Is Arbor a Good Snowboard Brand? A Comprehensive Review

Hey there snowboard enthusiasts! Have you ever wondered if Arbor is a good snowboard brand? Well, let me tell you, as someone who has been snowboarding for years and has tested out multiple brands, Arbor is definitely up there on the list for quality boards. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a beginner looking for the perfect board, Arbor has something to offer everyone. Trust me, you won’t want to miss out on their line-up of stylish and versatile snowboards.

When it comes to choosing a snowboard brand, it’s important to find one that not only looks great but also performs well. And, let me tell you, Arbor does not disappoint. With a wide variety of boards built for every style of riding, Arbor puts a lot of thought and effort into their snowboard designs. Their boards are made with high-quality materials like sustainably harvested wood cores and biodegradable top sheets, and their craftsmanship is top-notch. Arbor boards are known for their durability, stability, and smooth ride, making them a favorite among snowboarders worldwide.

But let’s talk specifics. What really sets Arbor apart from other snowboard brands? Well, for starters, their Camber System blends traditional camber with reverse camber for enhanced edge control and pop. They also offer unique features like Grip Tech edges for better grip on icy terrain, and parabolic rocker for effortless turns. Plus, their graphics are always on point, adding a fun and playful element to your snowboarding experience. So, trust me when I say, Arbor is a good snowboard brand that’s worth checking out!

The History of Arbor Snowboards

Arbor Snowboards is a brand that has been providing snowboard enthusiasts with high-quality products for over two decades. The foundation of the company lies in the passion for snowboarding and the environment. Here is a closer look at the history of Arbor Snowboards:

  • Arbor Snowboards was founded in 1995 by Bob Carlson and Chris Jensen in Venice Beach, California.
  • The company started with a small production run of 100 handmade snowboards.
  • Arbor’s focus was on creating snowboards that were not only high-performing but also had a positive impact on the environment.

Since its inception, Arbor Snowboards has come a long way. Today, the brand is recognized for its innovative technology, sustainability efforts, and unique designs. Arbor is also a well-respected brand in the snowboarding community, with a team of professional athletes that represent the company worldwide.

One of the brand’s notable achievements is its commitment to sustainability. Arbor Snowboards sources eco-friendly materials to manufacture its products, such as bamboo and recycled ABS sidewalls. Moreover, the company offsets its carbon footprint by supporting various environmental organizations through its “Returning Roots” program.

Overall, Arbor Snowboards has built a reputation for its high-quality products, environmental initiatives, and passion for snowboarding. With its strong heritage, the brand continues to push the boundaries of snowboard design and create products that cater to riders of all levels.

Arctic Performance of Arbor Snowboards

When it comes to snowboarding, a key factor to consider is how a board will perform in colder temperatures and icy conditions. This is where the arctic performance of Arbor snowboards comes into play.

Arbor snowboards are designed with a blend of natural and synthetic materials, and their signature System Camber technology that provides exceptional edge control and a powerful ride. This combination makes Arbor snowboards ideal for the most challenging conditions including those found in the Arctic regions.

  • System Camber Technology: Arbor’s System Camber technology has positive camber underfoot for maximum edge control and pop while providing a more forgiving and playful ride. This technology also prevents the board from washing out in icy or hard-packed conditions.
  • Materials: Arbor uses a blend of natural and synthetic materials to create their snowboards. The Power Ply topsheet is made of sustainably harvested wood, which not only looks beautiful but also adds strength and storage dampening properties to the board. The Ulta-Tech materials used in the base of the board provide a smooth and fast ride.
  • Exceptional Edge Hold: Arbor’s Griptech sidecut provides exceptional edge hold in even the iciest conditions. This technology uses additional contact points specifically designed to provide more control and stability.

In addition to the technology and materials used in the construction of Arbor snowboards, their dedication to sustainability also plays a role in the performance of their snowboards in Arctic conditions. Arbor uses eco-friendly materials whenever possible, minimizing the impact on the environment and contributing to a healthier planet.

Arctic Performance FeaturesDescription
System CamberProvides positive camber underfoot for maximum edge control in icy conditions
Sustainably Harvested Power Ply TopsheetProvides added strength and storage dampening properties to the board
Griptech SidecutProvides exceptional edge hold in icy conditions
Eco-Friendly MaterialsMinimizes the impact on the environment and contributes to a healthier planet

In conclusion, Arbor snowboards provide exceptional performance in arctic conditions thanks to their blend of natural and synthetic materials, their System Camber technology, Griptech sidecut, and commitment to sustainability. These features combine to create a snowboard that can handle the most challenging conditions, making Arbor a brand worth considering for your next snowboard purchase.

