Is Benyar a Good Watch Brand? Exploring the Quality and Value of Benyar Timepieces

When it comes to purchasing a new watch, there are hundreds of brands available in the market. One brand that stands out amongst the crowd is Benyar. From their sleek and stylish designs to the impeccable quality, Benyar watches have become a popular choice amongst watch enthusiasts worldwide. But is Benyar really a good watch brand? Let’s dig deeper and find out!

Benyar was established in 2016 and has since then gained a reputation for creating high-quality watches at an affordable price. The brand is known for its elegant and modern designs that cater to both casual and formal occasions. Each watch is crafted with precision and incorporates the latest technology to ensure accuracy and durability. But what sets Benyar apart from other watch brands is its commitment to customer satisfaction, as evidenced by its numerous positive reviews and ratings.

Whether you’re a fan of classic or contemporary watches, Benyar has something for everyone. With its diverse range of styles and colors, you can find a watch that reflects your personality and style. So if you’re in the market for a new timepiece that combines quality, style, and affordability, look no further than Benyar watches.

History of Benyar Watches

Benyar is a Chinese brand of watches that has been gaining recognition in the market for its quality and affordable timepieces. The brand was established in 2000 in Guangzhou, China, by a group of watch enthusiasts who wanted to create watches that could meet a wide range of needs for customers.

Since then, Benyar has been able to carve a niche for itself in the competitive market for watches. The brand has been able to achieve this through its continued dedication to producing high-quality and affordable watches. Today, the company has its headquarters in Guangzhou, and it distributes its watches to different parts of the world.

  • Benyar watches are designed to meet the needs of different customers. The brand produces a wide range of timepieces that cater to different styles, tastes, and preferences. This includes watches for men, women, and children, which come in different colors, shapes, and sizes.
  • The quality of Benyar watches is another aspect that sets the brand apart from others. The company uses high-quality materials to manufacture its watches, including stainless steel, leather, and mineral glass for the watch face.
  • The durability of Benyar watches is also remarkable. The brand has incorporated different features in its watches to ensure that they can withstand different conditions. This includes water-resistant features, shock-resistant features, and anti-scratch features.

The success of Benyar watches can also be attributed to the company’s commitment to innovation and creativity. The brand is constantly developing new models and designs to meet the ever-changing needs of customers. This has led to the introduction of watches with unique features such as luminous dials, double calendars, and world time displays.

2000Establishment of Benyar watches in Guangzhou, China.
2005Introduction of the first Benyar watch model.
2010Expansion of Benyar’s distribution network to international markets.
2015Introduction of watches with advanced features such as luminous dials and double calendars.
2020Launch of new watch models with upgraded features such as world time displays and chronographs.

In conclusion, Benyar is a good watch brand that has been able to establish a reputation for producing high-quality and affordable timepieces. The brand’s commitment to innovation, creativity, and customer satisfaction has been instrumental to its success. With its continued dedication to quality and functionality, Benyar watches will continue to be a popular choice for watch enthusiasts in different parts of the world.

Customer reviews of Benyar watches

When it comes to finding a reliable and stylish watch, Benyar is one of the brands that often pops up. But can you trust the hype? Let’s take a look at what customers have to say about Benyar watches.

  • Many customers rave about the affordability of Benyar watches, saying that they offer excellent value for the price.
  • Several reviewers also praise the durability and longevity of these watches, with some claiming that they have been wearing their Benyar timepieces for years without issue.
  • Others appreciate the aesthetics of Benyar watches, noting that they are stylish and suitable for a range of occasions.

Features of Benyar watches

One of the reasons why Benyar watches are so popular is because of the features that they offer. These timepieces come with a range of useful functions, including:

  • Water resistance: Many Benyar watches are water-resistant, making them suitable for swimming and other water-based activities.
  • Stopwatch: Some models feature a stopwatch function, which is useful for timing workouts or other activities.
  • Date display: Most Benyar watches include a date function, allowing you to keep track of the day and date easily.

