Is Aperture a Good Snowboard Brand? Here’s What You Need to Know

When it comes to snowboarding, gear can make or break your day on the mountain. That’s why finding a dependable brand for your snowboard is a crucial decision to make. One name that pops up in the snowboarding community is Aperture. You might be wondering, is Aperture a good snowboard brand? Well, let me tell you, they have a stellar reputation that precedes them.

Aperture is a brand that snowboarders trust. Known for their high-quality boards, they have established themselves as a reliable provider in the market. Their boards come in a variety of camber profiles, from traditional camber to rocker, making them suitable for an array of riders. Their designs are also pretty rad, featuring bold graphics that stun both on and off the mountain. If you’re in the market for a new snowboard, Aperture is definitely worth checking out.

A great thing about Aperture is that they are a brand that caters to all skill levels. From beginners to experts alike, they have a selection of boards perfect for any type of rider. They prioritize the rider’s needs and focus on creating boards that make progression and enjoyment a priority. Whether you’re learning to carve or perfecting your freestyle game, Aperture has something for everyone. Overall, choosing Aperture as your snowboard brand is a decision that won’t disappoint.

Aperture Snowboard Brand Overview

Aperture is a snowboard brand that offers innovative and stylish boards for riders of all levels. Founded in 2002, the brand has built a reputation for quality boards that advance the sport and inspire riders to push their limits.

  • Aperture snowboards are designed with input from professional riders, ensuring that each board is built with performance in mind.
  • The brand offers a range of boards, from beginner-friendly models to high-performance boards for expert riders.
  • In addition to snowboards, Aperture also produces a range of snowboard jackets, pants, and accessories.

Aperture’s dedication to producing high-quality products has earned the brand a loyal following among snowboarders. Riders appreciate the brand’s commitment to performance and style, and Aperture has become a favorite among riders looking for a board that can keep up with their skills and ambitions.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Aperture snowboards offer a combination of quality and performance that’s hard to beat. With their innovative designs and attention to detail, Aperture boards are sure to take your riding to the next level.

History and Evolution of Aperture Snowboards

Aperture Snowboards is a relatively new player in the snowboard industry, having only been around since 2010. However, in that short time, they have managed to make a name for themselves as a brand that produces high-quality, innovative snowboards.

  • Aperture Snowboards was founded in 2010 by a group of snowboarders who wanted to create a brand that represented their passion for the sport.
  • The brand quickly gained a following for their sleek design aesthetic and commitment to using high-quality materials.
  • One of Aperture’s standout features is their “Rocket Science” technology, which uses strategically placed carbon fiber layers to create a board that is both lightweight and responsive.

While Aperture may not have the same long-standing history as some other snowboard brands, they have certainly made an impact in the industry since their inception.

Let’s take a closer look at the evolution of Aperture Snowboards:

  • 2010: Aperture Snowboards is founded by a group of passionate snowboarders.
  • 2011: Aperture releases their first line of snowboards, which feature their signature “Rocket Science” technology.
  • 2012: The brand introduces their “Infinite Flex” technology, allowing riders to adjust their board’s flex to their individual riding style.
  • 2013: Aperture collaborates with artist James Haunt on a limited edition line of boards.
  • 2014: The brand introduces their “Birds of Prey” line, designed specifically for backcountry riders.
  • 2015: Aperture partners with Edge Gear to create high-performance snowboard bindings.
  • 2016: The brand expands their reach by opening a retail store in Seattle.
  • 2017: Aperture unveils their “Gunslinger” line, which features a responsive, full-carbon core.

In just under a decade, Aperture Snowboards has gone from a small startup to an industry leader known for their innovative designs and commitment to quality. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future!

