructions on recycling their products.

Benefits of Earth Harbor’s Transparent Ingredient Sourcing
Customers can make informed choices about the products they purchase.
Earth Harbor establishes a level of trust and credibility with its audience.
Supports sustainable and ethical practices in the beauty industry.

Overall, Earth Harbor’s commitment to ingredient transparency sets them apart from other brands in the industry. By prioritizing sustainable and ethical practices, they are not only providing effective skincare products, but also contributing to a better world.

Earth Harbor’s Mission and Values

Earth Harbor is a brand that deeply understands the value of our planet’s natural resources and the importance of taking care of them. The company has made it their mission to create sustainable, non-toxic, and ethical products that are not only good for the planet but also for our skin. They have a mission to provide effective and luxurious skincare solutions that are clean, safe, and affordable for everyone.

  • Sustainability: Earth Harbor believes in being responsible stewards of the planet. They source the ingredients for their products sustainably and use recycled and biodegradable packaging.
  • Non-Toxic: All of Earth Harbor’s products are non-toxic, and they avoid using harmful chemicals such as synthetic fragrance, parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.
  • Ethical Practices: Earth Harbor believes in fair trade and ethical practices. They work with suppliers who share their values, and they are committed to treating their employees with respect and fairness.

Earth Harbor believes in creating a culture of good health and sustainability. They believe that everyone should have access to clean and effective skincare solutions. They pride themselves on using natural ingredients that are good for the planet and good for your skin.

The brand’s values and mission are reflected in their products, which are made with care and attention to detail. They believe in transparency and honesty and are committed to educating their customers on the benefits of using natural and sustainable skincare products.

Core ValuesMission
SustainabilityTo provide effective and luxurious skincare solutions that are clean, safe, and affordable for everyone.
Non-ToxicTo create sustainable, non-toxic, and ethical products that are not only good for the planet but also for our skin.
Ethical PracticesTo be responsible stewards of the planet and create a culture of good health and sustainability.

Overall, Earth Harbor is a brand that is committed to making a difference and creating positive change. Their mission and values are rooted in sustainability, non-toxicity, and ethical practices. They strive to make skincare a more conscious and responsible activity that benefits both you and the planet.

Earth Harbor’s Impact on the Clean Beauty Industry

Earth Harbor, a natural skincare brand, has made significant strides in promoting the importance of clean beauty products. The brand has been successful in raising awareness about using eco-friendly and organic ingredients in skincare products. Below are the ways in which Earth Harbor has positively impacted the clean beauty industry:

  • Using sustainable practices: Earth Harbor is committed to using sustainable and ethical practices while sourcing ingredients, manufacturing, and packaging their products. The brand’s focus on sustainability has inspired other companies to take similar measures, leading to a positive impact on the environment.
  • Using clean and organic ingredients: Earth Harbor’s use of clean and organic ingredients has set a new standard in the beauty industry. The brand has inspired other companies to follow suit and remove harmful chemicals from their products.
  • Empowering customers: Earth Harbor educates its customers about eco-friendly and sustainable practices, encouraging them to adopt a more mindful approach to skincare. This approach has helped consumers make informed decisions about the products they use and has made them more conscious about the environment.

Overall, Earth Harbor has played an essential role in promoting clean beauty products that are eco-friendly, organic, and sustainable. The brand’s impact has been instrumental in building a community of conscious consumers who are aware of their environmental impact and make choices accordingly.

As more consumers become aware of the importance of using natural and organic products, it is essential for beauty brands to follow Earth Harbor’s lead and adopt sustainable and ethical practices. Doing so will not only benefit the environment but also help build a loyal customer base that values eco-friendly products.

Uses eco-friendly and organic ingredientsProducts are slightly expensive
Empowers customers to make informed decisionsLimited product range
Committed to sustainable practicesSome customers may not prefer the brand’s minimalist packaging

Despite its higher price point and limited product range, Earth Harbor has had a significant impact on the clean beauty industry. The brand’s focus on sustainability, eco-friendliness, and educating customers has inspired other companies to follow suit, leading to a positive impact on the environment and consumers.

Is Earth Harbor a Good Brand? FAQs

1. Is Earth Harbor a natural skincare brand?
Yes, Earth Harbor is a natural and organic skincare brand. All of their products are made with natural and earth-friendly ingredients.

2. Are Earth Harbor products vegan and cruelty-free?
Yes, all Earth Harbor products are vegan, cruelty-free, and ethically-sourced. They do not use any animal-derived ingredients or test on animals.

3. Do Earth Harbor products contain any harmful chemicals?
No, Earth Harbor products are free of harmful chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances. They use only plant-based and non-toxic ingredients.

4. Do Earth Harbor products work on sensitive skin?
Yes, Earth Harbor products are formulated to work on all skin types, including sensitive skin. They use gentle ingredients and avoid common irritants.

5. Where are Earth Harbor products made?
All Earth Harbor products are made in the USA, in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.

6. Is Earth Harbor environmentally-friendly?
Yes, Earth Harbor is committed to sustainability and reducing their environmental impact. They use recyclable and biodegradable packaging and support ocean conservation efforts.

7. Can I trust the quality of Earth Harbor products?
Yes, Earth Harbor is known for its high-quality natural skincare products. They use only the best ingredients and are transparent about their sourcing and production process.

Is Earth Harbor a Good Brand? Conclusion

Overall, Earth Harbor is a great natural skincare brand that values sustainability, ethical sourcing, and quality. Their products are gentle yet effective, and the brand has a strong commitment to vegan, cruelty-free, and environmentally-friendly practices. If you’re looking for a high-quality and natural skincare brand, Earth Harbor is definitely worth trying. Thanks for reading, and we hope you visit us again soon!