Materials used in Benyar watches

Benyar watches are made with a range of high-quality materials, including:

  • Stainless steel: Many models feature a stainless steel casing and strap, which is durable and resistant to corrosion.
  • Mineral glass: The watch face is often made from mineral glass, which is scratch-resistant and robust.
  • Leather: Some Benyar watches come with a leather strap, adding a touch of elegance to the timepiece.

Final thoughts

Based on customer reviews and the features and materials used in their watches, Benyar seems to be a reliable and affordable brand for those looking for a stylish and functional timepiece. If you’re in the market for a new watch, it’s definitely worth considering Benyar as an option.

AffordableMay not be as high quality as luxury watch brands
Durable and long-lastingDesigns may not be unique or innovative
Stylish and suitable for a range of occasions

Ultimately, whether or not Benyar is a good watch brand for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. But with a range of attractive features and affordable prices, it’s certainly a brand worth considering.

Materials used in Benyar watches

When it comes to watches, the materials used play a crucial role not just in the looks but also the durability and functionality of the watch. Benyar is a brand that takes materials very seriously and uses only high-quality materials. Here are some of the materials used in Benyar watches:


  • Stainless steel
  • Genuine leather
  • Mineral crystal glass

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a popular material choice for watches as it is corrosion-resistant, durable, and strong. Benyar uses stainless steel in their watch cases, bands, and buckles, which gives their watches a sleek and modern look while also being highly functional.

Additionally, Benyar uses a type of stainless steel called 316L, which is also known as marine grade stainless steel. This type of stainless steel is even more resistant to corrosion and is an optimal material for watches that are exposed to water.

Genuine Leather

Benyar watches also use genuine leather for their watch straps. Genuine leather is a classic and versatile material that is comfortable to wear and also ages beautifully. Benyar sources their leather from reputable suppliers, ensuring the highest quality and longest lasting leather straps.

Mineral Crystal Glass

Mineral crystal glass is a type of glass that is specially hardened to make it highly scratch-resistant and durable. Benyar uses mineral crystal glass for all their watch faces, providing not only an aesthetically pleasing look but also a highly functional one.


Overall, the materials used in Benyar watches are of high quality and carefully chosen to ensure durability, functionality, and longevity. Whether it is the stainless steel, genuine leather, or mineral crystal glass, each material serves a specific purpose and adds to the overall quality and beauty of the watch.

316L Stainless SteelCorrosion-resistant, durable, strong
Genuine LeatherComfortable, classic, ages beautifully
Mineral Crystal GlassScratch-resistant, durable

Each of these materials contributes to the quality and longevity of a Benyar watch, making them a reliable and long-lasting investment for any watch enthusiast.

Movement Types in Benyar Watches

When it comes to watches, one of the most important components is the movement. The movement refers to the mechanism that powers the watch and controls its timekeeping functions. In Benyar watches, you can find a variety of movement types to suit your preferences and needs. Let’s take a closer look at the different movement types available in Benyar watches.

  • Quartz Movement
  • Mechanical Movement
  • Automatic Movement
  • Multifunction Movement

The most common movement type found in Benyar watches is quartz movement. This type of movement uses a battery to power the watch and is known for its accuracy and reliability. Quartz watches are also easy to maintain and require little servicing.

For those who prefer a more traditional approach, a Benyar watch with mechanical movement might be the perfect choice. Mechanical watches use a complex system of gears and springs to keep time. They require regular servicing but are highly prized by watch enthusiasts for their craftsmanship and beauty.

Automatic movement is similar to mechanical movement but uses a rotor to wind the watch rather than manual winding. This makes it more convenient for everyday wear, as the watch is powered by the movement of the wearer’s wrist. Benyar automatic watches are popular among those who want the classic look of a mechanical watch with the convenience of an automatic movement.

Finally, Benyar offers watches with multifunction movement that incorporate additional features beyond timekeeping. These can include features such as a stopwatch, timer, or calendar. Multifunction watches are perfect for those who want a watch that does more than just tell time.

