Is AYBL a Good Brand for Workout Wear?

Are you looking for a new workout brand but can’t decide between all the options out there? Well, have you heard of aybl? I recently gave their clothing a try and let me tell you, is aybl a good brand? The answer is yes! Their designs are not only stylish, but also functional for any type of workout. From leggings to sports bras, they offer a variety of colors and patterns to fit anyone’s personal style.

What sets aybl apart from other brands is the attention they give to the little details. Their leggings have a pocket for your phone, keys or credit card, which comes in handy during outdoor workouts. I also love the sweat-wicking material that doesn’t cling to your skin during a tough session. The brand caters to all body types, with sizes ranging from XXS to XXL, making it an inclusive brand for everyone.

Overall, I highly recommend giving aybl a try. With their high-quality materials, thoughtful design, and inclusive sizing, it’s easy to see why they are gaining popularity among fitness enthusiasts. If you’re in the market for new workout gear, aybl is definitely a brand to consider.

Aybl Brand Introduction

Aybl is a UK-based fitness apparel brand that aims to empower women by providing high-quality and stylish activewear at affordable prices. Founded in 2018, Aybl has rapidly gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts and has become a favorite among fitness influencers on social media platforms.

At Aybl, the focus is on creating versatile pieces that can be worn from the gym to the streets, providing comfort and style. The brand is committed to sustainability by using eco-friendly packaging and minimizing waste in production processes.

Why Aybl is a Good Brand

  • Affordable prices: Aybl offers high-quality activewear pieces at budget-friendly prices, making it accessible to a wider audience.
  • Stylish designs: The brand’s unique and trendy designs give its customers a sense of confidence and motivation to hit the gym and take on their fitness goals.
  • High-quality materials: Aybl uses premium materials that guarantee durability, flexibility, and breathability, ensuring customers’ comfort during workouts.

Aybl’s Product Range

Aybl offers a wide variety of activewear pieces, including sports bras, leggings, tops, and shorts, all available in different colors and sizes. The brand regularly introduces new collections and pieces to cater to every woman’s fitness needs and preferences.

One of Aybl’s most popular collections is the Seamless collection, consisting of seamless sports bras and leggings that provide a smooth and flattering fit. Aybl also offers men’s activewear and accessories to cater to a broader target audience.

Aybl’s Sustainable Practices

Aybl is committed to reducing its environmental impact and takes several measures to achieve sustainability. The brand uses eco-friendly packaging, such as recycled paper bags and biodegradable mailing bags. Aybl also minimizes waste by using production processes that consume less water and energy.

Sustainability PracticesDescription
Recycled MaterialsAybl uses recycled materials in its production processes, such as using recycled fabrics to create its activewear pieces.
Reduced Water ConsumptionThe brand minimizes water waste by using production processes that consume less water, such as using air-drying instead of machine-drying its pieces.
Eco-Friendly PackagingAybl uses eco-friendly packaging, such as recycled paper bags and biodegradable mailing bags, to reduce waste.

Aybl believes that its customers’ wellness and the environment are interconnected, and the brand’s actions reflect that commitment.

Aybl Brand Ethos and Values

Aybl stands for ‘All Your Best Life,’ a philosophy that the brand continuously strives to embody in all its products and services. The Aybl brand ethos is all about empowering women to lead healthy, active lifestyles with confidence and style. Aybl believes that the confidence to wear a killer outfit can inspire a positive shift towards self-care, and in turn, encourage healthy habits, physically and mentally. By creating high-quality activewear that is not only affordable but also stylish, Aybl prides itself on democratizing fitness fashion for all.

  • Empowerment: Aybl’s brand values center on empowering women to feel confident and comfortable in their bodies, no matter their shape, size, or fitness level.
  • Accessibility: By offering high-quality, stylish activewear at reasonable prices, Aybl makes fitness fashion accessible to everyone.
  • Sustainability: Aybl is committed to reducing its environmental footprint by utilizing sustainable materials, such as recycled polyester, in its products

Aybl has established itself as a brand that prioritizes its customers’ well-being, and their commitment to empowering women to lead healthy, active lifestyles extends beyond its products. Through social media, Aybl has created a supportive community that celebrates health, fitness, and confidence in oneself. The brand ethos and values are a manifestation of Aybl’s commitment to creating a positive impact on the world, one joyful workout at a time.

Aybl has received positive reviews from customers worldwide, who appreciate the brand’s commitment to quality, style, and ethics. Whether a seasoned athlete or a beginner, Aybl offers something for everyone to help achieve their fitness goals and live their best lives.