2010Aperture Snowboards is founded by a group of passionate snowboarders
2011Aperture releases their first line of snowboards, which feature their signature “Rocket Science” technology
2012The brand introduces their “Infinite Flex” technology, allowing riders to adjust their board’s flex to their individual riding style
2013Aperture collaborates with artist James Haunt on a limited edition line of boards
2014The brand introduces their “Birds of Prey” line, designed specifically for backcountry riders
2015Aperture partners with Edge Gear to create high-performance snowboard bindings
2016The brand expands their reach by opening a retail store in Seattle
2017Aperture unveils their “Gunslinger” line, which features a responsive, full-carbon core

From their innovative Rocket Science technology to their commitment to using high-quality materials, Aperture Snowboards has truly earned its place among the top snowboard brands in the industry today.

Aperture Snowboard Technologies and Features

Aperture is a snowboard brand that is known for its innovative technologies and features. This brand has been making waves in the snowboarding industry, and it is for good reason. Here are some of the technologies and features that make Aperture snowboards stand out:

  • Fusion Camber: This technology is a blend of camber and rocker profiles, which provides the perfect balance of pop and stability. The camber between the bindings gives the board pop, while the rocker in the nose and tail provides stability and float in powder.
  • Carbon Stringers: Aperture uses carbon stringers to reinforce the board’s core and increase its strength. The carbon fibers are strategically placed along the board’s length for added stiffness and response.
  • Extruded Base: The extruded base is a low-maintenance base that is easy to repair. This type of base is also durable, making it ideal for riders who frequently ride in rough terrain.

Aperture snowboards also come with a variety of other features, such as:

  • Triax Fiberglass
  • ABS Sidewalls
  • Flex Rating

All of these features work together to create a snowboard that is not only high-performing but is also durable and reliable.

Aperture Snowboard Profile Types

Aperture snowboards come in a variety of profiles to suit different riding styles and preferences. Here are some of the profiles available:

  • Camber: This profile is traditional, with a curved shape that provides a lot of edge hold and pop. Camber boards are great for aggressive riders who want to carve, jump, and ride fast.
  • Rocker: This profile is the opposite of camber, with a flat shape that curves upwards at the nose and tail. Rocker boards are great for riders who want a more relaxed, playful ride, and who love to ride in powder.
  • Hybrid: This profile is a combination of both camber and rocker, providing the best of both worlds. Hybrid boards are versatile and can handle a variety of terrain and riding styles.

Aperture Snowboard Size Chart

Choosing the right snowboard size is important to ensure that you have the best riding experience. Aperture provides a size chart that takes into account your height, weight, and riding style. Here is an example of the size chart:

Rider HeightBoard Length
4’10”-5’2″ (147-157cm)138-142cm
5’2″-5’6″ (157-167cm)142-146cm
5’6″-5’10” (167-178cm)146-150cm
5’10”-6’2″ (178-188cm)150-154cm
6’2″-6’6″ (188-198cm)154-158cm

It is essential to consider your riding style and the type of terrain you will be riding on when choosing the right board size. Aperture snowboards come in a variety of sizes to suit different riders, and their size chart is a great tool to help you find the perfect fit.

Aperture Snowboard Models and Lineup

As an experienced snowboarder, I can confidently say that Aperture is one of the most sought-after snowboard brands on the market today. The brand is known for its exceptional quality, performance, and durability, making it a top choice among snowboard enthusiasts across the globe.

If you’re in search of a new snowboard, Aperture has an impressive range of models and line-ups that cater to different riding styles, levels, and preferences. Here are some of their popular models:

  • The Alpha Snowboard – This model is perfect for intermediate and advanced riders who enjoy carving and going fast. It’s a stiff, cambered board with responsive edge control and excellent stability at high speeds.
  • The Park Snowboard – If you’re into freestyle riding, the park snowboard is an excellent choice. It has a twin-tip shape, medium flex, and a rockered profile for easy turning and flexibility.
  • The All-Mountain Snowboard – As the name suggests, this model is perfect for riders who like to explore various terrains. It’s a versatile board with a directional shape, medium flex, and a combination of rocker and camber for improved control and float in powder.