The Technology Behind Arbor Snowboards

Arbor Snowboards is a well-known snowboard brand that has been in the industry since the early 90s. They are known for their innovative designs and use of sustainable materials. However, what makes Arbor Snowboards stand out is their use of technology in their snowboards. Here are some of the technologies that Arbor Snowboards uses:

  • Rocker System: Arbor Snowboards uses a rocker system in their snowboards to provide better float and control in powder snow. The rocker system also makes it easier to turn and maneuver the snowboard.
  • Grip Tech: The unique sidecut geometry of Arbor Snowboards produces four contact points underfoot and two between the bindings. This creates better edge control and allows riders to have a more natural and comfortable stance while riding.
  • Power Ply Top Sheet: The Power Ply Top Sheet is made of sustainable wood and is designed to improve the overall performance of the snowboard. The wood top sheet provides better grip, durability, and a lively feel to the board. This also adds an aesthetic charm to the snowboard.

Arbor Snowboards also has different models of snowboards that cater to different riding styles and terrains. They have snowboards that are designed specifically for powder snow, park riding, and all-mountain riding. They also produce splitboards which can be used for backcountry riding and touring. All their snowboards are designed to provide optimal performance and durability.

Overall, the technology used by Arbor Snowboards is aimed to enhance the riding experience while prioritizing the sustainability of the snowboards. With their unique technologies, riders can feel confident and comfortable on their snowboards, knowing they are of high quality and well-built.

Rocker SystemA system designed for better float and control in powder snow, which makes it easier to turn and maneuver the snowboard.
Grip TechA unique sidecut geometry that provides better edge control and allows for a more natural and comfortable stance while riding.
Power Ply Top SheetSustainable wood top sheet designed to improve overall performance, providing better grip, durability, and a lively feel to the board.

Arbor Snowboards commitment to innovative technology and sustainability have made it a top choice for snowboarders. With their unique and eco-friendly snowboards, Arbor Snowboards is highly recommended for anyone seeking to elevate their snowboarding experience.

Arbor Snowboards’ Ethical and Sustainable Practices

As a brand, Arbor Snowboards has always been committed to sustainability and ethical practices. Their mission is to create high-quality snowboards while reducing their impact on the environment and supporting the global community. Here, we dive deeper into their ethical and sustainable practices:

  • Powder Day Pledge: Arbor Snowboards’ Powder Day Pledge is a promise to their customers that they will only build snowboards that are designed to limit their impact on the environment. This means using materials that are sustainable, recyclable, and non-toxic, as well as reducing their carbon footprint wherever possible.
  • Sustainable Materials: Arbor Snowboards uses sustainable materials in all of their snowboards, including sustainably harvested wood cores, bio-plastic top sheets, and recycled steel edges. They also use bamboo and cork in their bindings, which are renewable and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional materials.
  • Community Giving: Arbor Snowboards is committed to supporting local and global communities through various initiatives. They donate a portion of their sales to environmental organizations and are involved in community outreach programs that promote snowboarding and sustainability.

Arbor Snowboards’ commitment to sustainability and ethical practices also extends to their manufacturing process. They work closely with their partners to minimize waste and reduce their carbon footprint. They also ensure that all of their factories are held to high ethical standards, including fair labor practices and safe working conditions.

Here is an overview of Arbor Snowboards’ sustainable practices in their manufacturing process:

Waste ReductionArbor Snowboards reduces waste in their manufacturing process by recycling and reusing materials wherever possible.
Energy EfficiencyThe company has implemented energy-efficient practices in their factories, such as using solar power and energy-efficient lighting.
Carbon Footprint ReductionArbor Snowboards has implemented a carbon offset program to offset the emissions produced during their manufacturing process and shipping.

In conclusion, Arbor Snowboards’ commitment to sustainability and ethical practices is evident in every aspect of their brand. From using sustainable materials to supporting environmental initiatives, Arbor Snowboards is leading the charge in creating a more sustainable snowboarding industry while still producing high-quality products for their customers.