Movement TypeProsCons
QuartzAccurate, reliable, easy to maintain and require little servicingLess traditional, battery life needs replacement after a few years
MechanicalHighly prized for their craftsmanship and beautyRequire regular servicing and less accurate
AutomaticClassic look of a mechanical watch with the convenience of an automatic movementRequire regular servicing and less accurate than quartz movement
MultifunctionDo more than just tell time, perfect for those who need extra featuresMay be more complex to use and require more maintenance

In conclusion, Benyar offers a variety of movement types to suit any preference and need. Whether you prefer the reliability of a quartz movement or the classic beauty of a mechanical watch, Benyar has something for everyone. When choosing a watch, it’s important to consider the movement type and how it fits with your lifestyle and preferences.

Prices of Benyar watches

One of the reasons why Benyar watches are a popular choice for many is because of their affordable prices. Benyar offers a range of watches that cater to different budgets without compromising on quality and design. Here are the different price points for Benyar watches:

  • Under $50: Benyar has a variety of watches that are very affordable, with some models priced under $20. These watches are perfect for those who want a simple, reliable timepiece without breaking the bank.
  • $50-$100: This price range offers a wider selection of Benyar watches that boast more features and better materials. You can find watches with quartz or automatic movements, water resistance, and scratch-resistant glass.
  • Above $100: Benyar also has a few premium watches that are priced higher than $100. These watches feature high-quality materials like stainless steel, sapphire crystal, and genuine leather straps. They are also equipped with advanced features like chronograph, date display, and luminous hands.

Overall, Benyar watches are affordable and provide great value for money. You can get a Benyar watch that suits your style and budget, whether you’re looking for a dress watch, a sports watch, or an everyday watch.

If you’re looking for the best deals on Benyar watches, you can search for them on online marketplaces like Amazon or AliExpress. These platforms offer a wide range of Benyar watches at competitive prices. However, make sure to check the seller’s reputation and read reviews before making a purchase to ensure that you’re getting an authentic Benyar watch.

Price RangeFeatures
Under $50Simple designs, basic features, fixed straps
$50-$100Various designs, quartz or automatic movements, water-resistant, scratch-resistant
Above $100Premium designs, high-quality materials, advanced features, interchangeable straps

In conclusion, Benyar is a good watch brand that offers affordable and stylish timepieces with reliable features. Whether you’re a watch collector or a casual wearer, Benyar watches are worth considering for their quality and price.

Comparisons to other mid-range watch brands

If you’re in the market for a mid-range watch, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the variety of options available. One of the brands you might encounter during your search is Benyar, a relatively new player in the market. But how does it stack up compared to other mid-range watch brands?

  • Seiko: Seiko is one of the most well-known mid-range watch brands and has been around since the late 1800s. They’re known for high-quality movements and affordable prices. Seiko watches have a more classic and traditional design compared to Benyar’s sporty look.
  • Citizen: Citizen is another popular mid-range brand that focuses on affordable and reliable watches. They have a similar aesthetic to Seiko, with a more traditional design. Citizen watches often come with eco-friendly features such as solar power, whereas Benyar does not currently offer any sustainable options.
  • Invicta: Invicta is a mid-range brand that focuses on large, flashy watches. Their designs are similar to Benyar’s, but they tend to have more embellishments. Invicta watches are often criticized for their quality control issues and customer service.

When compared to these brands, Benyar offers a unique look and style. While their quality might not be on par with Seiko or Citizen, they do offer affordable options for those looking for a sporty and trendy watch. However, it’s important to note that the brand is relatively new, so their quality control and customer service might not be fully established yet.

Overall Verdict

In conclusion, Benyar is a good watch brand for those looking for a budget-friendly option with a sporty and trendy design. However, if you’re looking for a more traditional watch with high-quality movements, you might want to consider Seiko or Citizen instead. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and what you’re looking for in a watch.

Specs Comparison Table

BrandPrice RangeDesign StyleMovement Type
Benyar$20-$70Sporty and TrendyQuartz
Seiko$80-$500Classic and TraditionalAutomatic or Quartz
Citizen$80-$400Classic and TraditionalEco-Drive (Solar)
Invicta$50-$500Flashy and BoldQuartz or Automatic

As you can see from the comparison table, Benyar falls on the lower end of the price range compared to the other mid-range watch brands. They also have a more unique design style compared to Seiko and Citizen. However, Seiko and Citizen offer a more traditional movement type, with automatic and eco-drive options, respectively.