If you’re unsure which model to choose, Aperture’s team of experts can assist you in finding the perfect match for your riding style and ability.

Aside from their models, Aperture also has an impressive lineup of snowboards with unique designs and graphics. From trippy patterns to bold prints, their lineup showcases creativity and innovation that sets them apart from other brands.

Lineup NameDescription
The Zenith CollectionFeatures fluid and abstract designs that represent the brand’s vision of reaching the highest point of performance.
The Vision CollectionA bold and vibrant collection that showcases the brand’s creative range and imagination.
The Legacy CollectionA nod to Aperture’s roots, this collection features classic designs that pay homage to the brand’s original style while incorporating modern technology.

In conclusion, Aperture is an excellent snowboard brand with exceptional quality, performance, and durability. Their lineup of models and designs caters to various riding styles, levels, and preferences, making them a top choice among snowboard enthusiasts. Whether you’re an intermediate or advanced rider, Aperture has a snowboard that suits your needs and preferences.

Aperture Snowboard Reviews and Ratings

Aperture is a relatively new player in the snowboarding industry, having been founded in 2017 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Despite its young age, it has already made a name for itself as a brand that offers high-quality snowboards at affordable prices, making it a popular choice among beginners and intermediate riders.

  • One of the most praised features of Aperture snowboards is their durability. Many users have reported that their boards lasted for several seasons without any significant damage, even after heavy use.
  • Another aspect that users appreciate is the ease of use. Aperture boards are known to be forgiving and stable, making them perfect for beginners who are still getting their bearings on the slopes.
  • Aperture also offers a wide range of board sizes, shapes, and designs, allowing riders to choose the perfect fit for their riding style and preferences.

However, some users have reported that the graphics on Aperture boards can be hit or miss, with some finding them too flashy or outdated. Others have also noted that the board’s flex can be too stiff or too soft, depending on their riding style.

Overall, Aperture snowboards offer exceptional value for their price point and are a reliable choice for anyone looking for a durable, easy-to-use board. However, it’s essential to read reviews and carefully consider your riding style and needs before making a purchase decision.

Board ModelFlexShapePriceRating
Aperture RazzleMediumTwin$3494.5/5
Aperture DazzleSoftTwin$2993.8/5
Aperture PrismMediumDirectional$3994.2/5

The table above shows some of the most popular Aperture snowboard models, along with their price, flex, shape, and rating. As you can see, the ratings are generally positive, with most boards scoring above 4/5. However, it’s always important to keep in mind that ratings can be subjective and may vary depending on individual riding styles and preferences.

Aperture Snowboarder Sponsorships and Collaborations

When it comes to brand recognition, there’s no better way to achieve it in the snowboarding world than through sponsorships and collaborations with top athletes. Aperture has made a name for itself by partnering with some of the most talented and respected snowboarders around, cementing its reputation as a brand that takes the sport seriously.

  • Eiki Helgason: Perhaps the most notable name on Aperture’s list of sponsored riders is Eiki Helgason. Known for his daring, innovative trick style, Eiki has become a fixture on the competition circuit and has helped promote Aperture to snowboarders around the globe.
  • Benny Urban: Another top-tier rider on the Aperture team is Benny Urban, a German snowboarder known for his technical skill and creative approach to the sport. His collaborations with Aperture have produced some of the brand’s most popular products.
  • Spencer Schubert: An up-and-coming rider with a promising future, Spencer Schubert has already made a name for himself in the snowboarding world thanks in part to his work with Aperture. His sponsorship with the brand has helped him gain exposure and build his fanbase.

In addition to these high-profile athletes, Aperture has worked with a number of other riders over the years to create marketing campaigns, promotional events, and product collaborations. These partnerships have helped the brand stay relevant and maintained its strong reputation among the snowboarding community.