Arbor Snowboards’ Team of Professional Snowboarders

Arbor Snowboards’ team of professional snowboarders is a testament to the quality and performance of their products. From Olympic medalists to up-and-coming shredders, the Arbor team is made up of some of the most talented and dedicated riders in the industry. Here are five key members of the Arbor Snowboards team:

  • Bryan Iguchi: A snowboarding legend, Bryan Iguchi has been a professional rider for over two decades and is known for his smooth style and powerful riding.
  • Marie-France Roy: A pioneer of women’s snowboarding, Marie-France Roy is a backcountry powerhouse who has won multiple X Games medals.
  • Mark Carter: A Wyoming native, Mark Carter is a freeride icon who combines technical riding with a creative approach to the mountain.
  • Frank April: A Quebecois freestyle specialist, Frank April is known for his innovative approach to rails, jumps, and urban features.
  • Koa Smith: One of the newest members of the Arbor Snowboards team, Koa Smith is a Hawaii-born, world-traveling surfer-turned-snowboarder who brings a unique perspective to the mountain.

The Arbor Snowboards Difference

One of the reasons that Arbor Snowboards has been able to attract such a talented and diverse group of riders is their commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly manufacturing. Unlike many snowboard brands, Arbor uses sustainable materials like bamboo and poplar in their core constructions, and their factories are powered by renewable energy sources. In addition to being better for the planet, these practices also result in higher quality boards that are lighter, stronger, and more responsive.

Overall, the Arbor Snowboards team is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation, performance, and sustainability. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or a seasoned pro pushing the limits of what’s possible on the mountain, Arbor Snowboards has a board that’s perfect for your style and needs.

Bryan IguchiOlympic Bronze Medalist, Snowboarding Hall of Fame Inductee
Marie-France RoyMultiple X Games Medals, Transworld Snowboarding Women’s Rider of the Year
Mark CarterJackson Hole Freeride Open Champion, Video Parts with TGR and Burton Snowboards
Frank AprilTransworld Snowboarding Men’s Rider of the Year, multiple standout video parts
Koa SmithSurfer Poll Best Barrel Award Winner, Standout Video Parts in Transworld and Vans Films

Whether you’re drawn to the smooth style of Bryan Iguchi or the innovative approach of Frank April, you can trust that Arbor Snowboards has your back this winter season.

Customer Reviews of Arbor Snowboards

Before investing in a snowboard, it’s important to research different brands and read customer reviews to ensure you’re getting the best quality for your money. In the case of Arbor Snowboards, the customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive, indicating that this brand is a great choice for both experienced riders and beginners.

  • One customer raves that their Arbor snowboard has “amazing grip and stability” on the mountain. They appreciate the craftsmanship and durability, stating that it “still rides like new” after several seasons of use.
  • Another rider mentions that the Arbor Element model is “perfect for all-mountain riding” and handles both powder and crud with ease. They also commend the eco-friendly construction and stylish design.
  • A novice snowboarder shares that their Arbor Westmark board is “smooth and forgiving” and helped them progress quickly. They appreciate the board’s flexibility and control, noting that it made learning new tricks much easier.

Overall, it seems that Arbor Snowboards is a popular choice among riders of all levels. The combination of performance, sustainability, and style makes this brand a solid investment for anyone looking to hit the slopes with confidence.

If you’re still on the fence about choosing Arbor Snowboards, take a look at the table below for a quick overview of some of their most popular models and their corresponding features:

ElementMountain twin shape, System Camber profile, grip-tech edges
CodaDirectional-twin shape, System Rocker profile, all-mountain flex
WestmarkMild rocker profile, medium-soft flex, soft grip edges

As you can see, each model has its own unique strengths and can cater to different riding styles. Regardless of which Arbor snowboard you choose, you can trust that you’re getting a high-quality product that is built to last.

Comparison of Arbor Snowboards to other popular snowboard brands

If you are in the market for a new snowboard, you may be considering Arbor Snowboards as one of your options. While Arbor may not be as widely known as some other popular snowboard brands, they have gained a strong following for their commitment to sustainability and innovative designs.

Here is a comparison of Arbor Snowboards to other popular snowboard brands:

  • Burton: Burton is arguably the biggest name in snowboarding. They offer a wide range of boards for all levels of riders and are known for their consistent quality and durability. While Arbor may not have the same level of recognition as Burton, they do offer unique designs and a commitment to sustainability that sets them apart.
  • Lib Tech: Lib Tech is another popular snowboard brand known for their innovative designs and use of eco-friendly materials. Like Arbor, they have a smaller following but a strong commitment to sustainability. Lib Tech also tends to focus on more advanced riders, while Arbor offers a range of boards for all levels.
  • Never Summer: Never Summer is a lesser-known brand compared to Burton and Lib Tech but has gained a loyal following for their high-quality boards. They offer a range of boards for all levels and have a focus on durability and performance. While they may not have the same level of sustainability commitment as Arbor, they do offer a five-year warranty on all their boards.