Availability of Benyar watches in different countries

Benyar is a watch brand that is gaining popularity among many watch enthusiasts worldwide. The brand is known for producing high-quality watches that are not only affordable but also stylish. If you are interested in purchasing a Benyar watch, you might be wondering about the brand’s availability in different countries. Here is some information about the availability of Benyar watches in various countries.

  • United States (US) – Benyar watches are available on various online stores like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. The brand is also available in some physical stores, but they are relatively scarce.
  • United Kingdom (UK) – Benyar watches are widely available on Amazon UK, eBay UK, and other online platforms. The brand is not readily available in physical stores.
  • Canada – Benyar watches can be found on and eBay Canada. Physical stores that stock Benyar watches are scarce.
  • Australia – Benyar watches are available on popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon Australia, eBay, and Catch. Australians can also purchase Benyar watches from physical stores in major cities.
  • India – Benyar watches are available on various e-commerce platforms, including Amazon India, Flipkart, and Snapdeal. The brand has also partnered with some physical stores for the distribution of their watches.
  • South Africa – Benyar watches are available on Takealot, Zando, and other online stores. The brand is also stocked in some physical stores across the country.
  • China – China-based customers can purchase Benyar watches from various online Chinese marketplaces like AliExpress, Taobao, and The brand is not widely available in physical stores.

As you can see, Benyar watches are mainly available on e-commerce platforms and scarce in physical stores, except in some countries. However, Benyar has a global shipping policy that allows customers to purchase watches from their official website and have them shipped to their chosen location. Additionally, Benyar has partnered with some retailers in different countries for the distribution of their watches.

United States (US)Online platforms, few physical stores
United Kingdom (UK)Online platforms, few physical stores
CanadaOnline platforms, few physical stores
AustraliaOnline platforms, some physical stores
IndiaOnline platforms, some physical stores
South AfricaOnline platforms, some physical stores
ChinaOnline platforms, few physical stores

In conclusion, Benyar watches are widely available on popular e-commerce platforms in different countries, making it easy for customers to purchase them. Although they are scarce in physical stores, the brand is partnering with different retailers for increased presence in these locations. With the brand’s global shipping policy, customers can order from any part of the world and receive their watches at their doorstep.

Collaborations or Partnerships with Other Brands or Designers

Benyar has always been a brand that values partnerships and collaborations with other brands and designers. This has allowed them to tap into new markets and styles, as well as create unique pieces that cater to different types of customers.

  • One of their notable collaborations was with the Swiss luxury brand, BUBEN&ZORWEG. In this collaboration, Benyar designed a range of watches that were exclusively sold by BUBEN&ZORWEG. The watches featured high-end designs, intricate details, and quality materials.
  • Benyar also collaborated with the Swedish born watch designer, Johan Eric. The collaboration resulted in a line of contemporary watches that combined the traditional look of Benyar with a modern twist. The watches were characterized by clean lines, bold dials, and quality materials that exuded a sense of confidence and ingenuity.
  • In 2021, Benyar announced a collaboration with the Japanese streetwear brand, A Bathing Ape, also known as BAPE. The collaboration brought together Benyar’s expertise in watchmaking with BAPE’s signature style. The collaboration resulted in a limited edition watch that was inspired by BAPE’s iconic camo designs. The watch proved to be incredibly popular among BAPE’s loyal fan base.

These collaborations have allowed Benyar to expand its horizons and cater to a wider audience. They have also given the brand the opportunity to showcase its versatility and quality craftsmanship.

Warranty and Customer Service Policies of Benyar

Benyar offers a solid warranty and customer service policy to ensure their customers are satisfied with their purchase. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Benyar offers a 12-month warranty on all watches purchased from them.
  • If your watch arrives with any defects or quality issues, Benyar will offer a full refund or replacement.
  • Benyar also offers a 30-day return policy for any reason whatsoever, so you have plenty of time to decide if the watch is right for you.