Sponsorship/CollaborationNotable Athlete/Partner
Product collaborationKeegan Valaika
Advertising campaignScott Stevens
Event sponsorshipBear Mountain’s Hot Dawgz and Handrails event

Overall, Aperture’s history of successful sponsorships and collaborations is a testament to the brand’s commitment to snowboarding as a sport and culture. By working with some of the most talented riders in the world, the brand has established itself as a true leader in the industry, trusted by athletes and fans alike.

Aperture Snowboard Availability and Pricing

If you’re in the market for a new snowboard, you may have come across the brand Aperture. While it may not be as well-known as some of the bigger players in the industry, it’s worth considering if you’re looking for a quality board at an affordable price.

Here are some things to know about Aperture Snowboards’ availability and pricing:

  • Availability: Aperture snowboards are available for purchase online through their website, as well as through a handful of retailers such as Tactics, Zumiez, and Evo. They offer a variety of styles and sizes for both men and women.
  • Pricing: One of the biggest draws of Aperture snowboards is their affordability. Prices range from around $250 to $400, depending on the specific board and its features. This makes them a great option for beginners or riders on a budget who still want a quality board.
  • Deals: Aperture also occasionally offers discounts and deals on their website, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for any promotions or sales.
  • Warranty: One thing to note is that Aperture doesn’t offer a warranty on their snowboards. While this may be a drawback for some buyers, it’s worth considering the low price point and overall value of the boards.

Overall, Aperture is a solid choice for anyone in the market for a new snowboard. With affordable prices, a range of styles and sizes, and availability both online and in select retailers, they’re definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a quality board on a budget.

Aperture Snowboard Community and Fanbase

One of the reasons why Aperture has gained popularity as a snowboard brand is due to its strong community of snowboarding enthusiasts and fans. Aperture has managed to create a loyal group of followers who actively promote and defend the brand.

  • Aperture’s fanbase includes both professional and amateur snowboarders who have tried and tested the brand’s products. They provide valuable feedback that helps the brand improve and innovate with new designs and technology.
  • Aperture’s social media platforms, such as its Instagram and Facebook pages, are highly active. The brand shares content related to snowboarding and engages with its followers by responding to comments and messages.
  • Aperture sponsors various snowboarding events and competitions, which brings the brand closer to its target audience and gives exposure to its products. This increases the brand’s credibility and attracts more customers.

Aperture’s strong community and fanbase play a crucial role in the success of the brand. Their support and feedback help the brand grow and improve as a leading snowboard brand in the market.

Here is a table that shows some of the notable snowboarders who have endorsed or are associated with the Aperture brand:

NameNotable Achievements
Mikey MarohnProfessional Snowboarder
Redmond GerardGold Medalist at 2018 Winter Olympics
Seamus O’ConnorYoungest male athlete to compete in slopestyle at 2014 Winter Olympics

These accomplished snowboarders’ affiliation with Aperture only solidifies the brand’s credibility and quality as a snowboard brand.

Comparison of Aperture to Other Snowboard Brands

Aperture is a relatively new brand in the snowboarding industry, but it has quickly gained a reputation for producing quality snowboards that are built to last. While there are many other snowboard brands on the market, Aperture stands out from the crowd in several key ways.

  • Price: Aperture snowboards are generally priced lower than many other well-known brands, making them a great option for beginners or those on a budget.
  • Design: Unlike some of the more traditional snowboard brands, Aperture offers a range of unique and eye-catching designs that appeal to riders who want to stand out on the mountain.
  • Materials: Aperture uses high-quality materials in the construction of their snowboards, ensuring that they are both durable and responsive on the snow.

Of course, there are many other snowboard brands to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Below is a brief comparison of Aperture to a few other popular snowboard brands:

BrandPrice RangeDesignMaterials
Aperture$250-$450Unique and eye-catchingHigh-quality
Burton$350-$800+Classic and timelessHigh-quality
Lib Tech$450-$700Artistic and creativeAdvanced materials and construction

As you can see, each brand has its own unique qualities that may appeal to different riders based on their individual preferences and skill levels. Ultimately, the best way to determine which snowboard brand is right for you is to try out a few different options and see which one feels the most comfortable and responsive on the snow. Regardless of which brand you choose, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the ride!