Brand EthosBrand Values
Empowering women to lead healthy, active lifestyles with confidence and styleEmpowerment
Making fitness fashion accessible to everyone through affordable, high-quality, and stylish activewearAccessibility
Utilizing sustainable materials in products, reducing environmental footprintSustainability

Overall, Aybl is proving to be a great brand, with a strong emphasis on customers and their well-being. Its core values around empowerment, accessibility, and sustainability are reflective of an ethical brand committed to creating positive change in the world.

Aybl Product Range

Athleisure wear is the go-to choice of many when it comes to clothing, and Aybl is no exception. Aybl’s product range is known for its versatility, quality, and affordability. Be it for yoga, running, or casual wear, Aybl offers a wide range of products that cater to every need. Let’s have a look at Aybl product range in detail:

Aybl Clothing

  • Aybl Leggings – Known for their comfortable and non-see-through material, Aybl leggings come in a variety of styles, including high waist, 7/8, and bike shorts.
  • Aybl Sports Bras – Aybl sports bras offer the perfect support required for high-intensity workouts and come in various styles and designs.
  • Aybl Crop Tops – Flaunt your midriff in style with Aybl’s crop tops, a perfect choice for yoga and pilates.

Aybl Accessories

Aybl offers a range of accessories that add to the overall fitness experience. From water bottles to resistance bands, Aybl’s accessories are trendy, functional, and affordable.

Aybl Templates

Aybl’s Reversible templates are a unique addition to their product range. These templates can be worn in different ways, and the reversible feature gives you the option of two colors in one product!

Aybl Reversible BraA double-layered bra that can be worn two ways, with a high and low-neck option.
Aybl Reversible LeggingsA versatile pair of leggings that can be worn two ways, with an option of two colors in one product!
Aybl Reversible ShortsThe perfect shorts for any workout, with a reversible option that can add a pop of color to your fitness wardrobe.

Aybl is undoubtedly a great brand that offers a wide range of products at an affordable price. Whether you’re a yoga enthusiast, a runner, or casually looking for athleisure wear, Aybl has something for everyone.

Aybl’s Material Quality

When it comes to workout clothes, the material quality is of utmost importance. Aybl sources their fabrics from top-quality suppliers to ensure that their products feel great against the skin, move with the body, and provide support where it’s needed most. Aybl uses a range of materials in their products, each designed to cater to specific activities and preferences. Some of the materials used in Aybl’s products include:

  • Nylon: This material is known for its durability and moisture-wicking properties, making it a popular choice for workout clothes.
  • Spandex: Also known as elastane, spandex is a stretchy material that allows for flexibility and comfort during workouts.
  • Polyester: A synthetic fabric that resists wrinkles and shrinking, making it a low-maintenance choice for workout clothes.

Aybl’s attention to detail is evident in the material design of their products. For example, their leggings often feature a double-layered waistband, which provides extra support and compression while still being comfortable. Additionally, Aybl’s sports bras often feature removable pads, allowing for customization and a perfect fit.

To ensure that their products hold up over time, Aybl recommends washing their products in cold water and hanging them to dry. The brand knows that its customers rely on their workout clothes to be both functional and fashionable, and so they have worked hard to create products that are not only durable but also stylish and on-trend.

NylonDurable, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying
SpandexStretchy, flexible, and comfortable
PolyesterResistant to wrinkles and shrinking, low maintenance

Aybl’s focus on material quality is just one of the ways that the brand sets itself apart from its competitors. By using top-quality materials and paying attention to detail, Aybl creates products that are not only functional and durable, but also comfortable and stylish.

Aybl’s sizing and fit

One of the most important factors in choosing workout clothes is ensuring a good fit. Aybl understands this and has made efforts to create products that cater to various body types. Here’s everything you need to know about Aybl’s sizing and fit:

  • Aybl size chart: Before placing your order, it is important to check Aybl’s size chart to find your perfect fit. The chart is available on their website and covers various sizes from XXS to XL.
  • Varying fits: Aybl offers a range of different fits to accommodate different preferences. For instance, their “seamless” range offers a compressive fit, while their “define” range provides a looser fit for a more relaxed workout experience.
  • High waisted: Aybl’s leggings come with a high waisted fit which helps to keep the tummy tamed and provides a flattering silhouette.

If you are still unsure of your size, you can always get in touch with Aybl’s customer service team for assistance.

Size guide


Overall, Aybl’s sizing and fit options cater to various body types and preferences. Their range of fits and high-waisted designs provide comfort and support during workouts. With their size chart and helpful customer service team, you are sure to find your perfect fit with Aybl.