Customer service is also a high priority for Benyar, and they have a few different ways you can get in touch with them:

  • You can email their customer service team directly, and they will typically respond within 24 hours.
  • Benyar also has a phone number listed on their website that you can call during business hours.
  • Finally, Benyar has an active social media presence, so you can send them a message on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Overall, the warranty and customer service policies offered by Benyar are solid and should give their customers peace of mind when purchasing one of their watches.

WarrantyCustomer Service
12-month warrantyEmail, phone, and social media support
Full refund or replacement for defective watches24-hour email response time
30-day return policy for any reasonActive social media presence

It’s always important to do your research and read reviews before making any purchase, but with Benyar’s solid warranty and customer service policies, you can feel confident in your decision to purchase one of their watches.

Future prospects for Benyar as a watch brand

Benyar is a relatively new and unfamiliar name in the world of watches. However, the brand has been gaining recognition due to its affordable yet stylish and reliable watches. Benyar’s timepieces are designed and manufactured to provide customers with high-quality and innovative watches at an affordable price point.

  • Brand Recognition: Benyar is gradually gaining recognition among watch enthusiasts as a brand that offers high-quality watches at an affordable price point. A steady increase in the brand’s recognition and sales may also lead to future investments in R&D, more marketing initiatives, and a move into other countries, which will increase the brand’s visibility and credibility.
  • Product Portfolio Expansion: Benyar has an extensive collection of watches available across various categories, including sports, classic, digital and mechanical. The brand has the potential to introduce more collections, designs, and models to attract a broader audience.
  • Customization options: Benyar offers customization options, where customers can choose the strap material, color, or dial design, making it a unique shopping experience for each customer. Such innovative ideas could be expanded further with customizing the watch’s parts, allowing customers to create a fully personalized watch.

Benyar is a relatively new challenger in the watch market, but the future looks bright with the potential for expansion, innovative ideas, and a growing customer base. However, the brand will face some competition from well-established brands such as Seiko, Casio, and Citizen, and they need to continuously improve their watch designs, quality, and features to differentiate themselves in the market.

Reasonable price for the quality offeredNew and unfamiliar brand to watch enthusiasts
Wide range of product collections with customization optionsDoes not have a long history and track record in producing watches
Growing recognition and visibility among consumersCompeting with well-established brands in an already crowded market

Overall, Benyar is a brand to keep an eye on as they continue to expand their product portfolio, offer more customization options, and focus on innovative designs. With affordable prices, high-quality watches, and growing recognition, the brand might become a major player in the watch industry in the future.

Is Benyar a Good Watch Brand? FAQs

1. What is the quality of Benyar watches?

Benyar watches are manufactured with high-quality materials, including stainless steel and genuine leather, ensuring durability and longevity.

2. Are Benyar watches accurate in timekeeping?

Yes, Benyar watches use reliable Japanese quartz movements that provide precise timekeeping.

3. Can I wear a Benyar watch while swimming or showering?

Yes, many Benyar watches have a water-resistant design, making them suitable for swimming and showering.

4. Are Benyar watches affordable?

Yes, Benyar watches offer affordable and stylish options for those looking for a budget-friendly watch brand.

5. Does Benyar offer a warranty on their watches?

Yes, Benyar provides a warranty on their watches, ranging from 6-12 months depending on the specific model.

6. Are Benyar watches suitable for both men and women?

Yes, Benyar offers a variety of watches that are designed for both men and women, with a range of sizes and styles to choose from.

7. Is Benyar a reliable watch brand?

Overall, Benyar has a good reputation as a reliable watch brand, with positive reviews from customers and a focus on quality and affordability.

Closing Title: Thanks for Reading!

We hope this article has helped answer your questions about Benyar watches. With their combination of quality, accuracy, and affordability, Benyar is a great option for those looking for a reliable watch brand. Thanks for reading, and be sure to visit us again for more informative and helpful articles.