When it comes down to it, choosing a snowboard brand ultimately depends on your personal preferences and needs. If sustainability and unique designs are a priority for you, Arbor Snowboards may be a great option to consider.

Here is a quick comparison chart of Arbor Snowboards to other popular brands:

BrandSpecializationSustainability CommitmentPrice Range
Arbor SnowboardsRange of boards for all levelsStrong commitment to sustainability$$
BurtonWide range of boards for all levelsNo specific sustainability commitment$$$
Lib TechFocus on advanced ridersStrong commitment to sustainability$$$
Never SummerRange of boards for all levelsNo specific sustainability commitment$$

Overall, Arbor Snowboards stands out for their commitment to sustainability and innovative designs. While they may not have the same recognition as other popular brands, they offer a competitive range of boards that cater to all levels of riders. Consider Arbor Snowboards if you are looking for a brand that values sustainability and uniqueness.

Arbor Snowboards’ availability in different regions

If you’re considering purchasing an Arbor snowboard, one factor to keep in mind is the brand’s regional availability. While Arbor is a popular snowboard brand, it may not be readily available in all areas. Here are some key points to consider regarding Arbor’s availability:

  • Arbor is a US-based snowboard company, and as such, its products are most widely available in North America. You can find Arbor snowboards in many US specialty snowboarding shops, as well as online retailers like Backcountry and Evo.
  • While Arbor may not be as easily available in Europe as it is in the US, the brand has a strong presence in the European market. You can find Arbor products at a number of snowboarding and outdoor specialty stores, as well as online retailers like Blue Tomato and Snowleader.
  • Arbor’s availability in Asia and Australia may be more limited than in North America and Europe, but the brand does have some presence in these regions. You can find Arbor products in specialty snowboard shops and online retailers that ship internationally.

Keep in mind that availability may vary by season, as well as by specific geographical region. It’s always a good idea to do some research on local snowboarding shops or online retailers before committing to purchasing a snowboard.

Arbor Snowboards’ Local Dealer Locator

If you’re having trouble finding an Arbor snowboard in your area, the brand’s website offers a helpful local dealer locator. Simply enter your location or zip code, and the locator will provide a list of nearby shops that carry Arbor products. This can be a convenient way to find a local retailer that carries the specific Arbor snowboard model you’re interested in.

Arbor Snowboards’ Global Distributors

Another option for purchasing Arbor snowboards is to order from one of the brand’s global distributors. Arbor works with a number of international partners to bring its products to snowboarders around the world. You can view a list of Arbor’s global distributors on the brand’s website. Keep in mind that ordering through a distributor may result in longer shipping times and higher shipping costs.


While availability may vary depending on your location, Arbor snowboards are generally readily available in North America and Europe. If you’re having trouble finding a local retailer, Arbor’s website offers a handy dealer locator tool, and the brand also works with global distributors to bring its products to international customers. With a little research, you should be able to track down the Arbor snowboard that’s right for you.

Special Features and Designs of Arbor Snowboards

Arbor Snowboards are known for their unique designs and special features that cater to all types of snowboarding styles. These features not only enhance the snowboarding experience but also allow riders to push their limits and perform at their best.

Technical Features

  • The Grip Tech Sidecuts – Arbor Snowboards feature a Grip Tech sidecut design that allows for better edge control and maneuverability in icy or hard packed conditions. This feature is a result of the multiple contact points at the sidecut and not just between the bindings.
  • The Parabolic Rocker Profile – The Parabolic Rocker Profile is another unique feature of Arbor Snowboards. This design combines a parabolic arc and a rocker profile which enhances the turning and floating ability of the board. It also adds extra pop to the board.
  • The Power Ply Topsheet – Arbor snowboards are famous for their Power Ply topsheets made of inlaid wood veneers. It not only provides added durability, but it also adds to the board’s flex. The visual effect of the topsheets is a combination of beauty and durability that gives an earthy natural feel to the snowboard.

Environment-Friendly Design

Arbor Snowboards are also designed to be eco-friendly. They use natural and sustainable materials in their construction, such as P-Tex sidewalls and bio-plastic top sheets. This eco-friendly approach reduces the negative impact on the environment while providing a durable and lightweight snowboard.