Aybl’s customer service

When it comes to customer service, Aybl has a solid reputation for delivering exceptional experiences to their customers. Their team is dedicated to ensuring that every customer is satisfied with their purchase and overall experience. Here are some of the reasons why Aybl’s customer service is highly rated:

  • Personalized Support: Aybl offers personalized support to all of their customers, ensuring that they get the help they need in a timely and efficient manner. Whether you have questions about a product or need help with an order, Aybl’s support team is always ready to assist you.
  • Quick Response Times: One of the things that sets Aybl apart from other brands is their quick response times. They understand that customers want answers fast, and their team does everything possible to respond to inquiries and concerns in a timely manner.
  • Easy Returns Process: Aybl offers a hassle-free returns process for customers who are not satisfied with their purchase. The returns process is user-friendly, and their team is always available to help if you encounter any issues.

Aybl also takes pride in their product quality and ensures that every product they sell is of the highest quality. Customers can be confident that they are getting a durable and long-lasting product when they shop with Aybl.

Overall, Aybl’s customer service is an important part of their brand’s reputation. Their team is committed to providing the best possible experience for customers, and it shows in their high ratings and positive reviews.

Aybl’s Sustainability Initiatives

Aybl is committed to being an eco-friendly brand by implementing various initiatives to ensure they are environmentally responsible. Aybl’s sustainability efforts include:

  • Using recycled materials – Aybl uses recycled materials for their packaging, such as recycled cardboard for their shipping boxes. This reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, contributing to a better environment.
  • Reducing carbon emissions – Aybl is continually looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint by using greener energy sources and reducing their transportation emissions.
  • Minimizing water usage – Aybl minimizes their water usage during manufacturing by implementing technology to reduce water consumption.

Aybl also partners with organizations such as One Tree Planted, where they commit to planting one tree for every order placed. This partnership helps in reforestation efforts and creates a sustainable future.

Here is a table of Aybl’s sustainability initiatives:

Recycled materialsAybl uses recycled materials for their packaging
Reducing carbon emissionsAybl is continually looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint
Minimizing water usageAybl uses technology to reduce water consumption during manufacturing
One Tree Planted partnershipAybl plants one tree for every order placed through their partnership with One Tree Planted

Aybl’s sustainability initiatives go beyond fashion and clothes, demonstrating their commitment to the planet and their customers by promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

Aybl’s Pricing Strategy

Aybl is a relatively new player in the fitness apparel industry, but they have quickly gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts. One major factor that has contributed to the brand’s success is its pricing strategy. Here are some key aspects of Aybl’s pricing strategy:

  • Affordable Prices: Aybl products are priced competitively with other athleisure brands in the market, making them accessible to a wide range of customers.
  • Discounts and Promotions: Aybl frequently offers discounts and promotions to its customers, which encourages repeat business and creates buzz around the brand.
  • Bundles and Sets: Aybl also offers bundles and sets of products at discounted prices, which makes it easier for customers to buy multiple items at once and saves them money.

Overall, Aybl’s pricing strategy is focused on providing high-quality fitness apparel at affordable prices. By offering discounts, promotions, and bundles, the brand has been able to create a loyal customer base that keeps coming back for more.

In addition to their pricing strategy, Aybl also invests in sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices. They use eco-friendly materials and ensure that their workers are paid fairly. This commitment to sustainability and ethics helps to set the brand apart from its competitors.

Below is a table that shows some of Aybl’s popular products and their prices:

Superglow Leggings$60
Core Gym Shorts$35
Flex Sports Bra$25

If you’re looking for high-quality fitness apparel at affordable prices, Aybl is definitely a brand worth checking out. With its sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices and commitment to affordability, Aybl represents the future of the athleisure industry.

Aybl’s Social Media Impact

Social media is a crucial aspect of any brand’s marketing strategy, and Aybl has made sure to capitalize on its potential. The brand’s social media presence is reflective of its overall aesthetic – chic and modern. Their Instagram page is filled with stunning images of athletic apparel, lifestyle photos, and posed images of models sporting Aybl gear.

  • Aybl’s Instagram account has over 237k followers and growing every day. They post regularly, on average twice daily, which keeps the engagement on their page high.
  • They also frequently collaborate with influencers and fitness trainers who share Aybl’s brand values and aesthetic.
  • Their Instagram stories frequently showcase new products and their behind-the-scenes content.

Aside from Instagram, Aybl’s Pinterest account is also a hotbed of inspiration for fitness enthusiasts and fashionistas alike. The boards are filled with curated images of healthy meals, fashion inspiration, and workout routines. But, their social media presence isn’t just limited to these two platforms.