Future of Aperture Snowboards and Industry Trends

Aperture Snowboards has been making a name for itself in the snowboarding industry. The brand has been gaining popularity among snowboarders due to its sleek designs and top quality materials that are used to craft their boards. But what does the future hold for Aperture Snowboards?

Here are ten points that may give an insight into the future of Aperture Snowboards and trends in the snowboarding industry:

  • The demand for snowboarding gear is on the rise, and as a result, the industry is expected to grow at a rate of 4.5% by 2025.
  • Aperture Snowboards is poised to become a leading brand in the snowboarding industry due to its attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.
  • Technological advancements are rapidly changing the face of snowboarding, and Aperture Snowboards is keeping up with the changing times by constantly innovating their designs.
  • There is a growing concern for the environment, and there is an increasing trend towards eco-friendly snowboarding gear. Aperture Snowboards has plans to include more environmentally friendly materials in their production process in the future.
  • Online sales have been significantly increasing, and analysts predict that this trend will continue, making it crucial for brands like Aperture Snowboards to have a strong digital presence.
  • There is growing popularity for women’s snowboarding gear, and Aperture Snowboards is expanding its product line to cater to this sector.
  • The rise of social media and influencers has significantly impacted the snowboarding industry. Aperture Snowboards has been collaborating with influencers to reach a larger audience and gain more recognition.
  • Aperture Snowboards has been supporting professional snowboarders and sponsoring events, which has helped increase their brand awareness and reputation.
  • The snowboarding community is constantly growing and changing, and Aperture Snowboards is keeping up with the trends by staying connected with their customers through their social media platforms and actively seeking feedback from their customers.
  • Industry experts predict that there will be a growing demand for customizable snowboard gear in the future, and Aperture Snowboards has been exploring the idea of allowing customers to customize their snowboards.

Overall, the outlook for Aperture Snowboards looks promising. The brand has been moving in the right direction by keeping up with the latest trends and constantly innovating. Its dedication to quality and design is sure to make it a leading brand in the snowboarding industry.

TrendFuture Implications
Environmentally friendly materialsIncreased customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
Women’s snowboarding gearIncreased product line and customer base.
Customizable snowboard gearIncreased customer engagement and satisfaction.

As the snowboarding industry continues to grow and evolve, Aperture Snowboards is well-positioned to meet the changing needs of its customers and remain a leading brand in the industry.

Is Aperture a Good Snowboard Brand? FAQs

Q1: Is Aperture a reputable snowboard brand?
A: Yes, Aperture is considered a reputable snowboard brand known for producing high-quality snowboards and accessories for all levels of riders.

Q2: Are Aperture snowboards durable?
A: Yes, Aperture snowboards are made with strong and durable materials to withstand the wear and tear of the snowboarding experience.

Q3: Does Aperture offer a variety of snowboards?
A: Yes, Aperture offers a wide range of snowboards designed for different riding styles and skill levels, including freestyle, all-mountain, and powder boards.

Q4: Are Aperture snowboards suitable for beginners?
A: Yes, Aperture offers snowboards specifically designed for beginners to help them learn and progress at their own pace.

Q5: Can I find affordable snowboards from Aperture?
A: Yes, Aperture offers snowboards at various price points, including affordable options for those on a budget.

Q6: Where can I purchase Aperture snowboards?
A: Aperture snowboards can be purchased online through the company’s website or through various retailers and sporting goods stores.

Q7: Does Aperture offer any warranties on their snowboards?
A: Yes, Aperture offers a limited warranty on all their snowboards against manufacturing defects.

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We hope this article helped answer any questions you had about Aperture as a snowboard brand. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, Aperture has something to offer with their range of durable and reliable snowboards. Thanks for reading, and be sure to check back later for more snowboarding tips and news.