Arbor Snowboard also supports conservation charity organizations like the Protect Our Winters foundation, which advocates for climate change awareness, and they actively promote the reduction of carbon footprint in their production process.

The Graphics

The graphics on Arbor Snowboards are aesthetically pleasing and one of a kind. They feature unique designs focused on nature, wildlife, and the outdoors. The graphics reflect the company’s passion for sustainability and nature conservation.


Special FeaturesEnvironment-Friendly DesignGraphics
The Grip Tech SidecutsNatural & Sustainable MaterialsNature & Wildlife Themes
The Parabolic Rocker ProfileP-Tex sidewalls & bio-plastic top sheetsAesthetically Pleasing
The Power Ply TopsheetSupport of conservation charitiesUnique Designs

Arbor Snowboards are a versatile snowboard brand with unique features and designs that cater to snowboarding enthusiasts of all levels. Their commitment to sustainability and environmental protection makes them a choice among environmentally conscious riders.

The Future of Arbor Snowboards in the Snowboarding Industry

Arbor Snowboards is a brand that has been making waves in the snowboarding industry in recent years. With an emphasis on sustainability and quality, their snowboards are well-loved by riders around the world. As their popularity continues to grow, it’s worth taking a closer look at what the future may hold for this innovative brand.

  • Expansion into new markets: Arbor Snowboards has already established itself as a top snowboarding brand in the United States, but there is still room for growth in other markets. With their commitment to sustainability, there may be opportunities for Arbor to tap into eco-conscious markets in Europe and other regions.
  • Innovative designs: Arbor is known for their unique graphics and designs, which set them apart from other snowboard brands. As they continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in terms of design, it will be exciting to see what they come up with next.
  • New technologies: In order to stay competitive in the snowboarding industry, companies need to be constantly innovating and improving their products. Arbor is no exception. Watch for new technologies in their snowboards, such as lighter materials and more advanced shapes and profiles.

Overall, the future looks bright for Arbor Snowboards. By sticking to their core values of sustainability and quality, they have established a loyal following of snowboarders who appreciate their unique approach to the sport. As they continue to grow and expand, it will be exciting to see what the future holds for this innovative brand.

But as with any company, there are always challenges to be faced. One potential hurdle for Arbor is the increasing competition in the snowboarding industry. As more and more brands enter the market, it will become increasingly difficult for Arbor to stand out. However, by continuing to prioritize sustainability and quality, they can set themselves apart from the competition and continue to grow their brand.

Strong commitment to sustainabilityMay struggle to stand out in a crowded market
Innovative and unique designsRelatively small brand compared to some competitors
High-quality snowboardsPotential difficulty in expanding into new markets
Loyal following among snowboarders

Ultimately, the future of Arbor Snowboards will depend on their ability to continue innovating and expanding their brand while staying true to their core values. By doing so, they can continue to thrive in an industry that is constantly evolving.

Is Arbor a Good Snowboard Brand? FAQs

1. Are Arbor snowboards good quality?
Yes, Arbor snowboards are of high-quality construction. They use sustainable materials like bamboo, wood and recycled materials to create durable and eco-friendly snowboards.

2. Is Arbor a reliable snowboard brand?
Absolutely, Arbor is a trustworthy brand, they’ve been in the industry for nearly 30 years, and they produce high quality and well-designed boards.

3. Why choose Arbor snowboards?
Arbor snowboards are made using eco-friendly materials with environmentally conscious manufacturing. With years of experience, they’re passionate about the sport and creating high-quality snowboards.

4. How do Arbor snowboards compare to other premium brands?
Arbor snowboards are comparable to other premium brands in terms of quality, performance and design, but come at a lower price point.

5. Are Arbor snowboards suitable for beginners?
Yes, Arbor has a range of snowboards suitable for beginners with easy-to-ride profiles for those just starting out.

6. Can Arbor snowboards withstand all types of terrain?
Yes, Arbor snowboards are durable and designed to handle all terrain types, from groomed trails to backcountry powder.

7. Can I get a warranty on Arbor snowboards?
Yes, Arbor offers a three-year warranty on all their snowboards, protecting against manufacturing defects and workmanship issues.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks for reading our FAQs on whether Arbor is a good snowboard brand. We hope it has given you a better understanding of why Arbor is a quality brand that performs well on the slope. The brand is committed to sustainability and has a great range of snowboards suitable for beginners and experienced riders alike, making it a trusted choice among snowboarding enthusiasts. Remember to come back soon for more great content on all things snowboarding.