Aybl also leverages Facebook to interact with its audience, posting job openings, fitness tips, and new products. Their Twitter account and LinkedIn profile are equally active, making Aybl a well-rounded brand with a comprehensive social media presence.

Aybl Social Media Stats

Social Media PlatformNumber of FollowersFrequency of Posts
Instagram237k followerstwice daily
Facebook5,872 followersweekly
Twitter615 followersoccasionally
Pinterest3,500 followersweekly
LinkedIn76 followersmonthly

Aybl’s presence on social media speaks volumes about their commitment to creating a community around their brand. They aren’t solely focused on marketing their products but are genuinely invested in the well-being and fitness of their audiences. Their followers appreciate this approach, which has translated into a loyal following and, more importantly, a satisfied customer base.

Aybl’s Online Reviews and Customer Feedback

Aybl is a UK-based activewear brand that has been gaining popularity amongst fitness enthusiasts in recent times. The brand’s online presence is remarkable, with a large number of positive reviews and feedback from customers.

A quick search on popular review platforms like Trustpilot and Google Reviews reveals that the vast majority of Aybl customers are extremely satisfied with their purchase. With an average rating of 4.5 to 5 stars, it’s evident that Aybl has managed to create a loyal following of satisfied customers who love their products.

What Customers Love About Aybl

  • The quality of the products is exceptional, with many customers commenting on how soft and comfortable the activewear is. The fabrics used in Aybl’s products are moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and stretchy, making them perfect for both low- and high-impact workouts.
  • Customers also appreciate the wide variety of styles available, with Aybl offering everything from sports bras to leggings, shorts, and tops. The brand also keeps up with the latest fashion trends, making their clothes both stylish and functional.
  • The customer service provided by Aybl is another standout feature, with many customers praising the company for their prompt and courteous responses to queries and issues. Many customers also appreciate Aybl’s commitment to sustainability, with the brand using recycled materials in their packaging.

Criticism of Aybl

While Aybl has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, there have been some complaints from customers about the sizing of their products. Some customers have reported that the sizes run smaller than expected, while others have found that the sizing is inconsistent across different products.

Another common criticism is that Aybl’s products are relatively expensive, especially when compared to other activewear brands in the market.

Aybl vs. Competitors

Compared to other activewear brands in the market, Aybl stands out for its exceptional quality and style. While some customers may find the prices to be slightly higher than other brands, the quality of the products justifies the price point. Aybl also offers free shipping on orders over £45 and free returns, making it easy for customers to try out their products risk-free.

BrandPrice RangeQualityCustomer Reviews
Aybl£20-£70Exceptional4.5-5 stars
Gymshark£20-£75Good4-4.5 stars
Lululemon£50-£150Exceptional4.5-5 stars
Nike£20-£130Good4-4.5 stars

When it comes to customer reviews, Aybl ranks amongst the top competitors, with a higher rating than Nike and Gymshark and only slightly lower than Lululemon. Overall, Aybl is a brand that is definitely worth considering for anyone looking for stylish and high-quality activewear.

Is Aybl a Good Brand?

1. What is Aybl?

Aybl is a UK-based activewear brand that offers a range of stylish and affordable athletic clothing for women.

2. Is Aybl a good quality brand?

Yes, Aybl is reputed for its high-quality activewear. The brand focuses on producing durable and breathable garments that are made to handle even the toughest of workouts.

3. Does Aybl offer a variety of products?

Yes, Aybl offers a wide variety of products, from sports bras to leggings, gym accessories, and more.

4. Are Aybl’s clothes comfortable?

Definitely. Aybl’s clothing is designed with women’s comfort in mind. The fabrics are lightweight, stretchy, and enable a full range of movement.

5. Is Aybl’s customer service helpful?

Yes, Aybl’s customer service is friendly, efficient, and always willing to help. If you have any issues with your order or need assistance with sizing, they are happy to assist you.

6. How affordable is Aybl’s activewear?

Compared to other high-end activewear brands on the market, Aybl’s prices are relatively affordable. Additionally, the brand regularly holds sales, making their clothes even more budget-friendly.

7. Where can I purchase Aybl’s clothing?

Aybl’s clothing is available for purchase on their official website, and select retailers carry their products.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks for reading! Based on our research, Aybl is a great brand to consider for anyone looking for high-quality and affordable activewear. With their stylish designs and commitment to customer satisfaction, we’re confident that you’ll love their clothing as much as we do. Visit their website to browse their collection, and don’t forget to check back in for more articles like this one.